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We are in the time of lockdowns and drastically reduced amounts of large social gatherings. It is no wonder that this board has become a shell of what it once was even just 8 months ago. I hope someday this board will return to a semblance of the true /fa/ we all came to know and love.

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Bro this board has declined in quality throughout the last decade. I’ve visited fa since late 2009. We grew up, got good paying jobs and our lives became busier, while picking up grails along the way and learning to understand aspects of the fashion industry. The next generation of posters don’t even appreciate garments the way all the old tripfags and forums did because it became to accessible. To them looking beyond the rabbit hole is the upcoming clearance at whatever shitty fast fashion brand is still surviving. Drops aren’t even hyped up anymore because the old guard of designers haven’t mentored the next generation to breath life into the industry.

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wtf are you talking about? i only came back bc of lockdowns when covid hit

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xaxaxaxaaxaxa nigger:)))))

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/fa/ has been condensed to /wt/. The rest of /fa/ is garbage.

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lel stfu old man

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>old guard of designers haven’t mentored the next generation to breath life into the industry.
So you are basically admitting that your generation was brainwashed by the fashion industry to buy and consoom. Glad I didn't live in that materialistic, superficial age.

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I love you igor

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OP worded his point stupidly but this only proves his point more. Many online videogames, communities, servers, forums, and 4chan boards got a lot more activity during lockdown season because of everyone staying inside and using the internet more. But /fa/ is still a wasteland despite of this increase in internet usage.

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I’m not black Bro and even if I was thanks for keeping the old school nigger insult alive.
No, I was never into fashion until I stumbled upon 4chan 2006 and the announcement of new boards down the line. /fa/ back then thought me how to dress myself and to not be afraid of experimenting with non conventional pieces and how garment textures, shapes and colors should work in unison to compliment the fit and the wearer. Personal styling evolved and I grew alongside the board and sites like Grailed and the like when they first came out. Reading and watching runway shows, wet threads, grail cops and comparisons, dissecting fashion trends and books and watching the rise of tricky rock and raf Simmons among the high with all the old tripfags and community really made you appreciate the effort some people had for being passionate about clothing beyond function. I miss the old days, but something new always comes along eventually. Consumerism was far from what /fa/ thought me back then.
I’m not Igor

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I hate autocorrect

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You miss the point of fashion. It's a way to psychologically and emotionally manipulate people. Art is science.

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While I can understand your point mine just wishes the community didn’t die off in such a horrid manner. Because visiting /fa/ throughout the years and the decline it’s sad that new blood just isn’t with it here. It feels like /b/ just lamer with clothes scattered across the room.

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>le good old days
nostalgic boomer. we will take this board to a greater future, one you cannot comprehend

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I hope you do, because right now this board is a genuine shithole

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As much as you play on dead memes you bring no originality to the board and reading stale comebacks with no change I’m not surprised this place has become what it used to be

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