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I hate this guy for saying shoes I paid $400 for are cheap

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the entire industry is like t hat, same with art paintings
it's worth only as much as someone is willing to shell out. muh quality is bullshit in most cases

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more or less same muh quality everywhere
certainly not worth the insane msrp as far as i am concerned

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Glue some vans to a margom cupsole and basically do this


Design isn't hard if you market constantly to kids who don't know shit and are easily manipulated by astroturfing

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Guy has been debunked. He pretty much is a seething poorfag who hates CPs so he decided to put out false information about the shoe. Sorry for the reddit link.

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That didn't debunk shit.

It just further elaborated on his comments then claimed his comments were wrong. It's a common internet tactic.

>Generally chrome tanned leather is cheaper

Well horseen makes a high end chromexel line of leather blah blah blah

You source your leather from horween?

Well no but...

Okay so you got cheap chrome tanned leather. From a lesser tannery than horween why are you even bringing their name into this?

> Looks like they're using a particular brand rubber cup style sole

Ache-tually!!! It's the margom Serena cupsole is size 44!

Okay? It's a rubber cup sole.

I have some $40 suede (splits) sneakers from Nordstrom rack that utilize Margom soles.

Next you're going to telle it's a sign of quality to use vibram soles?

When he brings up tanners used by Hermes and similar luxury brands, he's doing association techniques.

Ferrari, fisker, Lamborghini, pagaoni Zonda, kia Rio.

All these vehicles utilize RUBBER tires

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They’ll say anything to convince themselves they didn’t waste their money

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Reddit types really seem to equate minimalistic aesthetic with quality.

I understand if it's some high end luxury brand.

But honestly. Common projects has a meager and sad start. That just suddenly considered itself a luxury product.

It's the guidi backzip fiasco all over again.

Zippers at the back of the ankle will naturally unzip as you walk when utilized in a men's sillouette.

That's why it's only seen on women's heels....

But fuck it right .... nobody needs to consider functionality into designs any ore it just needs to look sexy as fuck on a product page

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Kek, I was about to post this, but ironically, but you beat me to it with actual retardation.

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Except CPs are actually cheap garbage and you're retarded for buying them

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>the sneaker is completely unlined as the upper leather alone is thick enough and i cried the first day i wear it. it literally made me bleed.
The absolute state of redditors.

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He's right, but stop shilling his channel

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Ha, who gives a shit?
I bought a pair before the video, and guess what, im gonna buy another pair when my current pair gets scuffed to fuck

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are these worth it?

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Don’t hate the messenger, hate the merchant

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the royale blanco gum

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okay so what white sneakers am i supposed to buy?

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Not shitty CPs

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Jokes aside, it looks interesting, but it all depends on the price. I see it going for 160-180, which is reasonable, but I would rather get a good pair of running sneakers or loafers at that price point.

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They don't even look interesting. Every fit with them they're just "there" as a cookie cutter piece like a supreme t-shirt or Norse Projects 5 panel. It's like Clarks from 6 years ago, it's forced into everything.

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why didn't you just get the same shoe from a reputable brand and actual high quality materials for the same price?

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I copped a pair not too long ago and I like em. Gets a lot of comments. Easy to clean but also looks good a little beat up. They run wider too which I like due to my thicc feet. I don't think they have the gummy soles anymore. But they go on sale every now and then

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just get stan smiths lmao

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why is reddit obsessed with the most boring looking sneaker?

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I tried these on at the Adidas store and the leather was so poor that you could see a massive bend by the side of the lower ankle as soon as I put them on. Never seen that in any other leather, so I gave up on the idea of buying them hard.

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>why is reddit full of basic bitches

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Steb up senpai

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if you can get them around $100 on a sale, then yes. The leather on them is soft and they feel well made, but they don't seem to hold up over time as well as something like CPs do.

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>doesn't have access to the good leather version that people in white countries get
oh nooooooooooooooooooo hahahaha

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what if I like how my CPs look? do I need to autistically throw them away?

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lol are you braindead?
reread your own post, you don't make any fucking sense.
>thinks horween is the be all end all for chrome tanned leather
>thinks he's making any point whatsoever

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Some people like the look of CPs. Some don't.
Get what you like.
Constantly referencing some shit website is really pathetic man.
Anyone buying a sneaker with their main criteria being quality is going to have a bad time anyway

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when is /fa/ gonna move on and accept CP's as the gold standard for white sneakers? Ever since CP's got popular 10 years ago suddenly every designer have their own variations of a white sneakers. Then social media indie companies started comparing their decently price product to CP's. it's just $400 for god sake, mine is already 7 years old.

