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How come punks aren't /fa/ anymore? Punks used to look cool. Now they're all boring normalfags.

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what are punks today rebelling against? everyone is on their side. Its not rebellious to be """"punk"""". just so fucking gay.

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Because punk became a uniform and not an expression of rebellion. It's more punk to wear a three piece suit to a punk show than to wear crust pants and a torn up shirt.

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ok nazi :)

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>this cope again
ahahahahaha go get shoved in a locker pissboy

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what punk was advocating for was delegitimised when it was co-opted by the mainstream and reduced to the superficial

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Not my fault you care more about fitting in then being yourself

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Why are punk threads on 4chan always so fucking autistic. no matter what board

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Yeah that's true but these days punks don't even try to look cool or interesting. They're all just boring people wearing BLM hoodies or something. At least bands like the Sex Pistols had their own style.

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Unironically being right wing is counter culture so they look like normalfags cause it is normal now

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>Unironically being right wing is counter culture

Maybe when you're a teenager, but in the real world, not so much, unless you're an autistic right winger.

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>right wing
>counter culture
Why do I get the feeling you live in some American libtard leftist hellhole? Go move to somewhere where there is a lot of conservatives or right wingers.

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he probably just has a victim mentality.

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ahahahahahahahaha look at this fucking dweeb

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If you mean far right like National Socialism or traditionalism/monarchy then that is legitimate counter culture. But if you just mean mild, safe, Jordan Peterson/Republican tier conservatism, then no that obviously is not counter culture or rebellious at all.

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I'm a HRE esque city state guild corporatist monarchist
Explain to me how I'm not counter culture
Small town american boomers are not fucking "right wing", they are capitalist liberals who hate trannies and want to cut immigration. I hate dumb infantile Americans like you.
Go tell 99.9% of you fags that egalitarianism, the enlightenment, individualism, federalism, the nation state, and Christian morality is trash and watch them all seethe. You're all the same

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>HRE monarchist

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Punk was relevant for exactly 2 years from 78-80, and during that time they were dressed by people who would go on to be either famous photographers or designers. Today they're basically riveted into a few different traditions that are rigidly defended, ironically enough. Add to that the fact that the whole aesthetic of punk is supposed to be bratty and sloppy and you have a recipe for a mess.

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No it was 77-79.

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the "punks" of today "rebelling against the system" are screeching blue haired twitter checkmark SJWs

and those are definitely extremely cringe and uncool

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They're afraid to piss people off now and want to be socially accepted, thus defeating the whole point

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that's fair I guess

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This, capitalism has subsumed punk. Companies like Apple have been selling you rebellion for decades. People like to point out the obvious examples here (woke companies on Twitter) but the good ones are so insidious that we don't even notice. The system is rigged so that consoomers feel the need to buy things to be different.

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You posted possibly the most artificial and commercialized punk band that ever was.

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fuck punks nowadays, they're all a bunch of whiny chumps who come from middle class families
if you really want to be punk then start taking care of your health and oppose the system in every aspect of your living cause its rigged to make you consume like docile cattle

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i think some guys in this thread have already given great answers. as mentioned above, punk has been co-opted and commercialized to neuter any real threat it could represent today.

punk is about standing up to the system and telling it to go fuck itself. the look is secondary. you need the attitude. not everyone originally had the actual attitude, but ran with the look, just like labeling yourself with an -ist allows you to fall into a clear box without having to put work towards it.
the system (i.e. the cultural zeitgeist) isn't the same as it was back then. on the surface, non-conformity is encouraged. self-expression at almost any cost, individuality, and personal freedom in some aspects are now seen as universal values, and propagated as ideal to aspire to. we are approaching full relativism.

but what are the things that you're not supposed to speak against today? which values are you not supposed to adopt? if you want to "be" punk, those are your targets. if you're uncomfortable with the answer to that question, then the system aligns with you; why go against it?

if you want to "look" punk, really punk, then you can buy the diluted, ingested look of punk which is already being sold to you. that niche has been catered to. or, you can push it to the authentic extreme, and look unfit for society. there are many ways to do that that aren't tainted by the cultural heritage of punk. but it can be done within that tradition as well if you want to push it, because no matter how many documentaries people have seen about how cool stinky beer-and-spit-covered concerts behind chicken feet, there are things that just can't pass.

if you can stomach the projection of the unapproachable in your appearance, then that's a way to internalise the new punk. but the look is just the surface. it's signaling. you can be punk without forcing yourself into a box that we've inherited from several decades ago.

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The music isn't any good anymore. Post-punk is better anyways

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Peak projection, sorry not sorry I was so mean to you in high school

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Arguing about what punk is on 4chan is the least punk think I can think of

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Wtf are you two on about, Lydon even said this in an interview

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The original post punk from the 70s like pic related was good but the 2000s post punk revival is extremely gay.

