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For me its gotta be pic related

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>Vans Slip ons All Black
Cheap, Versatile, Efficient, Comfortable, can find pretty much anywhere. Im not kidding about the versatility either, I used to wear these to my office workplace, business casual dress code, because I had to ride my bike to work.

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adidas continental 80 maybe

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Based Force Ones

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Adidas AR trainer. This shoe still feels like it can deliver performance even though it's an 80's design. You can feel how the panels hold your foot in place on the sole.

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hey same op

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Gats bro too ez

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The Tiger

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>if you could wear one shoe for the rest of your life
I'm not monopedal, sorry

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Once you wear these you can't wear anything else

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based dad poster

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Based and airforcepilled. Same here would be the all white ones or all white with gum sole

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burz 1 the goat

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>asics and new balance
Um ok boomer?

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post fit faggot i look better than your prepubescent ass in asics all day

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Sambas are better

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Running shoes look like shit

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Most versatile option is a chunky derby imo.
>>15480390 is a close second

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v4 > v5

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Good choice OP
Reebok 1985 tv fo sho.

Too bad it's pretty difficult to find socks that match though.

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BASED, wore these for an entire decade

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recommend good derby shoes please?

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based, v5 looks like shit. my v4's are indestructible and comfy as fuck, also look timeless and look good with so many different outfits (also gives a nice little height boost)

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og ft are superior

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>spoonfeed me
lurk moar or gtfo

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These are both lovely, and its a pity they aren't regular colorways.
RW postmans are the ones in the pic. I have em, they're built like tanks, and they're comfy for long walks (obvious considering who they're for).
More budget options are doc 1461 monos or solovair derbies. Allen Edmonds Leeds or the aforementioned postmans are a good middle ground. Church's or Trickers are good options for a higher budget. Designer options can look amazing (Ann D, Dior, and Prada come to mind), but you'll be paying a premium for unique touches.

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comfort > everything

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Clarks. This is no-brained lads

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I get the off white ones from Uniqlo

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*Off white color socks

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I can't imagine wearing non white shoes, something ab all black shoes throws me off

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either one

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Good shout.
I'll get those next time I'm in need of new socks.

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No other options

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I like these alot plus they're comfy

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Comfy, stylish, light, based

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dudes here wear the same shoes 19 year olds who just went to college and found mfa wear

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Are those superstars?

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i guess it would have to be some kind of cupsole skate shoe. i need dress shoes though? some kind of black dress shoe with a skate sole i guess.

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>no other options
>whole thread full of other options

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I like the breds a lot but they really aren't versatile, I'd pick black toes over them for everyday wear

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For comfort I'd use sneakers but if the question was which shoe would you wear for fashion for the rest of your life it would be these. I can't find the real ones anywhere so I post Alice.

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You must be >18 to use this board

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it would have to be stan smiths, super comfy, and just work with everything, i like my black derbies and chelseas, but if it was one shoe for the rest of my life, this is the one

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Based but for me, its the Union Black Toes. Way more versatile colorway compared to the Breds and they look better than the regular Black Toes, in my opinion

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>all these sneakers

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fuck off my board you wiggers

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Very respectable choices as well, you cannot go wrong with any of the Retro 1’s if we’re being honest

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There is only one correct answer:

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Tasteless mongrels. The lot of you.

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I think they’re a mashup between super stars and stan smith’s

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sure as hell wouldn't be some gay sneakers worshipped by teens and black people.

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