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they're regularly on sale for ~$250 too, not too ridiculous. bunch of lil babbies around here

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theyre boring.

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well that's just like, your opinion man

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if there's any sneaker that's the standard for white sneakers its af1s. every shoe company and designer have their variation of white af1s

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Hijacking your gay thread.
So they dropped CP9654 in my shithole.
I somehow got lucky and in the first 5 minutes of waiting I managed to get in. I wasn't planning on buying it at all.
Due to covid it will probably rot inside a shipping container somewhere.

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not op but that just means it's the most popular

>> No.15351356

grats on the w, but zebra?

>> No.15351359

Yeah, Zebra. They only had this one colorway.
I wanted any one of the primarily black ones, but I can't complain since all my shoes are either black or white, and my entire wardrobe is also black/white/gray

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Also, it's not selling out that fast.
I went in and waited again using another device connected through my mobile network instead of my home connection.
I got in after 10 minutes or so of waiting.
I think people here are too anxious for anything shipping related and/or running out of cash due to COVID.

How true is it that Adidas scrutinizes each Yeezy order and cancels it if they think that it's being sent to the same person?

Not trying to be a douche, just that I think it might be a nice gift for my gf since we haven't seen each other for a while since the lockdowns started.

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Get this instead.

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Hard to justify Common projects when you have so many alternatives like svensson

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At least Clark's desert boots were oil tanned...

>> No.15351967

>when is /fa/ gonna move on and accept CP's as the gold standard for white sneakers
10 years ago. Normie poorfags that are here now seethe over them.

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They hated him because he told the truth

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CPs are redditcore and not expensive

>> No.15352356

>Every designer has a shoe like the common projects

Like who?

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>Zippers at the back of the ankle will naturally unzip as you walk when utilized in a men's sillouette.

sieg you're an absolute mongoloid who has clear never owned a pair, yes they're a pair of ugly meme boots but, no backzips don't just randomly unzip while you're wearing them, maybe if you're fat as fuck so your calves are pushing out against the shaft but, normal healthy men don't have this problem

you know people had minimal white sneakers before common projects right?

>> No.15352407

Balenciaga triple a look like Reddit ass cps to you?

>> No.15352411

>zippers at the heel naturally unzip

I usually agree with your posts sieg but that's just being plain retarded and shows you have never had shoes with zips at the back, not once has boots ive had ever unzipped at all. Maybe your obese thighs rip them open but were not all as big as you

>> No.15352415

> Claims to have owned them
> Doesn't know about the flaw on why most people get rid of them

Oookie dookie zoomer

>> No.15352556

I said af1s you mong. Af1s are golden standard for white sneakers

>> No.15352563

No they aren't. They're cute on teen girls but look dated on dudes

>> No.15352578

what the fuck are you on about? can you even read?

>> No.15352579

reddit obsessed retard

>> No.15352588

"golden" is your issue here.
>the best, most reliable, or most prestigious thing of its type
pls stop, they are just popular, that's all

>> No.15352591

do you ever have thoughts of your own?
you just regurgitate bullshit that makes you feel superior.
feel superior now big boy?

>> No.15352620

had 988s and 986s, i also own a pair of back zip boots from Takeo Kikuhi and three pairs of viridi-anne triple zips, which have zippers on the back of the boot

have never had an issue with any of them coming undone while wearing them.

>> No.15352649

I've owned 3 pairs for several years (1 backzip, 1 sidezip, and 1 pair of derbies)

Literally have no idea what you're even talking about man, NEVER have any of them start to "naturally unzip" as I walk

I'm assuming you still wear shoes two sizes too big for you in hopes of one day filling them.

Sorry to disappoint you man child

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Please, for the love of god, stop spacing like this, it's unreadable. What you are saying is worth reading but the way you format your text make it unbearable to follow.

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Then it's not either sneaker mentioned here if we go by that description. Either a Raf sneaker or MMM sneaker would fit that archetype

>> No.15352668

I can't believe the entirety of this board has been arguing about common fucking projects since /fa/'s inception

>> No.15352670

they look gay

>> No.15352707

there will always be poorfags seething
this is forever

>> No.15352710

projecting much?

