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Can any girls show their current footwear since it's starting to heat up? Sandals? Birks?

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You just wanna see feet coomer

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, my fine ladies
when it gets hot do you use a g-string or a string of pearls as your preferred undergarment?

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Feet are fucking disgusting. If I see a bitch with visible toes in public, she will get a piece of my mind

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>Sandals? Birks?

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probs just cumposting but regardless birkenstocks are fucking ugly and a joke. it's like having a shaved head, you have to be a goddess to pull them off. just dont

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Not an original photo cause I'm lazy, but I picked a pair of these up at a thrift store for $7. It was a great buy.

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Awful footwear.
Would much rather see girls wear low-top sneakers than open toe flats.

Good choice, if you're female.

Football hooligan tier if you're male

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there ya go

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>licks lips

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>think I´m a feet coomer
>ex had great feet
>bitch was always barefoot and didn´t mind the occasion
>seemed repulsive
>the though of sucking her filthy feet disgusted me
>Not a coomer

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>those toes

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cheers, I have a boner now.

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i would assume most people are barefoot atm?

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no bully pls

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ankle danduff ugggh would NOT give anal after piv missionary

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wtf you are screwing FFF over
do you want to see feet or no?

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post more

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she'll get a piece of my DICK heh

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would face fuck for silence

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skin has been heavily airbrushed 0/10 feet pic

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i suppose youre right - didnt notice
youd think theyd clean up the knobby toes first

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Currently switching around between birkenstock, adilette, adidas nizza sneaker in black/white as standard shoes. no pics fag

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as much as i like seeing feet, girls who wear sandals too much tend to have nasty callouses and dry skin

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Beautiful Asian feet

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