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>7 days post op chin implant and nose job

Did he make it?

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Time to visit Gandy heaven

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could have just grown out the beard lifted more

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should have started at 10% bodyfat first

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Looks better

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no chance 7 days his face would be so swollen after a nose job

regardless he a 6/10 instead of 4/10 now wow gj

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His life will undoubtedly be easier. Worth the money

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looks much better....maybe should've taken the nose in a tad more (tho this might be just me projecting my own insecurities)

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more ike 5/10 to 7/10

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Would´ve kept the nose, but the chin is way better.

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yeah he looks way better

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No, you’re a retard. Nose jobs on men are much more difficult to get a natural result than on women. It quickly becomes feminine and done looking. He’s actually lucky that he started with such a pronounced angle between the meeting of his nasal bridge and brow bone. A lot of time shaving down a mans nasal bridge makes that angle too flat, which is ugly on a man.

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Its an improvement. I hope he's happy with his results.

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From a unique masculine face to random faceless nobody, nice.

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Looks really good. It will look even better when the swelling goes down.
Retard. Stop trying to stoop others to your shitty level.

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>everyone not looking exactly the same
OK #5286714245

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Ugly/weird =/= unique. Stop trying to stoop others down to your shitty level.

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>his children face when

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Looks better on the left

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I had the same work completed on me.

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>implying you'll get to the reproduction stage if you have so little confidence in yourself that you need medical help

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Appart from the terrible nose job I really don’t see much of a difference. Left pic looks fine too

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Self loathing jew

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I think he looks better on the right, but like most of that is because he looks better with more stubble than clean shaven.

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The opposite for me. The nose looks much better now, but the chin almost looks the same.

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lmao imagine faking your looks through surgery, absolutely pathetic and not a man anymore , enjoy faggot

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Looks good. I'm getting my nose and chin done in August.

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Hard to tell since the nose clearly still has swelling so the shape is not completely revealed yet. Chin is certainly a subtle improvement

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seething ugly virgin. what is with the failed demoralization attempts in this thread kek

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Your ancestors weep for you, absolute effeminate loser, enjoy being a fake, stoicism is wasted on weak minds like yours

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your ancestors weep for you because you're a failed waste of life, you will never reproduce and your bloodline ends with you. keep seething because others are improving while you rot away like the miserable jealous cynic you are LMAO

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I have a wife and a son, while you discuss how to alter your appearance, your cope will know no bounds and you will most likely take your own life due to your mental illnesses and neurosis. Weak mind, weak heart

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you're an idiotic larper, a literal waste of life. if you had a wife and son you wouldn't spend your days shitposting and demoralizing others on an imageboard. nice projection about the whole suicide though, that noose and chair in your smelly room must be calling for you

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Enjoy hiding your real self away from the world, unfortunately for you your foul personality will still shine through, I see a lonely future ahead for you, but maybe you will finally find someone as shallow as yourself once you get your various coping surgeries

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lol your posts reek of jealousy and immeasurable cope, your lack of self awareness is exhausting and thankfully god will never allow you to procreate and spread your envious cretinous seed.

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How can one be envious of a fraud? You are and always will be a complete fake, enjoy that legacy, reminder youre throwing away your humanity in order to try and have sex, truly pathetic and worthy of scorn. The uneducated are obsessed with theirs and others looks, while the wise are always seeking knowledge and insight. You are a flesh shell

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This lol. People who boast about how stoic they are all the time and neg others are the least stoic people that exist. Marcus would weep.

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thats a solid 7/10

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youre absolutely right, if Marcus were alive today he would get several facial and body surgeries to lookmax, and then make sure to be "based and red-pilled", this is truly how a stoic would act in the modern day.

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you are quite clearly jealous of those who have the willpower to improve themselves you massive pseud. literal half brain mongoloid here pretending looks aren't shit, or god forbid "throwing away your humanity" because people are changing physical features. you sound like a whiny histrionic bitch, as if the mere thought of others changing themselves physically hurts your ego. no matter how much you try, you can't stop people from being better than you, nor is it immoral of them to seek improvement. since you can't accept that simple truth you should definitely make friends with your noose now you moaning troglodyte.

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bruh you are the one who sounds like a whiny histrionic bitch lmoa

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Maybe the person you are talking to is not a stoic, and maybe he has a different opinion on cosmetic surgery to you. Maybe a real stoic wouldn't be so assmad about the choices other people make that don't effect them at all.