>> No.15352717

post a non-gay fit with cps

>> No.15352719

I literally have friends IRL seething over them asking me how much they cost everytime. They don't even know the brand or care they just want to seethe that they are expensive.

>> No.15352722

I have a pair of $550 Prada sneakers and those are cheap.

>> No.15352778

why are people under the illusion that quality clothes are still being made?
why the fuck would anyone do that?
if you are buying sweaters for a 1000 bucks a pop you are fashion concisus to the point of buying new shit every season anyways, doesn't have to last long
people are willing to pay that money with no regard for quality at any rate
only issue here are /fa/shion victims who buy shit that's meant for the upper class

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What are the best looking white sneakers? I know rod lavers and replicas in OP aren't. Even club cs look better

>> No.15353663

this pompous fuck doesn't know shit about leather
third generation my ass

>> No.15353674

just because you paid $400 for them doesn't mean they are quality.

>paying more than $200 for fucking sneakers

>> No.15353688

I have a loro Piana I wore for 7+ years....

>> No.15353691

Side zips don't suffer from it because the forces work laterally on the zipper plane when applied

>> No.15353945

> thinks op actually owns cps
> sets an arbitrary max of $200 for others because he's a poorfag

>> No.15353947 [DELETED] 

>thinks he sounds smart
you just had shitty zippers bro

>> No.15353951

you just had shitty zippers bro

>> No.15353952

i like this guy, people who don't know anything will take what he says as gospel and I immediately know who the slimy dumbfucks are

>> No.15353953

LMAO had me for a second there, nice bait

You know what Sieg, I don't care that you're a beta cuck, I like you.

>> No.15353955

boring chunky white sneaker versus boring slim white sneaker, I don't like boring things anon I never wear boring plain things. I don't spend money on boring anon, everything is boring nothing is worth it unless I personally like it. You're boring me anon.

>> No.15354356

have fun with your rainbow flashy clown shoes lil fella

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>> No.15354600

That one is still shit

>> No.15354967

Pretty sure he's been btfoed by people already, he's a boot specialist the same stuff that applies to boots doesn't apply to sneakers.

>> No.15354988

lol, nike burlap sack shit goes for like 300USD these days and they're bitching about common projects

>> No.15355220

You fucking retard he literally cut it in half and shows the flimsiness. You are fucking stupid and know nothing of materials and construction techniques.

>> No.15355224

Retard. You probably "cycle" them so hou dont wear them out and shit. Tjeyre a flimsy fucking cheaply made plain white sneaker, and if you think they were the first to market a white sneaker to the public you are even more retarded than you come across.

>> No.15355231

So how the fuck did you learn so much about leather? This nigga is a fucking cobbler. Has videos talking about the different types of leather, has cut through examples of the leather, cites sources. Youre just a dumbass nigga who spent fohundy on some cp's. Idiot.

>> No.15355245

What the fuck are these image search gives nothing

>> No.15355302

Literally got these, but all white, a week ago. Heavenly quality. And use SOLEMATE at checkout to get 25% off on their website. I got them for 148. Christ I sound like a fucking telemarketer. Cheers anon

>> No.15355315

Stop wearing sneakers and buy a pair of derbies you peasants.

>> No.15355329

You stupid fucking nigger, there is no perfect pair of shoes for all occasions. You can not replace sneakers with derbies for casual streetwear.

>> No.15355403


>> No.15355459

Nike and adidas > common cucks

>> No.15356524

> thinks flimsiness == shitty
try harder brainlet

>> No.15356526

big claims for someone too poor to own them

>> No.15356536


you are dedicated troll i will give you that

>> No.15356543

He knowingly put out misinformation to makes CPs look bad. I'm not even making this up or being a conspiracist, you can look it up.

>> No.15356545

it's sad how you think every person in any given profession is skilled. This guy is an idiot and has been disproven time and time again. Just because your grandaddy is good at something doesn't mean shit for you, especially in the case of rose anvil. You're a sad little sheep who believes every thing he sees on the internet

>> No.15356550

this guy is sponsored by other sneaker companies lol, you're pathetic for believing a word he says

>> No.15356552

What information is bad, refute it.

