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Have you ever been bullied because of how you dress?

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Yeah....fuck /fa/


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plenty of times but not since I was a teen

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in high school i did wrestling. I wore docs and Austrian military boots, that kind of stuff. the guys on the team thought they were dope but all of the girls on the team would say i was gay XD.

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Everytime we visit fa

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Yeah, before HS

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who the fuck is we faggot

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Me and your mom

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ewwwww you fuck old women

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Old women are the best to fuck with

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I got a haircut and one guy said I looked like child molester.

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I remember when other girls laughed at me for wearing doc martens with a prairie dress

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was at a party a few years ago. some girl (one of my best friends gf at the time) sniggered at me for a top i was wearing. I think she expected everybody else to do the same but they didnt. years later she would go on to say how i was always so fashionable etc. she was a right kiss-ass

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ID on the pants?

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I got kicked out of my hs grad year FOR bullying. Still got my hs diploma while not going to school the last semester and then tool a grade 11 chemistry adult ed class and was the best in clas, ofc got the ccredits.,

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When I was in elementary school, for having the audacity to dress a bit more conservatively than gym shorts and t-shirts every day of the year.

And, like, the first few weeks of high school because unlike literally everyone else, I tucked my uniform polo shirt in. After that, it just became my "thing" to be the only dude with a tucked in polo.

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Only shit I wear are straight jeans and polo shirts, dont know why people call me a faggot

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everything is real and everything is an illusion

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one time but i kind of deserved it. don’t want to say the exact item but i’ll let the anons guess it. it’s an outerwear piece from a supreme collab that happened in between 2016 and 2018.

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I once wore a salmon button up and the FFA guys beat me so bad I still can't hear in one ear. 5 of them are in prison for unrelated reasons (my parents decided not to press charges bc I was a minor and one of them was my dad's bosses son) and one owns a cattle ranch now.

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Literally every piece of outerwear that supreme has ever released, because its all trash

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yes but there’s one specific piece that i only bought because it was a collaboration between two brands that normally has resale

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I woulda made fun of you too for being such a dork :/

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The Louis Vuitton collab?

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I'm guessing it's that north face collab with the world map? What an atrocious piece it was

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A senior bothered me about it on first day of classes. He explained that none of the guys tucked their shirts in, and I assured him that I was capable of independent thought and would make do on my own. Other than him, it was just treated as an oddity until it became clear I wasn't changing it.

Basically, moral of the story; own your look, and don't let people push you around. Though, obviously it's easier when you're fairly good looking, and got a nice ass.

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Nah but for my shit personality.
Well that was eight years ago and hopefully things have changed

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Once. It wasn’t really a bully situation. It was more like some random dude saying my shoes didn’t look good on me. He was always super fucking rude to everyone for whatever reason.

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Not bullied, but my mates used to make fun of me because I was the only one in my group of friends to care enough about looking good to not run around in jeans and bandshirts his whole life.

Years later, they all do the same.

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Boomers bully me the way i dress.

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u sound autistic lol

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>t. tranny

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On my first day of a class I wore a plain green t-shirt and tobacco-colored pants. A guy leans in and says "do you know you look like shaggy?" the entire class heard and the professor made me stand up so the 200 person lecture could "see shaggy". I told her I'd rather not, she forced me. The subjects of that lecture were consent and social targeting.
They called me shaggy for the rest of the semester.

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from women at work

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Good Job, I'd agree, People get used to anything if you just own it

How, do you just buckle under like a bitch when anyone presses you for not looking normal

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Should have taken it as a compliment. Shaggy got drip.

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How Much of a stretch was it that you looked like shaggy, you must have a shaggy vibe for it to stick like that

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Maybe because you're Indian

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I liked wearing soccer socks cuz comfy and I also wore shorts so everyone could see my glorious long socks. (So not as in that's why I did it, but that it was the unintentional consequence.)

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Only by 'teachers' and 'police'.

>high school teachers says in front of the entire class that she'll grade my exam worse because of my hair style
>teacher tells me in hallway that I look like a depressed loser because of my clothes
>police stop and search me because I was wearing a hoodie on my way to the gym
>police stop and search me because I was wearing cargo pants tucked in military boots at the bus stop

I'm expecting this to get a lot worse in the future seeing how the world is turning into a giant prison fast.

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...hate to break it to you, anon.

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just move out the USA

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Got pantsed repeatedly throughout k-12 if that counts.

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This kinda reminds of a kid I knew in middle and highschool. Tall fat ginger with glasses who always wore sweat pants with a tucked in polo, or just a hoodie. One time in gym the teacher told him to take his hoodie off, and he said he couldn’t. Turns out he was shirtless under the hoodie and had to borrow a top from the lost and found.

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same :(

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Damn Igor, what exactly was it that you got kicked out of hs for doing? Like surely it would have to be pretty bad if they kicked you out right?

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>grade 11 chemistry
*it was grade 11 physics

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I went to a uniform school, and to answer your question, yes, by other students

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Yes. Hundreds of women constantly harassing me and taking my clothes off of my body after I spent weeks picking them out :(

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Only by you guys on here. I've learned my lesson and dress better now

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no, but i probably owe it to the fact that my shoulders are as wide as most people are tall

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Hahahaha. You serious?

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>Be overweight skinny fat tard kid
>Years pass,lose fat but still a kid
>Still wear clothes when I was fat
>Fucking XL clothes when I am an M now
>Friends constantly keep telling me I should dress skinny

The only thing I've done is embracing the baggy look and working out to replace the fat with muscle so I can fill out that clothes

Though I have an update,family FINALLY decided after MANY fucking years of convincing that I should AT LEAST get L T shirts so I'm looking to that at least lmao
Also ify im still wearing 36 width denim jeans when I should be wearing 32,literally a hole the size of a Dakota canyon if I don't use a belt...

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>Have you ever been bullied because of how you dress?

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neither. i’ll give a hint. it’s from a collaboration with a japanese brand

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I got made fun of for wearing this style of sneakers in 3rd/4th grade.

Popular Filipino cunt literally pointed at my sneakers and said "I hate those shoes" in front of everyone.

Kids are assholes

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Yeah it was so bad that one eye is lower than the other now. Kind of like Eggman

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your dad doesn't love you

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I know. I just remembered it's father's day lol.

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jesus where did you live

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I wore metal T-shirts and generally looked like a school shooter in high school. Students and teachers would make passive aggressive comments about the edgy clothing but nothing serious. In hindsight, I genuinely think the other kids were scared I was going to Columbine them. Then I came out as a lesbian and everyone started being really nice to me all of a sudden. I guess picking on weird kids is okay, but if you’re picking on a weird gay kid, you’re just an asshole.

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The 70s in 'bama

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Shoes are cool, dude

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Have you never posted in waywt?

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Well that makes sense lol

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i dab on waywt haters all day, never get negative feedback cause i dress too swag

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u sound spineless lmao

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a group of kids called me "converse" bc i was poor and only had a pair of converse. literally fucking converse. the normalest fucking shoe

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An 11 year old once made fun of me wearing vans socks instead of wearing below ankle socks

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No, I mostly get compliments, from a wide range of people as well, because I mix it up often - normally business casual, streetwear when just chilling with friends, military accents in the winter.. the most larpy shit I ever try to pull off is occasional neofolk shit in autumn.
I was bullied when I was 12 though, but that was a rough time.

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Of course faggot

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Kill yourseIf

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I wore a windows shirt to highschool once. Got called Windows kid for a month.

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