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The new hamburglar has got milfs thirsty af. How can one steal this look?

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have masculine facial features

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You do not want to look like the hamburglar. What are you gaining from this? Do you want to appear on one of the "/fa/ memes and greentexts" pages on instagram? What does this add to the conversation? I can tell by your vernacular that you are not a regular here. This is why this board has come to shit, I think. We are trying to forcibly create an atmosphere of silliness that ultimately just ends up nowhere. On the other hand, if you genuinely want to look like the Hamburglar, I think you need mental help.

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Ten bucks you want to look like the hamburgler bc of the black trench coat and mask. You're just another unoriginal neckbeard.

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why are you taking such a stupid post so seriously

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Where did you get this picture of me?

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