>> No.15356573

burden of proof is on that faggot rose anvil

>> No.15356580

you weren't able to refute this, it was a sad attempt for a sad man

>> No.15356606

Says the one wearing nigger shoes and nigger fashion.

>> No.15356617

I refuted to top 3 most solid points in that post above, the rest of it is opinion and conjecture to establish and cement his standing in the "community" he chooses to be in which none of it applies to chan a loose amalgation of people that don't stick around longer than a few days

>> No.15356644

your attempt at refutation was nonsense. You're dense as fuck if you think you made any point at all.

and you really think 4chan is any different from reddit wrt how long people stick around? of course there are tons that come and go, but there are many regulars as well depending on the board. Difference is not anyone is an attention seeking tripfag like you

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yeah keep parroting this piece of shit

>> No.15356696

You're still here huh? I guess I'm not surprised. I still hate you but I hate common projects more.

>> No.15356813

Kanye made white sneakers trendy

>> No.15356819

Yeah I haven't been a coward and hiding under anon like everyone else

>> No.15356820

Lol no.

>> No.15356826

lol yes. white sneakers wouldn't get half the hype they did if it weren't for kanye. kanye is the reason why boost sneakers got popular.

>> No.15356830

So refute my points, you're just attacking an empty tag I attach to posts so I remember I made them

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File: 58 KB, 960x1003, 1159579_mrp_bk_xl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

step aside children

>> No.15356836

Boost yes. White sneakers no lol you're fucking stupid, like legit down syndrome lobotomy stupid. White sneakers have been trendy forever, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

>> No.15356847

He's talking about peacoat era kanye

>> No.15356856

Dude white kicks have been popular and trendy since the fucking 80s if not older.

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File: 1.79 MB, 500x281, 1592850289257.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that fucking cope
fuckin kek lmao yes yes I am sure humble youtube leather working man is lying and in the wrong compared to big fashion industry company selling shitty sneakers

>> No.15356904

>rose anvil
these two are mutually exclusive buddy. keep coping yourself poorfag

>> No.15356910

>thinks being an attention whore is brave

>> No.15356916

you do realize rose anvil is literally sponsored by competitor brands right...

>> No.15356919

Where was all the white sneakers obsession in countries such was france before kanye came along? I'm not saying white sneakers were never a thing before kanye came along, but kanye is the reason why they became mainstream and why people were going crazy for cps.

>> No.15357020

...do you actually believe this

>> No.15357113

I got these because they're the only guys that made this kind of shoe in a dark brown leather that didn't look like shit
That being said, I liked them enough to keep them

>> No.15357117

Ugly as fuck, I never understood how people can even put them in the same conversation as higher priced leather sneakers
If this was bait then you got me

>> No.15357123

quit hanging out with poorfags

>> No.15357366

I have a pair, they're okay.

>good quality leather
>they look really good with any outfit
>they aren't nike, reebok, adidas, etc. they're a classier brand which makes you seem less like a brainless consoomer

>White gets dirty easily
>They're really uncomfortable and I cannot wear them if I'm going out all night otherwise I get blisters
>only lasted me about 12-15 months

>> No.15357370


>> No.15357391

>claims to be "designer" sneakers

>guy who made them isn't a designer

> very little design in the sneaker

>but it's quality sieg

it's a margom cup sole with with a fucking chrome tanned corrected grain upper

>but it beats nike

not by much

>> No.15357444

Yes because trends change and Kanye made white sneakers trendy at the time you mong

>> No.15357698
File: 2.15 MB, 2916x3803, 72E1CF2F-F3E8-4AF0-9F37-90CA8E9888C9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He might have reintroduced them to a certain demographic, but white sneakers never went out of style

>> No.15358012

k zoomer

>> No.15358016


>> No.15358023

keep trying sieg, maybe you'll write something intelligible next time. this is infinite monkey theorem level effort

>> No.15358577

this board is 18+ anon

>> No.15358741

>expecting a tripfag not to be retarded

>> No.15358754

I'd rather have a PET knit upper like most of the recent sneakers over a chrome tanned corrected grain (plastic embossed ) leather.

I would also prefer that addidas foam sole. They call boost or whatever to a margom cupsole.

>But the midsole, counter are better on the CP.

Not really. Addidas also uses cardboard midsoles like CP and plastic counters....so the random addidas boost sneaker with a knit upper (the one with neoprene designed to wear sockless is nice too) than CP sneakers

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