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Just copped these. Thoughts?

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I don't understand the appeal of modern sneakers, why not get a nice simple clean minimal pair of converse (sneed taylors) or vans instead?

>> No.15506599

how much?

>> No.15507038

That's hardly a modern design in OP. Converse and vans are not minimal, just basic. OP's shoes are much more minimal.

>> No.15507049

Material science advances alone have made chuck taylors a bad choice unless you’re after a few very specific cultural signals.

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>why not get a nice simple clean minimal pair of converse (sneed taylors) or vans
Because I'm not in middle school anymore. And converse are too narrow for my feet

>> No.15507180

they look like 4 dollar shoes from china

>> No.15507218

Converses have no arch support, I'd take almost any sneaker over them

>> No.15507364

I want a pair of all white Vans Eras. I'm 26.


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OP here I shat blood is this normal? I've been under stress lately what with my bf leaving me for my fucking neighbour no less, I've been hearing them fucking too and it eats me up inside, I just want a man who won't suck my cock then ditch

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shoulda copped reebok vintage instead

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