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While it's true that alot of the aesthetics and *some* if the values represented by early punk are coopted by the mainstream and corporatism now, I don't think that means being "right wing" is punk.
Having blue hair is no longer "punk", but neither is wearing a 3 piece suit as some said.
That's just a cope presented by squares to say "Wow finally I'm the cool rebellious guy"
That being said; It is unironically more rebellious to take care of yourself, and live the best life you can, than to buy into self destructive decadence. That was always a psyops to neutralize rebellious cultures. However deciding to be into self improvement, anti-corporatism, etc. Doesn't mean you have to adopt a particular political ideology. Alot of people on 4chan will say that I'm being a centrist fuck boomer for not taking sides(their side), but they don't actually know my political beliefs; they just can't comprehend me saying that the abstraction of punk rebellion doesn't need to include them. Both the pills were blue pills desu. As for clothes? I think the pinkest way to dress would be to buy utilitarian clothing secondhand. Style and utility don't have to be mutually exclusive, though.

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not subscribing to pseudo tribal political accessorizing is the true counter culture

also wear a suit to the mosh pit for alti points

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It's over effay peeps that I'll be missing until they come back every time so it got me bored as hell and that's why I'm sorry but that's all so here you go. I can't help you any further

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exactly. believe in whatever the fuck you want. why does everyone try so hard to fit in with some autistically niche fringe 5 word political ideology. shut the fuck up.

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In this context that's false, stuff like punk was more about social side of things than economical. It wasn't capitalism vs communism, it was strict morals vs. let the faggotry run wild.

Neocons are the worst people, because they appeal to a total lack of morals in marketing to make these "free spirits" their whores and profit off it, at the expense of the working class at home that would like to actually protect their own interests. The CEOs don't want that - and neither do these left wing faggots taking the CEO's dick when they say "let in the cheap labor, racist". The only people they're rebelling against are their hard-working countrymen who are usually poorer than their own daddy who buys their band tees and piercing appointments.

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It was new and youth is always naive and idealistic and driven by hormones

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whore moans

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Wear Carhartt and smoke indoors if you wanna be punk now

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That's because punk isn't about how you look. Hell, even the guys in OP's pic don't all look the same.

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Cringe lol. Didn't read that shit

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cope harder
dogwhistles can get neocons to agree to your ideas

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>Dumb infantile Americans
Looks my evaluation was on point

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Brainfried brainwashed sub 105 iq subscriber of 2010s American leftist rhetoric picked up from twitter and twitter reading nyc dwelling journalists

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seethe lmao

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reminder that being far right and dressing smart casual and listening to old RAC hardcore bands is OBJECTIVELY the most punk aesthetic and music combo if not the ONLY valid one. This is the irrefutable and inarguable truth, so seethe and cope away faggots

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Yes I do

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The most based of all is Adidas tracksuits, classical music, and NSBM.

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Maybe, but at least they looked cool and their songs were fun. That's more than you can say for any 2010s punk band.

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Shut your stupid mouth, liberal scum.

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they're largely supportive of the same liberalism that capitalism, albeit the other side of it politically, which doesn't even matter because politics and ideology aside everything they do is doomed to be subsumed by their so-called enemies. Wanna be a punk in 2020? Convert to Catholicism. Start a career. Build a new traditional home for you and your wife. Have a lot of kids. Dress nicely.

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time for a bunch of extremely broad generalisations by people with no experience in punk and some fascist dick to stomp around wow it's every punk thread ever
get fucked
you are all stupid
get me out of here

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haha, a few of my friends are punks and well... theyre all pretty much faggots. back then punks seemed like people you didnt want to fuck with, but all the punks now are skinny twinks, and they are promiscuous. all of them smoke weed daily and they cant stay in a stable relationship for more than a few months

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> more punk to wear a three piece suit
you know anon i think you are onto something

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hey buddy wanna SMOKE WEED? want to USE DADS CREDIT CARD??? [email protected]#! these punk shows are CRAZY! VIOLENCE! VIOLENCE! VIOLENCE! VIOLENCE!!! Smoked weed! Screw off fascist, Im watching my girlfriend have sex with other men while I shoot [email protected]

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Skins are the only fa punks

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Excellent post. Thanks

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Hardcore happened. Bunch of anarchopunks stopped looking like pic related. See Crass and Flux of Pink Indians. Later punks called pic related fashion punks.

Now you see these people in biker jackets with studs and when you try to talk to them about local punk scene they haven't a fucking clue even what punk is. It's just a fashion statement now.

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:/ damn you watch pjw are you 15 ?

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Lydon was never a fucking punk. Just look at his commercials shilling butter. Steve Ignorant had his number in 81.

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lol somebody is so far out of touch it's not even funny. Even mainstream shit like IDLES isn't bad.

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lol I can't even

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>IDLES isn't bad.

