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this girl has balls if i may say so myself.
shaved her head. wears whatever on earth that shit is. she gives absolutely no fucks. ZERO fucks. im proud of you. even if it is cringe. you do you bb.

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What is it about roast-beef cunted femoids clamouring over and clapping for homsexual degenerates? These queers aren't your little toy dolls, meek, mild and benign.

These are the creatures actively colluding with forces which would see the West collapse, your children mutilated and heteronornative masculinity (and thus the nuclear family unit) destroyed.

Go simp for faggits elsewhere you barren roast.

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When I give zero fucks I am the bad guy. You can't change the degenerate (and lying nature) of women.

I am also the bad guy for saying teen girls are hot, meanwhile this creepy 30 plus woman is all hitting on some kid.

Islam is right about women.

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what the fuck are you talking about
cecil could you at least try to hide your schizoid samefagging

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what the fuck are you going on about? all i said was she was brave to actually shave her head and wear that crazy looking shit. remember when britney spears did that? she got locked up in a loony bin and she literally lost the right to her own bank account and children. tell me it doesnt take balls to follow in those footsteps?

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Get a girlfriend. Have kids. Accept Christ. Get off this board. Not necessarily in that order.

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NO because you only apply your "standards" to certain people.

Britney Spears is completely different,. she had a legit mental breakdown because the (((music industry))) molested and raped her as a child.

100% different from some tranny or whatever on here.

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i dont think he has the mental clarity or sanity to hide the samefagging a little better.
nevermind that his "special" personality shines through in every post

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Never have samefagged. if I was addressing her I'd use my trip 100%.

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first of all....YOU cecil, of all people, dont get to judge other people.
second...how do you know Luc wasnt going through a mental breakdown when she went all britney on us?

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wow...you photoshopped your teeth on me?

btw youve been caught samefagging on more than one occasion

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"She". Fucking pathetic. Thats male gaylord homosex demi-fag Sassy Luc. Why are you making him out to be a bitch? Who said he's a bottom?

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Luc? She? Wtf? It's a guy. Because some personal mental breakdown over having a dick isn't the same as some public celebrity who was raped and controlled in the music industry.



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You wish I did. I've never samefagged so quit the lies. She us all them rotten chompers lmao

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Im literally volcel and I go to church every week

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everyone on this board is a bottom

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EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 this ROASTIE IS NASTY AF!

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also will you freaks stop patronizing me just get a divorce already

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Hurr durr i don't believe in all this far left shit but here let me use stupid far left shit on a board to get a teenager to like me because i am totally not a 2 faced lying creep durr!!

Men can become women at the click of a finger durr!

PEOPLE don't get periods. Women do.

PEOPLE don't get pregnant. Women do.

PEOPLE don't breastfeed. Women do.

Being FEMALE is not a "feeling". It isn't frilly dresses, high heels, long hair & make up.

I'm sick of seeing female sex erased & trivialized to accommodate everyone else.

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What's with posting your ass in panties then?

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ok ok ok ok THOSE ARE CECILS TEETH for the love of god. he probably merged his undereye bags and wrinkles on me too

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That's why you have never shown a photo with your teeth showing. You have been found out.

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im not left or right you fucking caveman...i have my own opinions and thoughts

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Somebody post the vid of Cecil coughing like he has black lung and phlegm drink dribbling off his demon blowjob lips?

Cecil why are you anti-fag when snaps of your skype sessions with Igor got leaked? Fag.

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ohh bb u r such a nice hot little girl

You are fucking creepy.

What can I say? I am an anal activist. There is a different between a masculine straight acting homosexual and a camp little faggot.


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pls dont remind me. im trying to block those images out before i have to get therapy for the damage they caused.

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the irony of this guy calling me creepy is just next level. if there was a prize - you would get it.

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You saved the pic and stroke yourself to sleep over it. Be less obvious. I can give you a private show if you'd like? I take 8 inches in my man cunt and you take 8 inches in your spilling out beef hole?

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>Im a volcel
>i find humans disgusting
>i have fucked several times and continue to.
Where is the truth you promised Luc?

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Why? If I am creepy it means you can't be? Because you are female you can't be creepy? I am being normal. Hitting on teenage girls. That's happened for all of time.

Old women hitting on teenage trannys hasn't. You're a freak (and a creep)

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I'm convinced you're all the same person. Whoever you are please seek help.

