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Given that physical attributes both (a) contribute overwhelmingly more to attractiveness than fashion and (b) go to determine how successfully one can wear certain styles of clothes, should we officially make the board Fashion and Looks? There are many important debates to be had about e.g. facial osteotomies, leg lengthening, ideal skull circumference, etc., and such discussions do not yet have a home on 4chan.

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That shit is so symmetrical It actually looks weird

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Son, we’re hearing reports that you’ve been coping. Care to explain yourself?

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Why isn't he a movie actor?

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why are his cheeks like that

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suck in your cheeks and bite them

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Ability to defend yourself.

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Here he is delivering a mogging clinic in a Taylor Swift video with 2.6B views. What other copes have you got, son?


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It honestly boggles my mind how shallow subhuman fa is. I couldn't give less shit about models. Not hating, just absolutely don't care about their looks. I envy popular actors. Models? Pfft!

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Is it a naturally occurring thing? natural face contour is attractive but this looks genuinely freakish

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It honestly boggles my mind how shallow subhuman fa is. I couldn't give less shit about models. Not hating, just absolutely don't care about their looks. I envy athletes. Actors? Not even. Can't think of an actor I'd wanna be.
How subhuman are you to envy fashion models?

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Never, ever forget.

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Because it's fake.

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as someone whos tall ang good looking
this thread is fucking stupid

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you've been at it for hours
do you have nothing else to do in your life?

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some ugly nerd bitch on drugs is doing this art and larping as cecil

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without his eyes he wouldn't be in the industry

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he looks like a sex doll

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he mewed so much his nose stopped being jewish!!!

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Does skull size even matter?

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imagine OP actually believing all this and then backs it up with a photoshopped image lmao its a literal pseudo science cope

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What are you denying about OPs post

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post face

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>photo of handsome man isn't real so looks theory is false
Strong reasoning, coper

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Do you deny the existence of lookstheory?

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You incels are so fucking pathetic. Deep conversations about what, exactly? How you're cursed from birth by not having a firm brow ridge? I swear to god you all think you're such intellects, but all i ever fucking see are the same whiny threads about how there's no point in basic presentability because the strawwomen in your city are "degenerates", yet in the same breath you'll talk about how all you'd ever use women for is sex, assuming you'd be approached first because everything has to be handed on a silver platter it seems. If you really want to talk about chin-to-nostril ratios and how that's the singular cause for why you have no-one who will willingly associate with you, just fuck off to /pol/. Actually try to have meaningful conversations about things you can change instead of everything you can't

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No, /fa/ should not include your lookism. But I fully endorse you fucks getting your own containment board because I recognize how poisonous you are to /fa/ and /fit/. You are literally worse than bronies.
Please stop petitioning to be included in either of those boards and ask for your own board for your topic.

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>just fuck off to /pol/

do you just literally associate /pol/ with every subject you don't like? how the fuck does lookism make sense on /pol/?

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Are you mad little incel?

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He's saying because it's small minded.

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You sound like you're just re-phrasing the same sentiment.
>everything i don't like is /pol/