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Any good reccomendations for a guy that wants to switch from sneakers to boots?

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here you go buddy

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Depends on the rest of your attire.
Lurk on boot threads and try to vizualize if anything, how the boots and colours would match with you.

Im gonna get me some casual tank boots this autumn/winter. I tried them and they were comfy and didn’t fight against my overalls.
I don’t remember the name of them, but they are very-very similar to pic rel.
Didn’t have proper monies on hand, when i saw them.

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Here’s a pair of brown tankies, if interested.

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Based chart
Should add Grant Stone, probably with OSB

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Uggs are based tho

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not very affordable though

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seems to be put together at random.

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Cowboys baby

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Yeah - Frye and LL Bean should be way higher on the quality scale.

Honestly go with a pair of Thursday captains. Not expensive so you won't be neurotic about scuffing them up, can be used casual or business casual, durable enough to last a few years with decent care. Do not listen to the dorks on this site that say it's crap quality and your first pair should be $600 Vibergs.

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Pretty good, Danner's should be further down though.

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Why, yes, I'm glad you asked.

Carol Christian Poell's Tornados would be a perfect fit.

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was about to say fryes doesn't seem to get the credit they deserve, some of their models are a little funny looking but the standard ones are fine and last long.

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>square toe
never going to make it

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honestly just get some used austrian army paratrooper boots, copped mine for 40 euros

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No they suck

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I owned a pair for this reason, but they really do not hold up long enough to make me feel good about recommending them to anyone
Not everyone needs Vibergs either but people should just save up for something decent that lasts more than 1-2 winters of casual use

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>no Russell Moccasins
Stay poor city fag

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Yes. Don't.

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Sneaker boots

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Paraboots above timbs and crockett n jones at based? This chart is shit get some taste and don't wear your grandmas farmer fake boots

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Australian gp army boots

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>american brands
is this a bait?

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What problems did you have with them?

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Its funny because I own whites and Clark's and have gotten zero compliments from the whites and a bunch from the Clark's men and women lmao.

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I heard the opposite, anon

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but a lot of those are british made 100% british made in britain

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cope, doc martens redditor faggot

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Stay with sneakers and get these

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missing yuketen

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Are they any better than the Dr Martens/Clarks crap on the same price range? I'm a newfag and I don't understand shit, I just want a pair of boots

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This looks like shit though. It's as if some guy took the avant garde concepts in runway shows and decided to make a fit from it.

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yeah, i bought these, the only bad thing about them is that they're used, but if you don't mind then 40 euros it's a pretty cheap and decent option

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Anyone know if those new ones (what was the url?) are identical style or are they slightly different? The eyelets on the new ones look differently spaced?

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unrelated note but what type of pants are those?? pants brainlet here

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Sorry but what's the appeal of boots? Wearing like high black boots around just looks weird to me

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attraction to the shape, protection from the elements, history of boots predating dress shoes, kinky connotations...

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Boo hoo nigga, child labor can't produce goodyear welted footwear

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Whats wrong with Clarks?

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A lot of these are very dressy and some of the brands have better boots when it comes to something grungier or work oriented.

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i just bought my first pair of boots to go with my camel peacoat this winter; thoughts?

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Well considered bait but you still made it too obvious

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I'm fully aware these won't last past this winter, but they're still gorgeous footwear.

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yeah I got a suggestion: don't
boots are gay. They are for one of two things:
1. you are an honest to god blue collar worker who needs to wear boots for work
2. You are a misguided basedboi trying to larp a blue-collar masculinity because you flunked out of both your own class and maculinity.
The thing is unless its actually the former, it will come across as the latter.

Just wear the fucking sneakers, anon.

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/fa/ literally only hates doc martens because teenage girls started liking them

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anon misses the point about fashion which stresses firm over function
functional clothes are for poorfags

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They've been trash for years senpai, quality just ain't what it used to be.

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soiboi as fuck

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Nice chart

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They just happened to start being considered trash 1.5 years ago when tiktok girls started loving them

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This. The 'boots' that most of you fags pick are literally just dress shoes with a thicker sole anyways. Boots are supposed to be rugged and functional. Most of the 'dress boots' look like moccasins or bed slippers and they make me want to vomit. Bottom line, you look like an absolute fucking fag with your dainty little 'boots'.

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straw man + misrepresentation of argument
brainlet detected

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straw man = misrepresentation of argument


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pls destroy my boyhole

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aw fuck daDdy pUNISh me MORRRE uhhhyiaaa im seething and slobbering all over you

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>no Guidi, Ann Demeulemeester, CCP, or A1923. Sage

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What boots are these in your pic?

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>1.5 years ago
Bitch people have been complaining about the decline in quality for 15 years at least

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There's nothing wrong with Balmoral boots, just don't wear them when you're being a rugged manly man.

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Look up Palladium, they have sneakers, sneaker boots, and all sorts of boots,


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im lubed for you father

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Why? I have a pair of mountain lights and they've been great. Have gone through three harsh winters and regular hiking and still in great condition.

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What color pants can you wear with black boots? It feels like only black or like, milspo green but maybe I'm just dumb.

