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based or cringe?

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Only some people can actually pull NBs off, AKA be attractive. Otherwise you come off looking like any other ugly nerd who doesn't know about fashion and just wears NBs unironically and not for the ironic fashion trend of retro trainers / ugly, chunky dad shoes.

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dont say this, it hurts

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New Balance in general is based cause they support the wide footed cause unlike other garbage brands who only do standard sizing

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i only wear chinese knockoffs because im a cute girl. real NB's are ugly and geeky.

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New Balances, even those, only look good on people who are already very physically attractive. People need to understand that most of the time, it's good looking people making the clothes look good, not good looking clothes making ugly people look better.

Case: the absurdity of a pig in a dress is because the people notice that it's a fucking pig wearing a dress; nobody says "Wow, that's a pig? But they're in such a nice dress!"

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Honestly it's almost every factor of life that is like this for good looking people. A good looking guy is shy and doesn't talk a lot, oh how quirky and mysterious is, whereas a quiet non-good looking guy is just seen as an antisocial future school shooter or serial killer. A good looking guy in your class does something dumb or says a stupid answer and everyone just laughs or whatever, but the ugly autistic does it and everyone is just silent and makes it more awkward for the kid. Fashion isn't much different when you think about it.

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this is true
that cw is cringe, all grey or nothing

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good thing im a motherfucker that can pull them off

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Based if worn with a Stone Island jacket and a Fred Perry polo cringe if not

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Hence why I focus more on being "fit" rather than being /fa/; thank god I have beautiful green eyes too.

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Well it's not only about being fit. Everyone has a natural face, height, and other physical attributes of their body that could stray from the ideal and that they cannot change besides by maybe doing surgery.

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The White man's choice of footwear

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>NB's are ugly
Not true.
>NB's are geeky

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how the fuck is one supposed to clean NB's? the more you try to clean the suede, the dirtier it gets

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get a suede protectant spray or liquid resistant spray when you get a new pair to preserve

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Dude looks like a fucking cringelord tryhard.

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Cringe. Unless ur a literal old dad, NB are for incels, uglies, poors, and losers. No such thing as a trend involving loser brand such as nb

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they're said to be one of the most comfortable shoes

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only if you’re a muscular frat chad.

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"No outfit is going to make you look or feel as good as having a fit body" - long hair fag

Ugly the nb's look trash
Handsome nb's look good

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I bit the bullet and tried them out a few times (including their made in USA line). They literally feel like you are wearing a kleenex box without the tissues on your feet. That's how fucking wonky their geometry is. They felt no more comfy than any other sneaker in their pricerange. Completely mediocre with a strange as hell foot-feel while walking and standing. I think they'd be good if you had balance problems or a fucked up gait and needed to have help with parkinsons or some shit, but they're honestly a quasi-medical shoe in my eyes.

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comfy so based anon stop living your life for fashion

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Just tell him to wear crocs and jiblits too, why don't you lmao

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yes, because they still have shoes made in the USA or UK
imagine buying a 700 dollar Balenciaga that is made by slant eyed and swallowing wholeheartedly that its the same quality as when they were made in italy

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NB doesn't have to be gray, just mono-colour or in a classic pattern.

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they're ok

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