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What are some shoes like this that aren't as basic bitch?

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Revenge x Storm


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You wlil look just as basic bitch in ones similar

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and people will still think you're wearing some kind of vans

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Find low top skate shoes you like and buy them.
>janoskis or any other of their SB line
>adidas adi-ease
>pro line vans like kyle walker
>low top converse
All these skate shoes basically look the same. If you don't want basic bitch, vans come in a million colors, so you could always get more creative. But otherwise it's just a basic beater shoe that's slightly more sporty than CP and the like. Nobody asks for a non basic bitch version of CPs.

I personally still wear janoskis, because I like their silhouette over vans and they are easy to take off/put on with only 4 eyelets.

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converse one star. still basic but they're not "that shoe"

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Fact: OP and anyone who comments in this thread (except me) is a onions-b0y

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Obvious troll but not funny

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get the sperry copycat

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Frat boys wear RxS

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Nothings wrong with plain as long as you pull it off well. Vans will always be timeless.

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common projects

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