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what are some white sneakers that won't cost half a thousand dollars? pic related are about 150 usd

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Pretty much most of the white sneakers out there

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i'm finding a lot of sneakers like this, not a big fan of the small color splash

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They have all-white versions, found these at an outlet

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they're okay. do you like the holes?

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For Adidas branding they're not as exaggerated as other stuff and I'm fine with that.
As for other things they're pretty comfy and I've spent a couple of days with them walking for long hours in the city, and they're slightly wider than average which is nice. The only thing is that the tongue sticks up a bit and might rub against the front of your ankle, but otther than that for $90 I think they're nice.
Model is Stan Smith Home of Classics

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your picture makes them look nice but when i saw them up in person they had such a plastic look to them

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Wouldn’t buy adidas. They’re fine but nothing exceptional.

I’m keeping my eyes on these brands:
Italian brand, uses great quality leather, sneakers for €185
I’ve heard they use the same leather as Louis Vuitton
Haven’t had my hands on a pair but heard good stuff about them
A new sustainable meme brand, you’ll be a magnet for art hoes

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$100 AUD

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Vans, Nike Blazers, Adidas Continental 80s are the first cheap ones that come to mind

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Sneed (formerly Chuck) Taylor 70s

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I have bough Ecco a brown pair of sneakers. They have held up well the around 6 months I have had them. I bought a new black leather sneaker pair but I have not used them as much so Ican not compare in durability,comfiness.

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Ecco is basic mallcore middle class mum tier.

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white sneakers are awesomed based chad sneaker

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these look nice

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do i buy this shit for 20 euro or not

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those are ugly as fuck what are you doing

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K Swiss?

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Reebok club C

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yes or no

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since i cant post anywhere else:

should i cop those?

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I have some relatively new Veja and compared to stan or adidas in general, the material feels nicer, thicker, and sturdier. I wanna see in the long run but from now I don't want to go back to adi, they feel shitty, unless I can find some vintage edition with a somewhat better leather.

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Toddler shoes

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im drained

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all white vans are like 30$ on aliexpress

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seconding these.
I got K-Swiss Arvee and they are really good.
they cost like 60 bucks.

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Do Reebok’s run small like nikes? Or big? Or tts?

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there is a chart that gets posted here of common project alternatives

I would check out Koio, Oliver Cabell, and Svensson

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just get the $50 taobao reps they are decent quality compared to authentic projects

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Thousand Fell, All Birds, USED CPs

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These are $50 at H&M

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Asos as some good shit for like 25€, give it a shot, the quality is not as bad as one might think

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i love these. just dont need them i have far too much shit rn.

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Shit quality. The inside sole wore out super quickly, it's just a pain to wear

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Diadora melody

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How often do you wear them?
Guess with white shoes it’s very limited time you have anyway. Hell I go through a pair of white converse faster than a roll of toilet paper.

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What makes Veja meme brand?

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