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there we have it. my breakfast is ruined again. fuck you cecil. im serious.

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idk i think it kind of works

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how many underage chicks are in your effay folder

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>fuck you cecil. im serious.

I bet you are. That's what you want. That's what you've always wanted. A caveman like me to drag you into the bedroom and abuse you until you're exhausted in a pool of your own cunt juice.

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If you mean nudes? None. I only have naked 18+

If you mean clothed, then plenty, because "underage" does not really apply. They are post puberty teens with breasts and hair on their holes. They are biological women.

If you mean actual "children" then not 1 at all. I despise pedos. That's the vibe I am getting from this chick here, it's a little known subject that there are MANY women pedos out there.

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>tripfags fighting over who is the biggest degenerate (completely ignoring the thread topic).

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i swear to god if one more person insults me like this im gonna shit up this whole board so bad youll go back to /b/

jesus christ cecil. i literally cant give a you smidge of attention without you starting this vomit inducing shit. if you want me to be nice...pls dont ever think of me in that context. im asking you nicely.

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This thread is perfectly on topic. have you read any of the posts? or do you want him to start posting his pictures too?

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Abuse me bb! Taking orders! It gets me off.

Oh just be honest with yourself, you are begging for it. Being a submissive little fuck toy from a man who will use and abuse you all night long. Oh sorry you want a "nice guy" HAHAHAHA.

Would love to suck on your tongue

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>and continue to

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Luc is literally a girl, not even some tranny shit, she is LITERALLY a girl, she has a vagina and no adams apple, how can you not clock her as a girl instantly?

I swear you people are autistic

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pls stop following me and pls dont derail the tattoo thread. are you on a mission to make me throw up fr?

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This could be avoided if you faggots didn't feel the need to trip on an ANONYMOUS fucking forum

go to fucking reddit if you want a damn username

>> No.15531007 [DELETED] 

We can take this to private if you would like, sweet bb



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these guys have been on 4chan for too long they cant really tell anymore. i mean, there are a lot of trannies and twinks and girlie boys and whatever else...i almost dont blame them for being confused

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Or normal fucking humans are not used to weird little shaven headed girls who are called boys names

>> No.15531018

'Luc' is not a boys name, it's a name that a female-to-male tranny would choose like Ayden or Noah

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Well shit, sounds like a boy name to me, sure as shit never met a female luc. It's a larp name then.

Its real name is probably fucking Karen.

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you have a weak mind

its official. unless he relishes rejection, he has lost his damn mind.
im talking clinical insanity here.

>> No.15531027

>implying the chase and the desire for you doesn't get you off

>> No.15531028

>you have a weak mind

says the person so desperate for attention they make a jerryrig a username on 4chan?

This is coming from a former tripfag from 2012, you will grow out of it trust me

>> No.15531029

lmao hes mad bc she took his buttholes name?

>> No.15531033

I actually searched Luc on the archives and it turns out she used to post on /mlp/ a lot and tried to make a 'tulpa'

she's just a loser kid so I refrain from bullying her too much Tbh

>> No.15531035

My butthole (meaty man cunt) is called "Prodigy"

I can introduce you, if you'd like that?

>> No.15531036

dont worry dude at least she spelled it differently

>> No.15531039

>she used to post on /mlp/ a lot and tried to make a 'tulpa'

LMAO why is this not surprising one bit. Yeah it's just another kid who got mind fucked by the internet, I'll stick to bullying Me because she is too old to be a victim to that.

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Give or receive? Preference?

>> No.15531043

Me strikes me as too stuck up to try anal

>> No.15531048

Cringe thread sure is living up to its name.

>> No.15531049

Haha yeah too must of a prude to even have a little pinkie up there

>> No.15531052

with you? i choose death

>> No.15531053

I bet that hole is like a vice from being tensed 24/7 in anger

>> No.15531061

My tongue needs a date between your legs.

Lol Gonna get a little torn then because I want it and I will take it

>> No.15531064

well it certainly doesnt look like cecils obliterated bussy

>> No.15531066

True, cecil is definitely the more fucked up one

>> No.15531068

That's because mine has seen more action and taken 12 inches. Her back pussy hasn't even had a tongue in it and that's something I am going to change.