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lookism is for shallow cretins
just dont be bald

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>whiny histrionic bitch
sort of like a tripcode?

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No matter how much you whinge, facial surgery is and always will be a cope for the insecure. I promise the problem is your personality, and not the way you look. Changing your looks will not change the way you are treated, and I seriously hope you don't do it, even if you hate me for saying it. I have seen family members completely lose themselves to these surgeries, and now look like wax statues. Work on your inner self and accept your outer self. Facial surgery is like a bald man wearing a wig, and comes with the same insecurities

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I'm quoting this whiny histrionic bitch lmao >>15388420

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cecil you can login now, you crazy bitch))

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fucking retard.

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A real stoic wouldn't care at all, youre right- or at least care and let it go without causing confrontation. I am not a stoic though and have seen people ruin themselves with surgeries, I will always argue against it, and it is not to be a prick, I sincerely hope it persuades people against it. Stoicism helps people accept themselves the way they are

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LMAO based. It's even funnier because the dumb trip can't even understand this.

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Is cluster B the most effay cluster?

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i promise you nobody could give less of a shit about your made up anecdotes regarding cosmetic surgery. as such, you are not wise or introspective either, you are pulling thin air out of your ass to convince others not to do what would likely be a positive thing purely with unnecessary hypotheticals. grow up, the world does not revolve around you. outward appearance is important, it is just as important as the inside, sadly you are a miserable creature that has probably long given up on improving his outward appearance and has to settle for spewing bullshit like "it's all about your personality bro" "fixing X will never make you happy". it's transparent, and you are transparent. you are obviously not a stoic in the slightest, you are a LARPer, and if you were even REMOTELY content both inwardly and outwardly you wouldn't be this set on controlling how others may fix their features.

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You don't need to fix your features. Its that simple, don't cope with plastic surgery, it will end badly. Call me whatever you'd like, you getting this upset tells me you know I am right

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Looking good man, you make the bald look devilish. Handsome squidward.

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looks absolutely vomit inducing

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Imagine being a grown man and getting nose jobs and chin jobs lmao

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as intended, evidently
subhuman shit right there

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i'm not upset, you've lost this battle and it's even more pathetic resorting to "you sound upset". you know i'm right, you know there is nothing wrong with people wanting to be more attractive. repulsive jealousy like yours rots you. demoralizing people for wanting to improve themselves rots you. this is why you will be alone forever.

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>How can one be envious of a fraud? You are and always will be a complete fake, enjoy that legacy, reminder youre throwing away your humanity in order to try and have sex, truly pathetic and worthy of scorn. The uneducated are obsessed with theirs and others looks, while the wise are always seeking knowledge and insight. You are a flesh shell

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I literally have a wife and kid, you saying im faking everything I have said doesnt make it reality- you say others are fakes to feel better about getting a fake face. Any child you have will wonder why daddy doesnt look like them. My guess is though you will not reproduce due to self-obsession, cant have a child take away from the real star- a man who has surgically altered his face

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His nose looked better before. Men can easily pull off that nose, I don't know why they would change it. The chin looks better now though.

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you are literally retard. you don't have shit, you claim self improvement is equivalent to self obsession. meanwhile you are browsing the FASHION board. don't worry about daddy, do you think children are copy pasted of their parents or some shit? every feature is the same? of course not. again, you are pulling thin air out of your asshole and it reeks of desperation. you can't convince anyone that this form of self improvement is bad, because it sounds like you can barely convince yourself.

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>I literally have a wife and kid
If you have a wife and kid why the fuck are you spending your free time on a very niche board on a website for teenage weeaboos? I can't imagine someone that fulfilled in life getting this invested in someone else's plastic surgery either. Something doesn't add up. And I'm not the guy you're replying to before you start.

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>I literally have a wife and kid
>spends his time convincing others plastic surgery bad :(((((((
Checks out bro

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Trust me, I would never go under the knife for a better chin or better nose, you equate someones worth to the way they look and don't think its a pathetic mindset? I feel genuinely sorry for you. Enjoy your surgeries, but dont act like that artificial garbage is "self-improvement". This is exactly why I like to stick to /fit/

>> No.15388526

This is my first time here, I used /fit/ to improve my lifts and came here for fashion advice, didnt expect these surgical threads

>> No.15388536

don't give a shit what you do, keep your retarded half witted opinions and jealousy to yourself. of course you go on /fit/, you're probably so used to people telling you you're an ugly sack of shit only face matters and it doesn't matter what you do with your body kek. that's why you're over here demoralizing people who want to fix their nose or whatever the fuck. don't feel sorry for me, for i am well adjusted, feel sorry for yourself and how retarded you are to say that people's looks aren't equated to their worth, then also say you browse /fit/ a sentence later. it's just pure hypocrisy and sour grapes.

