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How /fa/ is the Mao suit?

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I think it's based, hard to pull off now though
Chinese leaders should dress like this again instead of wearing ties like w*stoids

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You mean like this?

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Oh based, I didn't know he wore that thing
If I picture him I see that image of him standing in the red room and he has a tie on there

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Hella /fa/
But the CCP is not /fa/

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If she wasn't an old Nazi bag, this would be /fa/

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There's a Chinese student at my uni who wears one of these, he's 5'6" and really, really fat. Often he wears a beige pea coat on his shoulders and sometimes a bowler hat too. Honestly, I wish I had his confidence, I don't know anyone who's spoken to him but everyone knows who you mean if you start describing him, he's kind of a legend.

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He definitely likes to play up his Mao successor role a lot. Kim Jong Un wears it too

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He's currently stealing corporate and technological secrets from whatever country you live in and will be appointed as a major business leader in your nation once it's reformed into a Chinese puppet state as a reward for his service

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lmao based

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Definitely seen Kim wear it all the time
Xi though, like in that pic, goes with the tie usually

Better than "my dad owns a factory" Chinese students who just wear Supreme and have absolutely 0 taste
I'm not surprised nobody has talked to him, where I'm at the Chinese students stick to themselves pretty exclusively

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please call it the ZHONGSAN suit, not the mao suit.
Long live the Chinese Nationalists.

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No it wouldn't.

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Yeah there's loads of Chinese students and they're all really rich, almost all of them live in this one accommodation block which I have to refrain from calling "the walled city of Kowloon". Most of them wear 'Anti Social Social Club' stuff, which I've never seen worn by a white person. Though, there's this one other guy whose outfit is just incredible:
>black turtleneck
>beige pleated chinos (?)
>white trainers, no socks
>silver chain with a weed leaf pendant
>gold framed sunglasses with gold flash coated lenses
>metallic gold frosted tips on his hair

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Long live the Chinese nationalists!
Long live the Chinese people!
Death to the Tatars and their collaborators!

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Should have defeated the Japs and won the civil war if you wanted that Shek boi

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Kuomintang fags mad

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He looks like Raul Julia in the Street Fighter movie

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fuck I thought that was M Bison too lmao

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What do you think the character was based on, if not a Kuomintang warlord?

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so much power in that uniform. How do I steal his look?

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You have to be able to exert authority given to you by your rank in the military to embody that kind of power

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Yfw KMT is pro-CCP now.

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Based department hello

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Seethe more pathetic rats

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based thread

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Maoist music is so fucking bizarre


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I fucking hate these scumbags, we need to expel them from our society before they start making moves on us.

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The guy behind him looks based
He even has the American flag pin, what a hero

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He looks like he hates communism with his whole heart.

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that official on the left is effay

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pretty ugly

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cringe redditor taiwan supporter

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