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I have had to cut off all my hair due to issues in my life. It sucks but it gives me the opportunity to grow out my hair again, but the right way. I never took the best care of my hair and just let it grow out. Pretty much, I'm asking what should I do to grow out a healthy and good looking new mane? What do you do anon?

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Eat vitamins, condition regularly, use protein treatment when necessary.

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This, also, when your hair is starting to get longer I suggest purchasing satin or silk pillow cases because they're much better for your hair. I prefer satin since it's cheaper than silk. You can find out how to wash them properly online. Good luck, anon!

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I've had to learn how to treat my hair now that I started keeping it longer.
First of all, diet doesn't affect your hair unlike what the first post said. There's no blood flow to each hair strand so no nutrients are going to get to them. Yes there's some evidence that diet may affect hair loss but it seems you don't have that problem.

A good shampoo is useful, I'm using the kerastase blond absolu line because I have bleached hair and it's better than the stuff you can get at walmart. But you have to leave it in for two minutes you can't just lather up and rinse and expect it to do anything other than clean the superficial dirt.

Conditioner only if your hair is long enough to take it because if you use it on your roots it's gonna make your hair greasy. For long hair condition it daily. Again it needs time to work, don't just put it on and immediately rinse it. I use the L'oreal pro line

Blow drying is better than air drying. Use a ionic dryer, direct the flow downwards if you want your hair straight. Maybe apply a heat treatment before it.

If you have dry hair despite using a good conditioner you can use a serum or a mask.

Mixing hydrolyzed silk protein with distilled water in an atomizer you can make a pretty decent diy mist that you can use as a mask.

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>Use a ionic dryer, direct the flow downwards if you want your hair straight.
What do if I have hair like this and want it to curl better?

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No idea about curls. You should probably find a good salon and talk about it with your stylist. I'm shameless about asking them questions or bringing a lot of pictures. They actually seem to enjoy coming up with ideas for my hair and giving me advice.

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I have long hair, and although I don't have a great routine for my hair health I find that putting it in a tight bun before bed while it's still a little bit wet helps to give it a lot of curls. And by tight I don't mean pulling at the roots I mean just mean so it's not gonna fall out during the night

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Is that thing where you put eggs in your hair true?

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I bought this and unless I use low heat low fan or whatever it makes my hair feel like complete shit. High setting and it feels just terrible, but its so slow on low that I may as well sit in the sun instead

What am i doing wrong? How long is it supposed to take to dry your hair? I have quite thick hair

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I have thick hair too. I usually just let it air dry and use a frizz serum when it's damp.

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What about soft hair? Whats the best way to promote soft hair?

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A lot of this is poor info, maybe not for u or someone with your hairtype, but a lot of the products or methods you mentioned are subjectively applicable.

Moisture/protein balance is very much subjective. Not everyone needs to condition daily, if your hair is noticably dry and lacking in stretch if you take a single strand and pull on both ends, then you definitely need moisture, but otherwise you prolly don't need it. Too much moisture can give your hair hydrofatigue and it'll be really flat and weighed down.

Protein should only be used when you need it as well, there's no real regimen that is going to tell you when you need to use a product with protein or extra emollients (for moisture), and another thing that impacts your need for either of these is your porosity and hair texture.

Use a diffuser and briefly hit the roots about 6" from your scalp, depending on your hair's porosity I'd use low for med-high or warmer temp for low, this will either seal the cuticle up or open a bit if you have product on your hair that you want to penetrate. You're probably fine with low either way. You shouldn't be trying to dry your hair totally in one go, just enough at the roots because curls tend to bunch up and trap that moisture at the base, the mids and ends dry relatively quickly on their own but you could hit them quickly too.

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parlux are amazing hair dryers froma professional standpoint

use correct product and stop drying against the cuticle

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What's a good masque for low porosity, dry, bleached thin hair?

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How do you avoid getting conditioner on your roots if you have short-medium length bair?

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>low porosity

You have high porosity hair bc your hair is bleached. Masks with coconut oil or argan oil will do you good.

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argan oil is good for lp because it has a very thin lipid structure
Do you mean "fine"? I'd avoid bleaching either way, it's awful for it.
I've heard some suggest to avoid conditioner and just use a conditioning product, but I think generally speaking conditioner is likely to get on your scalp and roots anyway even if you have decently lengthy hair.
I just tilt my head this way and that and work it into the mids-ends that hang loose. I rinse by running my fingers up through the hairline and gently scrubbing the scalp with my fingertips and then run my fingers outward to let the water rinse the excess off the strands.

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