>> No.15531074

call me prude if you wish but id rather have my asshole in order than have big dicks tearing it apart.
i know you guys cant relate.

also pls stop talking about my sex life you know nothing about it

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i wan lik ur pusy

>> No.15531078

Jesus fucking christ will all you tripfag niggers shut the fuck up and end your pathetic lives

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>> No.15531082

You again make no sense.

Hurr people who don't do dangerous and stupid stuff like taking crack and driving while fucked up are boring people!!

Hurr I am so reserved in my sex life but I am totally not boring durr!!

Your butt will be fine with some dildo training and relaxation. I need to give you an anal orgasm while having a wand on your clit.

>also pls stop talking about my sex life you know nothing about it

There is nothing to tell, but there will be when I get hold of you bb.

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“Luc” is shortened btw

>> No.15531091

From Lucy

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brrrrrrr!! BRRR!!! i wanna BRRR!! her puddy!!

>> No.15531097

literally never did lmfao but keep making shit up, I only started using a name and trip once I started posting on this board, ive only ever posted on /x/ /an/ /k/ /tv/ /vg/ and here

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Ive had enough of your lunacy

>> No.15531099

Lucas? Show yourself in underwear. I wanna see something freaky today.

>> No.15531100

your gift is too great for me

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alright lucy

>> No.15531102

Oh stop being silly, it's just banter.

>> No.15531104

This, post some more ass pics girl

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>Luc is shortened
Should be Leuk for Leukemia bald head ass

>> No.15531108

fucking kek

>> No.15531109

>You again make no sense.
>Hurr people who don't do dangerous and stupid stuff like taking crack and driving while fucked up are boring people!!
>Hurr I am so reserved in my sex life but I am totally not boring durr!!
>Your butt will be fine with some dildo training and relaxation. I need to give you an anal orgasm while having a wand on your clit.
>>also pls stop talking about my sex life you know nothing about it
>There is nothing to tell, but there will be when I get hold of you bb.

Total coomer fantasist. The closest this grease goblin has come to a pussy was when he caught a whiff of his mothers suppurating hole as she shat him out in a sewer.

>> No.15531110

this could apply to all tripfags on /fa/

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>> No.15531118

lol nice

Here comes the simp who thinks this type of action "defender of the virtuous woman" will get him pussy. Lmao. Son, I've had more pussy than you've had rejections.

Instead of calling out her blatant hypocrisy you go for the simp routine. Sad!

>> No.15531120

you got any advice for a fellow future baldy

>> No.15531132

Yes. Drop the notion that most "Chads" are natural Chads and they never worked on it, drop the notion that simps and women will not shame you for educating yourself because they will because of what you'' learn.

Trust your instincts too. Stop trying to be a nice guy, it's fake and creepy.

You can head over to lit and download plenty of books on this. You see women grow up as natural manipulators, boys grow up to be nice guys because the feminist environment tells them to be. It's not an even playing field.

Rec picking up The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi as a starting point.

>> No.15531138

Thanks I'll give it a read

>> No.15531142

Good. It's book 1 (a red cover) from 2013. Most people as soon as they start reading will see things they agree with and have witnessed. You'll to start to understand simp behavior and why it will not work.

>> No.15531148

This thread... Tripfags need to be banned and hanged.

>> No.15531151

thats not a girl. its luc

>> No.15531152

that´s a dude

>> No.15531155

It's a biological girl trying to look like a guy

no adams apple
weak, feminine bone structure
wide hips

an ugly girl, but still a girl

>> No.15531161

for real? Coping Luc is perfect for the cover of any cringe thread

>> No.15531163

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15531197

This is probably luc. It's just a tiny weak guy. I need to see proof. It's a tranny.

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>> No.15531207

I don’t reddit space or turn off my trip you bald old man

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>> No.15531213 [DELETED] 

Show yourself in a bra you little freaky weird gender bullshit type.

>> No.15531215

Show yourself in a bra you little freaky weird "gender bullshit" type.

>> No.15531217

ass pics now

>> No.15531218

wasn't he/they into sleaze core last week?, sounds like Dissociative identity disorder to me

>> No.15531220



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Literally satanic evil. Luc - stay away from this predator!

>> No.15531226

I posted one sleazecore outfit as a bait post and fags have been spamming the pics for weeks now

>> No.15531238

continue to backpedal, Coping Luc

>> No.15531247

"Me" is the dumbest fucking piece of shit that has ever lived, I'm glad her "life" consists of shitposting 24/7 here andt hat nobody will ever know of her. It is like she has never existed at all, even before she dies. When she dies, NOTHING will change, not even for the very few people who have had the misfortune of knowing her. I take comfort in that, don't you bros?

