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Do you guys ever think about the chemicals in your clothes? I've been thinking about it a lot, especially about the polyesters and dyes I'm wearing in vintage pieces. I don't want to die of some fucked up cancer because of the pieces I'm wearing. Should I just go full tradcore or just wash before I wear?

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Bleaching and dying are enormous wastes of water, and laundering polyester fabric is the single biggest source of microplastics in our oceans, but you won't be directly harmed by wearing them.

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Are you poor?

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I wear bin bags and?

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that fufu fucking me up for sure but idc

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Oh no op, you're gonna destroy the ocean with you're miniscule impact! Put those chemicals on your skin inetead!

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Don't you stress though? I doubt a random guy working in a sweatshop will care more than a company forcing thousands of guys to work in their sweatshops, only because the company has some kind of culpability to contend with.

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Collective impact of humanity is built from minuscule impact of individuals.

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