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any colour tbqh

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damn he looks like a dickhead

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that's because you hang out with pussies
white's are THE work boot

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I'm glad they work out for you. All the Danner's I've got have sucked (or maybe it's the models I'm buying). I got the Skyridge model first I think it was called, it had a MASSIVE arch in the sole that cut into my foot as I walked (and I have high arches to begin with). Had to ditch em.

Then I tried the Bull Run Moc toes, which is a crepe flat sole which I thought would be better. The leather is incredibly hard, not just stiff but hard. There's a rim around the ankle leather the cuts into my heel, the leather dye bleeds into every pair of socks I wear with them even thick ass wool boot socks, they're too heavy for outdoor Summer use and not insulated enough for Winter use.

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Here's a picture of the uncomfortable piece of shit called the Skyridge, see that massive fucking arch support thing in the middle? That actually goes ALL the way up that high inside too, It's not just on the sole and the outside. The INSOLE presses down on it. And I got the first wave of this model, the whole shoe was brown but the arch thing was *camo.* Motherfucking woodlands camo, the only piece of the whole boot like that.

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Kek I thought that too when I scrolled past

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Tell that to Old Nine Toes in the other thread.

>> No.15569085

That's David Dickhead to you.

>> No.15569106

what jobs nowadays demand boots anyway

>> No.15569195

whites are better than clarks imo, but that's because whites are a heavy duty version of the tassel loafer –– makes them sleazy, which is hot

clarks are for boys who will live in the pod and will eat the bugs

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I've got the tachyon gtx boots that I've worn hard at work for years. Super comfy and still going strong.

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go outside

>> No.15569297

go outside

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Ah, yeah, those do look a bit shit. I could see the argument for bringing them down the list because of their more trendy or democratized models, especially if the quality is lacking. Shame.
I tend to stick to classic models, and the mountain lights haven't given me issues. Single piece upper of quality leather, goretex liner, a bit heavy (but that's expected from a model from the 70s), made in the USA, easily serviceable. Just a simple hiker.

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i can almost walk again!

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Wtf happened

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>Random mesh bits
>Unnecessary “quirky” lacing
>Random unnecessary buckle
>Skinny jeans in a shit wash with a shit cuff in the pic

100% German/Yuro. Un/fa/

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They saved your toes, right?

>> No.15570090

some reddit bullshit probably

>> No.15570172

No. His larp boots aren't steel toe.

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I think you just started browsing /fa/ 1.5 years ago

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you are fat

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>climbing down rockslide to get to next plot
>disturb ground wasp nest
>wasps start stinging my head
>slip on rock trying to escape, fall down rockslide
>machete ripped from sheath, land on it
>stabbed through boot
>continue running away from wasps
>take off my field vest so that the wasps stop chasing me (they squirt pheromones to track their target, it often lands on the vest and you can avoid further stings by just leaving it on the ground and coming back later)
>sit on stump to catch breath
>notice blood squirting out of boot every heartbeat
>realise my phone/radio/truck keys are inside vest that is currently crawling with wasps
>have to climb back up rockslide to the ATV trail and hike a mile back to my truck
>radio for help
>get ride to emergency room
>get 15 stitches over 2 hours
>on desk duty since last wednesday
yes, have all of my toes
>larp boots
confirmed for office worker

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Any manufacturing/industrial/factory job.

>> No.15570439

That's probably the ones I shoulda gone with in the first place. Glad you like them, and that they're holding up well.

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>He puts Red Wings above Wolverine's

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Send an email to White's thanking them. They might give you free merch.

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Hell yeah brother

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Some of us ground ponders don't have horses and no need for pointed toe.

also im poor.

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w2c jacket

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Should I cop ?

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File: 1.31 MB, 2547x3312, faggot chart fixed up good.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Alfa m77
Thank me later

>> No.15572189

I can confirm Beckett is better than Edmonds

T. Worked for Edmonds

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based retard
just get solovair (aka the og doc martens before it got sold and the quality went down)
not even that much more cash

>> No.15573628

Then get round toe like a normal person. Square to is for dick suckers.

>> No.15573788

A little too moccy for my taste but not bad looking.

>> No.15573789

Start with a pair of Chukkas.
Then get a pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers.

Then you're done lol

>> No.15574837

Cop, looks decent

>> No.15574851


Hi anons knows some more affordable boots in the style similar Danner or Paraboots ? i look for a range up to 150$

>> No.15574882

Holy shit if you landed differently on that machete you wouldn't be here.

Were you that guy with the leather shin guards you made?

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yeah, it was just about the best possible place i could have gotten stabbed
nope, just the toes
and yes

>> No.15575467

Is bad enough wasp hang around places, but the fucking ground too? You got a lovely scenery to gawk at, at least.

>> No.15575570

Danners made in USA are phenomenal. All I've worn past few years, and I do alot of outdoors shit. Their chink shit is lesser. Obv.

>> No.15575643

You carry a tournaquiet right? If not you should since you'll probably eventually loose a limb and possibly bleed out

>> No.15575647

How is your foot doing?

>> No.15575652


>> No.15576058

i mean if I needed to noose off a limb I'd just use excess bootlace or shinguard lace
severed the tendon on my left index toe. will never move that toe or regain feeling in it again, not a bad price to pay for not bleeding to death after getting stabbed in the gut

>> No.15576097

I have them too. Don't have a pair of docs to compare but you won't be able to get docs at this price range whatsoever.

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