>> No.15531249

>why is sleazecore best on twinks and fats
>not obvious bait

>> No.15531254

Likely, they get influenced weekly by social media and silly ideologies because they have no identity and are forever seeking.

A depressed teenager in their room while their parents are sat on the sofa worrying about how messed up they are.

On the prowl... grrr

>> No.15531255

i take comfort in knowing that will happen for everyone on this board besides me lmao

>> No.15531257

that statement seems pretty plausible coming from the guy who unironically said some shit about shaving your head being the ultimate redpill because it makes you rely on your face or something

>> No.15531262

>i was only pretending to a retarded uggie trying to be sleaze

>> No.15531265

Yes. She is still mentally 16 in her mind and believes she has choices and options. In reality, she isn't going to meet anyone better than me. Sure, she will meet guys that will fuck her, but that's it.

I'm probably the only guy who has taken an interest in her mental health more than any other guy has apart from her therapist and that's only because they are being paid.

She's a lonely old drunk chasing some feeling she once had and can't find it again so believes she will find it in drugs but they never hit the mark and so she will keep pushing, meeting toxic people and getting fucked up still believing she is better than anyone here until one day she just overdoses and that's that. Forever forgotten.

>> No.15531267

Nope I still mog everyone on this board lmfao the thread was just obviously to piss the uggies off (which it did) and farm (you)s (which it also did)
it’s the truth sorry you got bad skull structure

>> No.15531270

>says they post pics shitposting
>ignores posts to prove they are a female

Yeah that's a skinny little dude who has bought into the whole 1000 genders crap online and thinks they are gender-non-conforming or some bullshit. Sad!

>> No.15531274

I have said many times I will not confirm what I am, Ive never said I was female or male if you can’t figure it out thats on you and proof you won’t make it irl

>> No.15531278

>talking about bad skull structure
look at your nose, eyes, jawline (which jaw lmao)

>> No.15531282

Luc you're ugly

sorry not sorry

>> No.15531288

Because only mentally ill gender retards do that. I get you're a child but you've been brainwashed by some sjw ideology online. Spend more time with your parents or something.

>> No.15531294
File: 57 KB, 895x895, 1461246305986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post more ass pics


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File: 733 KB, 821x1026, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15531300

Who are you faggots

>> No.15531301

HAHAH that's such a fucking cute kid omg

>> No.15531303

>coping this hard
I have high pronounced cheekbones, a perfectly symmetrical and defined jaw, a perfect skull shape, I objectively do and always will look better than you sorry friend you should learn to accept it

>> No.15531307

You're objectively ugly. What's sadder is if you want to go all queer androgynous mode you MUST have low bodyfat, well defined cheekbones, full lips and an actual jawline. Your face is all bloated, your cheekbones are non existent and you have a weak, doughy jawline. Imagine trying to look like David Bowie but you look like Jim Norton

>> No.15531310

itt a bald old man that even a child could beat bloody has a schizoid breakdown with his ex wife

>> No.15531313

>this level of cope
you’re too far gone, sorry you’re so ugly your brain literally has to hallucinate flaws in my perfect appearance. Im superior to you and every other troglodyte on this board and that’s just objective fact no matter how hard you try to cope

>> No.15531314

Me isn't my ex wife, she is my soon to be baby momma

>> No.15531326

You're just ugly bro. Nothing wrong with that, that's why you spend your days here. Embrace your ugliness, stop having these delusions. I know the worst curse for people like you is having ugly features because you think the only thing that matters is how you look. Hey, tell you what, post a profile pic and I'll explain why you're so ugly.

>> No.15531332

>wah wah wah
accept you’re just inferior, fat, ugly, etc and will never be as perfect as me on a genetic level or an aesthetic level and you’ll be much happier, not reading any more of your delusional copes seek help

>> No.15531337
File: 39 KB, 469x750, aab9cf8d4ed3f52f01d096feda3ffa93.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>how to do queer/faggot aesthetics
Pic rel
>how not to do it
Look at the difference in lips, eyes, cheekbones, jawline and skull size. OP looks boring and featureless.

