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White leather sneakers look so onions and the catch up to Common Projects makes them all low quality. Are there any alternatives that use interesting materials or set themselves apart in some way?

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Every quality dress shoes maker makes high quality sneakers for better prices generally. Look there first instead of meme brands. If you want an alternative styles you can try seude or maybe a different color leather or bottom. Velasca has a lot of options for that.

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i hate white smooth leather on sneakers, and CP was the first to make me hate it. to me it just screams bachelorette contestant, and so do most of the dudes wearing them. now if the leather is tumbled or suede i think they look fine. that being said i do have a pair of white/grey/sail nike blazers that look alright but i think the slight color variance and the mid-ankle height are what does it for me. you can actually make customs of the blazer on nike’s site if you’re american and probably for EU too. they have some understated colors that can make for a really nice look.

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axel arigato seem like they might be alright. but tbr white air force 1s (not great material ik) are probably the best bet just because of their versatility and they're cheap enough to replace frequently. or if you've got money, neutral grey jordan 1s from 85

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idk man I like my reebok 85 or what they're called. Had them for 5 years now and they still comfy

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