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literally one of the worst bands I have ever heard

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remember in this is england when the cool punk guys who shave their head and wear docs at the start actually meet a real skinhead who went inside, how they're actually uncomfortable with the ideals behind the fashion they're representing? they were just dressing to have a culture to belong to and to look cool. they were all just nice kids who wanted to smoke weed and hang out. the kid's mum is scared when he joins them because normals still buy that image, but shit doesn't get real until he meets an older skin who still stands for what they used to.

and then in the end pretty much everyone is a dork. that's punk.

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I love skinhead, hate the way the women look. Miss having my MA-1 with a KPN patch one time a brown kid in an Oi shirt at community really thought I was a skin even though I'm half Jewish lol

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Stop appropriating our culture, Levi.

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Nice blog

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>Only reply to my post
>Just calling it a blog post because noone else can refute my statement because I'm not taking an either-or side in 4chans fucking retard hot take arguments about punk.

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No ones punk anymore just liberal

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>Convert to Catholicism. Start a career. Build a new traditional home for you and your wife. Have a lot of kids. Dress nicely.
>support the systemic molestation of children, become a wageslave, reinforce oppressive family structures


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Being a NeoLiberal is worse, but acting like Almost all countries traditions Aren’t baked into some of the most fucked up shit is also dumb.

Humanity needs an actual mass change

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>>support the systemic molestation of children, become a wageslave, reinforce oppressive family structures
The first two are obviously bad but you are a brainwashed retard if you think the traditional family is bad.

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Not the guy

But, i don't think they're bad as much as easily taken advantage of by lots of bad people.

Shitty Parents will often abuse kids or themselves and get away with it because "we gotta keep the family structure"

>> No.15454794

I doubt Catholics, if you were to ask them, support molestation of children -- or basically if you ask the majority of people, period.

Wageslaving is what people have to do -- for better or worse. That's the way it be do until you collapse the system -- and maybe even make it worse for them; who knows.

Having both a mother and father figure isn't oppressive.

>Shitty Parents will often abuse kids or themselves and get away with it because "we gotta keep the family structure"

Point me to people who say it's OK to be abuse your children so long as the family unit stays intact.

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That is a problem, of course, but the destruction of the traditional family is only making matters worse.
People think they are open-minded free thinking intellectuals because they question these traditions, but the irony is that
>they don't consider the possibility that those traditions were good and there for a reason
>they are only questioning tradition because pop culture and academia tells them to question it

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>they don't consider there may be some ulterior motive at work when they are told to rebel against tradition

>> No.15454820


It's not People being okay with it outside the family, its more it being justified from within.

People feel the pressure to never fuck up their own families dynamic even when it starts to become fucked up, and with media filled with "happy family" imagery it makes it harder to recognize that there could be an alternative or that you can still be a "good person" if you're the own that breaks apart your family like that.

I mean most peoples trauma is family related

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I think most people definitely recognize this, these are not major revelations to most people with an education that are older then 25

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>the destruction of the traditional family
please kill yourself

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you're projecting

>> No.15454874

you would like this >>15454866

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what the anon said there is basic psych 101 shit, you retard.

>> No.15454885

not an argument

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lol where do u live op? anywhere with a decent music scene has punk kids

>> No.15454914

Yeah and they're all boring, bland normalfaggots with no taste and no style.

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Psychology is fraudulent pseudo-science.
You know our civilization is in an extremely sad state when this milquetoast, tame midwit is considered the face of conservatism and traditionalism.

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i get what youre saying, but in this context, its good to remember that nazi skinheads co-opted their look from the og skinheads from the mod era. and the ogs were essentially the punk kids of the 60s. also funny is that the other punk uniform of leather and studs and what the fuck ever comes from the gay biker gangs that popped up post-ww ii.

punk is and should be first and foremost an ideology. it means community solidarity against authority. the uniform is just a way to signal to other punks, but anyone who isn't a poser isn't really gonna give a fuck what you wear as long as youre with the message

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>tfw I am a skinhead because I like how it looks but I'm tired of having to shave my head all the time

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you're hanging around the wrong people man

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This is """punk""" in 2020. It doesn't get more tame, bland, and reddit than this.

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you mean you don't raise your pink fist and say black is beautiful? you're really not punk man

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yeah dude no offense but it just kinda seems like youre outta the loop


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What do the lyrics in that song even mean? It sounds like it has something to do with supporting BLM or whatever but it's so generic and retarded I don't even know what specific message they are trying to say.

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Would you consider this punk? It is sort of clean and commercial but it's still pretty cool desu

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Are Death Grips punk

>> No.15455027

they were until they broke up
exmil > tms > nldw > gp is one of the greatest runs we'll witness. perfectly aligned with the zeitgeist but then they lost the pulse and they knew

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But that doesn't make any sense because Steroids and NOTM are their two best albums.

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There is literally nothing less punk than labeling yourself as a punk and being in the "punk scene". That's like the gayest, most conformist thing you can do.

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labels are for soup cans

>> No.15455097

>the gayest, most conformist thing
being gay is conformist now?

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