>> No.15531344

>literally a fat faced obvious man in drag
lmfao confirmed that anon is a 35 year old failed twink desperately trying to cling to “androgyny” when no one on this board can even tell if im a man or a woman you can’t make this up

>> No.15531349

Cope more little fag. Cope more. Your small head and mongrel eyes are hilarious

>> No.15531354

Hey how does a pasty white cuck like him get a wide nigger nose? What kind of degeneracy allows this?

>> No.15531356

confirmed LMFAO enjoy knowing youll never be a prettyboy or desireable like you might have been once and think about how angelic I am while you 41% hope it brings you some comfort

>> No.15531358

Androgyny should apply to adults though, a 10 year old male who looks like a little girl isn't androgynous. I suspect you are an underage poster. True androgyny is being a 6ft adult male but having features that border both genders.

You're just a skinny little kid.

>> No.15531360

>wide nigger nose
please post your shrivelled up cocaine nose if you think my nose is wide lmfao

>> No.15531365

Im 21 you old fat fuck and Im not going to suck your malformed dick get your ex wife to do that

>> No.15531367
File: 842 KB, 1423x2000, Francisco_Lachowski_2011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that philtrum
How unfortunate

>> No.15531372
File: 1.16 MB, 980x1795, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Luc is pretty Effay desu and basically invincible before you copers. He is a good sport and is yet to be owned by the more degenerate, desperate trips for whom it’s legit over.

>> No.15531374

lmfao look at this liplet

>> No.15531380

Gimme gimme

>> No.15531384

Why aren't you modeling bro, you're basically perfect. Why aren't you being scouted? I'll send your pic to all the top modeling agencies, see what they think

>> No.15531390

So you just have poor genetics. Androgyny isn't about being a baby face as you are an adult. It's a border of masculine/feminine. Lol you don't even know what you're talking about.

Looking younger than your age or like a teenager is not fucking androgyny. You're more like homosexual twink core.

I have no attraction towards you whatsoever.

>> No.15531391

I did do modeling before, but I didn’t like it so now I work in sales while I finish my degree :3

>> No.15531393

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15531394

>the opinions of a bald wrinkled creature whose genetic line will die with him
lmao shut up old man before I take your pudding away

>> No.15531397

Hey everyone this ugly faggot probably got spit on at school so he’s created this fake persona on an image board as a defense mechanism for his ego. Be nice to Lucy.

>> No.15531398

How many times a day do you self harm? Lmao

>> No.15531399

lmfao the liplets are pissy now

>> No.15531403

Wait, why are you working some piece of shit retail job? Surely somebody must have spotted you and offered you a modeling job or to try as an actor. You said you mog every other person on the planet. You wouldn't catch Barbara Palvin or Brad Pitt doing sales.

>> No.15531404

I don’t why would I harm my perfect naturally smooth skin?

>> No.15531406

He does what "me" does here. They are both victims of bullying so they create a fake persona online. Many such cases!

Luc, you don't need to do this. I am sure you;re a great person. Just bee urself. No bully here. It's ok. You are with frens now.

>> No.15531411

>i don't self harm
>that face
>these posts

OK widdle buddy ;) ;) Tell Uncle Cessy about your problems

>> No.15531414

jfc luc is coping harder than i've seen someone cope

>> No.15531418

Because I don’t wish to be surrounded by vapid cunts every day and preyed on by (((hollywood))) and enjoy my current job where I work only 4 days a week and still make 2k+ every check while in school following my true passions sorry you think selling your soul is necessary friend

>> No.15531419

Ok Lucy you are absolutely right :)

>> No.15531423
File: 1.36 MB, 1408x1791, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is who you are replying to. Keep this in mind. Enjoy the seethe. Taste the cope.

>> No.15531424

Imagine how damaged one’s ego has to be to even has the energy to do this. He was def abused as a kid.

>> No.15531425
File: 34 KB, 480x600, b85953f5c557b43aed65c3f5b28ab5a6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You have a receded face Luc. That's the sign of poor genes or bad eating habits. Your parents are to blame

>> No.15531426

itt a bald literal schizo, a failed 35 year old twink desperately trying to be a femboy, and a troon liplet absolutely seethe over me. Business as usual on /fa/

>> No.15531431

>receded face
new level of cope lmfao

>> No.15531433

I think "Luc" is gay for me. I hope he never saw the private pics of me and Igor or he would be begging to join in.