>> No.15388542

Improving your body is to train discipline and better your health. I realize now you just are too narcissistic to ever understand anything I am saying. Goodbye

>> No.15388543

>lifts to improve his body
>yes that is ok
>spends a couple thousand dollars to fix his nose
Did all the steroids go to your brain?

>> No.15388547

is that what you tell yourself? you only lift for the health and not for the outward appearance? stop treating everyone else around you like we're incapable of reading through your blatant hypocrisy and lies. you are truly transparent. see ya

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Do all /fit/ posters have mental retardation?

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Can't tell if this is a troll or just someone stupid as fuck.

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surgery is super cringe unless you're actually deformed or something, its for mental healthlets

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I wanna get a gyno surgery

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also areola reduction

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Now my wife, must have big ass areola and puffy titties

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Fucking cringe

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He has a wife & son.

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Is that your "wife"?

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Imagine spitting in God's face like this because the one he gave to you wasn't good enough for you. Imagine how 9/10 of women would react to the revelation that you had cosmetic surgery performed on your face; is that the kind of thing that you tell someone on the first date or what? Women are attracted to security above nearly anything else, and this, to me, is the antithesis of security. Imagine not resembling your children or your forefathers anymore. Why would any self-respecting man do this to themselves?

>> No.15388943

pepega ass nigga
just dont tell her LOOOOL

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If I found out one day that my wife had gotten plastic surgery done on her nose and chin for cosmetic reasons and that she had kept this information from me on purpose, I would divorce her.

>> No.15388977

Chins good, shoulda kept the nose, dorsal humps are masculine asf

>> No.15388988

Nice job ruining your nose retard, you deserve whatever ridicule your insecure ass gets.

>> No.15389097

how can you judge someone by the profile instead of the front?

>> No.15389104

did you even read my post? and somehow IIIIMM the retard?

>> No.15389105

lmao, I look like the right pic, and sometimes I think I need a nosejob and a chin reduction.

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What the actual fuck is going on here guys?!?!

/fa/ 2020 =
kim k threads
how to get a girl to like you threads
how to get an arthoe
how to dress for tinder date threads
youtuber bs threads
teddy fresh threads
kanye threads
half of the images are of ugly clown
where to cop pants that make my ass look big threads
suicideboys are effay thread
6ix9ine threads
tik toker and eboy threads!!!!!!!!!
can’t forget the men in skirt threads
fat belly threads
sexcore threads

wtf is actually going on

can it be fixed?

is it the zoomers fault?

i know /fa was never great but cmon guys...

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Chin and nasal bridge look great, but the nasal tip is super swollen, but it might look great in 1-3 years once the swelling goes down and the nose adjusts to the structure underneath

>> No.15389184

Why do you want to fuck Cecil so bad?

>> No.15389187

You forgot the
>"me" derailing every thread

>> No.15389203

shouldnt you be paying fortnite or something?

>> No.15389213

Keeps dying in fortnite because effay's mom prodigy keeps diddling the kids mid game

>> No.15389215


Making tiktoks

>> No.15389218

>from walmart han solo to walmart pewdiepie


>> No.15389222

She says if i sleep in her bed tonight i can play for 20 more minuites

>> No.15389223

dont be jealous bb...he is an actual sex offender who looks like an abnormality and washes dishes for a living...no way jose...may not seem like it but i do have standards

>> No.15389228

Look more like Curlgurl And I might give you a shot

>> No.15389230

Don't drink her "Jesus juice" it was a thing she stole from Micheal Jackson in the 90's

Don't ask he was an overrated pop act who diddled kids

Just wine in a sippy cup

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im not surprised...are you doing the stupid dances or eating household chemicals?

>> No.15389240

wtf are you smoking bc none of that made sense to me

why are you even talking to me i thought you hated me? next youre gonna be like "she wont leave me alone"

and its hilarious bc this all started today bc i left off
fat mexican who thinks hes better than you here >>15389136

>> No.15389243

"me" just calls it her "sillyjuice"
She doesnt stop drinking it 24/7

>> No.15389257

>Doesn't stop drinking it

Explains a lot actually

I'd have to respect you to hate you.