>> No.15531435

This was fun as always troons, fatties, and schizos I sure hope none of you 73% or 41% respectively tonight because of how hard you got btfo by me yet again

>> No.15531437

Luc, in the OP, see how your jawline melts with your face below your ears? Like it doesn't stick out like >>15531425
That's a receded face

>> No.15531446

ew wtf is dat

>> No.15531448

Unironicallu hang yourself. You will never make it anywhere in the career from the degree you’re studying for because
1.) You clearly show signs of slow cognitive functioning
2.) there are people archiving your posts as evidence of you being a delusional faggot therefore no one will take your existence seriously in the event that you rise up whatever shitty ladder your going to attempt to climb after you realize you have nothing going for you and you need to have to make moves in the real world
This will always haunt you.
Kys faggot fatnose :)

>> No.15531452

your gift is too great for me

>> No.15531457

Your gift is too great me

>> No.15531465

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15531483

LOL cry more baby

>> No.15531484
File: 1.77 MB, 1668x2224, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Owned. Post your face here Fatboi freak.

>> No.15531924

your gift is too great for me

>> No.15531942


>> No.15531962


>> No.15531991

> 197 replies
Oh hey this should be good
> literally just namefags arguing
fuck you fucking irrelevant degenerate namefag scum

>> No.15532000
File: 201 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20200901_161740_443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

am I /cringe/ ?

>> No.15532002

Lose weight, Sis

>> No.15532006

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15532016

Yes you are.

>> No.15532028

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15532034

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15532066

Unironically, I think Me is the best out of this terrible lot of trips.

>> No.15532161

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15532185
File: 61 KB, 600x752, 560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>am I /cringe/ ?

>> No.15532215

yuo're gift is to grea t for me

>> No.15532221
File: 44 KB, 693x677, time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys should have a tv show

>> No.15532295

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15532379
File: 207 KB, 1080x1304, ee85e48.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15532382

Tripfriends are annoying desu

>> No.15532405

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15532418

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15532443

your gift is too great for me

>> No.15532486

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15532637
File: 717 KB, 762x1280, 1322117681.shadowfox014_huskysuit_tf_fa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15532662
File: 160 KB, 561x592, cringe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stop watching anime

>> No.15532669

your gift is too great for me

>> No.15532671

your girth is too great for me

>> No.15532860

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15532866


>> No.15532867

does luc actually think he's good looking even in an unconventional or alternative way?
or is it just grandstanding for self preservation as this point?

>> No.15532876

yea you better hide those puffy fat lips they are hideous and not effay. your eyes are also too close together, and you look like a manlet.

>> No.15532888

you're delusional and probably secretly gay. You'll figure it out when you're all alone in your 50's and blow your head off shortly after. It really sucks to be you, senpai. Normal straight people don't care this much.

>> No.15533056
File: 45 KB, 484x613, Faggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15533057
File: 31 KB, 345x613, MrGenericGayFaggot2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15533523

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15533526

kill that thing and set it on fire

>> No.15533750

look, it's another tripfag drama thread
what an embarrassment for this board, and this board is shit, so that's saying something.

>> No.15533788
File: 469 KB, 948x1706, SmartSelect_20200718-170946_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You'd be surprised how normies are waking up sodomite. Id start prepping the closet and making it comfy.

>> No.15534076
File: 752 KB, 954x1193, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You and Cecil produce interesting offspring. He is smiling hard for you. It’s adorable and pathetic all at once.

>> No.15534146

I've been suprised by this, I thought /pol/ was the most degenerate toxic board but /fa/ is giving it a run for its money

>> No.15534170

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15534183

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15534230

The amount of namefags on this board is whats cringe

>> No.15534240

>10 tripfags
>219 replies
>64 posters

>> No.15534273

LOL Holy shit I didn't know we had chemotherapy patients of /fa/ HAHA you look like the end of an eraser. But on a serious note,

>> No.15534353

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15534361

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15534476

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15535010

your gift is too great for me

>> No.15535011

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15535143

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15535152

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15535157

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15535169

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15535170

link to her arrest record?

>> No.15535172

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15535173


>> No.15535356

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15535379

I never get posted to cringe threads anymore ;_;

>> No.15535499

>this girl has balls

>> No.15535564

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15535615

your gift is too great for me

>> No.15535632


>> No.15535690

your gift is to great for me

>> No.15535693
File: 4 KB, 376x87, cringe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here you go, king.

>> No.15535727

who the fuck is that tranny

>> No.15535774

adorable? pathetic? nah dude its absolutely frightening

all i can say is if he reproduces he needs to find someone with amazing genes to offset the shit he has going on (mentally and physically) for the sake of the child, who in this case, will no doubt be a product of rape.

>> No.15535776

Your gift is too grear for me

>> No.15535945

Your gift is too great for me.

>> No.15536069

your gift is too great for me

>> No.15536254

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15536262

your gift is too great for me

>> No.15536294

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15536695

This is not cringe, this is kill-it-with-fire-core.

>> No.15536724
File: 54 KB, 500x616, 1598537378805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I still mog everyone on this board

>> No.15536756

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15536757

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15536774

your gift is too great for me

>> No.15536865

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15536942

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15536963

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15537043

your gift is too great for me

>> No.15537055

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15537056

your gift is too great for me

>> No.15537108

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15537144

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15537147

would look like a goddess on your knees at the business end of a BBC

>> No.15537213

omg fuck luc

>> No.15537214

luc? or cecil

>> No.15537220

Nah you just got a cute belly.

>> No.15537562

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15537564

Your gift is too great for me.

>> No.15537611

dein geschenk ist zu großartig für mich

>> No.15537617

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15537621


>> No.15537649

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15537666

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15537688

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15537714

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15537739
File: 23 KB, 488x463, 318C4C6F-C136-4AC2-897F-D8963C0817BA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You must be secretly gay

Not who you responded to but why do you fags try so damn hard to project your disgusting lifestyles on people who have convictions that oppose your immoral sickening narrative. Can you come up with an actual argument besides
>you must be secretly gay
>grow up, no one cares

Maybe people who don’t like faggots aren’t gay themselves, maybe they find this lifestyle repulsive and evil, like when you see a cockroach in your house for example you instinctively feel disgusted not because you secretly want to be a cockroach but because the sight of such a creature fills you with abhorrence and the need to eradicate the insect so your house can continue to be clean and orderly

>> No.15537742

here we go. that "special" personality i was referring to shining through

>> No.15537745


>> No.15537788

What? I don’t give a shit about your argument with Cecil.
I’m just tired of leftist faggots using this card like it takes away from the fact that faggots are degenerate sodomites that have no place in any civilized society

>> No.15537792

this is a fashion board put clothes on

>> No.15537824

What did he do to you, man?

>> No.15537838

cecil please. youre not fooling anyone

>> No.15537842
File: 666 KB, 821x1026, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15537850

imagine how great the genes are that this thing came out looking like a 1/2 normal human being....of course it still came out with a crooked eyeball, but my genetics were working overtime

>> No.15537905
File: 241 KB, 538x538, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s weird. Cecils soft features, feminine lips, round bug eyes, general dough do help in this process. Imagine fuckin him dressed as pennywise

>> No.15537922

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15538086

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15538103
File: 233 KB, 1000x898, Danger Dog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15538110

your gift is too great for me

>> No.15538602
File: 38 KB, 339x859, shine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this one
the fingers alone

>> No.15538629

skinny jeans look so bad fuck

>> No.15538761

clown shoes

>> No.15538765

Maybe The Real Cringe Was The Tripfags We Met Along The Way

>> No.15538804

you're a degenerate whore for sure

>> No.15539256
File: 193 KB, 558x530, PicsArt_01-03-03.45.52-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15539671

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15539888

Your gift is too great for me.

>> No.15539889

your gift is too great for me.

>> No.15539903

thicc fingers but that fit with average speech level would guarantee pussy at my campus

>> No.15540000

No you dont, you look 12 bro

>> No.15540013


>> No.15540053

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15540131

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15540151
File: 58 KB, 500x563, 4af4767af212b0318f6cd4339150f778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OP could honestly look really good in the 80s skinhead style

>> No.15540154

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15540159

Honestly based beyond words.

>> No.15540201

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15540218

>muh masculinity and western culture

If it were up to /pol/ washed brains, we'd all be wearing trucker hats and wrangler jeans.

Absolute chuds.

>> No.15540341

>I've never samefagged

except for the times you have ofc haha

>> No.15540377


Yeah sure thing..

>> No.15540663

Haha you did, glad you agree :D

>> No.15541055

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15541062

your gift is too great for me

>> No.15541260

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15541426
File: 158 KB, 640x480, 1599312487860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15541480

Your gift is too great for me

>> No.15541798

your gift is too great for me