I just think you're old and thirsty and can't fuck for shit

>> No.15389289

and im sure you would love to teach me...be honest with me - are you the guy ive been talking to? i need to know

i stop when i go to sleep

>> No.15389329

Are you trying to flirt? Damn you really are thirsty.

Yes, that's me. 100%

>> No.15389330

>when i go to sleep

>when the alcohol and anti-depressants kick in at the same time

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people take their anti depressants in the morning

no im not...thats the point..

>> No.15389349

Okay, I know you're ESL but what the fuck are you trying to convey?

Are you honestly this stupid?

>> No.15389356

how do you never have anything to do

>> No.15389360

i wouldnt put it past you to catfish me for some tit pics, just to make some collage or photoshop with em. godammit this place has me paranoid delusional. nevermind. hes too nice to be you.

>> No.15389361

You drink alcohol in the morning

>> No.15389363

its 2 in the fucking morning
i dont sleep much
dont you have something better to do? i think jake paul put out a new vlog

>> No.15389371

2 in the morning yes
so what?
when you are able to buy your own alcohol - you probably will too

>> No.15389384

How do you know for sure?
I'm pretty nice to curlgurl, idk you said I had game remember?

Maybe you should just date Cecil and fulfill the prophecy?

Every other guy you talk to could be me catfishiing you. Play it safe date Cecil

>> No.15389387

How do you know it's 2 in the morning though? Are you sure? Just because the clock says it's 2 doesn't mean it's 2...

>> No.15389415

i said you have game? def never said anything even close - unless youre referencing your imaginary gf

>> No.15389420

you try way too hard and always fail

>> No.15389425

How did I get pics of you if I don't have game?

>> No.15389442

oh you mean the pics i posted here?

>> No.15389452

No I don't. You sent me some back in the day.

>> No.15389454

stop lying

>> No.15389462

And I bet you, if I asked you'd send some more to me right now.

Hence you keep asking me if I'm the guy you're chatting up desperately hoping it was me.

>> No.15389466

no sieg
im making sure its not you

>> No.15389497

Rent free, because yeah it's totally sane to vet every person you flirt with Making sure they're not a dude from a fashion message board

You don't exist to me outside the times I insult you. You think I made sure every chick I fucked off tinder wasn't you?

Lol bitch

>> No.15389501

Guess james found another cum rag to use, you're so desperate you had to resort to speaking to a rando online, sad!

>> No.15389507

stop stretching your imagination so goddamn hard. it makes you even uglier, and i dont think you have room for that.

cum rag?
another very creative deluded person

>> No.15389590

Left version looks better:

1. Nose tip region looks more refined
2. I prefer a bigger angle btw chin and lower lip

>> No.15389635

I can't imagine the amount of cope it takes to pretend left looks better than right. Yes everyone has different tastes but there is a certain point where something objectively looks better than the other, in this case it's the post-op picture. Overall more balanced profile, and a receding chin is NEVER a good look. The nose is obviously swollen but that will go away in time. What is with people trying to bring others down in these types of threads? Does it make you feel better in a fucked up way?

>> No.15389638

Your understanding of aesthetics and claim of objectivity reveal you as a pleb of limited insight.

>> No.15389641

Your understanding of aesthetics comes down to lying that a recessed chin and a hawk nose looks better than a balanced profile. You're a seething liar and you have no room to talk.

>> No.15389655

way better, nice

>> No.15389786

How gay are you for me? 11 out of 10? 15 out of 10? How many times do I have to tell you. I'm not gay. I won't be your boyfriend. I will not get drunk and watch gay porn with you.

Thank, breh!

Who? Yo momma?

Der Jude.


>guys must earn a 6 figure income to date me, a childless 33 year old mentally ill woman

Good one.

Your options are so great you're talking to some guy you met here who wants to get a motel room for a weekend of fun.

You're a desperate fucking whore.

>> No.15389891

Is /fa/ the most mentally ill board? The answer, of course, is yes. Get /fit/ and save yourselves!

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>> No.15389980

idk, hard to tell because he already had pretty good structure he just had a weak chin

>> No.15390010

poor soul doesn’t know about transmogrification. You didn’t have to pay for that surgery you could have just changed your face

>> No.15390030

>going from an okay enough face to looking like a stock asset NPC character