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>sideprofile of a shipping container
>mostly worn by teenage girls and boys that still listen to hiphop.
How come I see people discuss these things on here? Is it ironically? They look so clownish.

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shut the fuck up retard

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No, zoomzoom

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/fa/ is comprised of mostly teenagers

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Yeah but they have to be 18 years and over. That's way past median age to wear AF1s

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i bet you wear cps, faggot
and i dont even like af1s

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Well I don't wear cps, but I do think you're blasting some trippie redd right now.

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>they have to be 18 years and over
average age of 4chan has to be 15

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i didn't even know that guy and im 3 years older than him, kek

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True. I wear them and listen to this.

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I'm 2 years older than you boy

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clouddead based

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imagine being so reddit you get triggered by young people wearing muh favorite sneakz

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looks like shit
>ur reddit t. whiteboy wearing his white AF1s

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> they have to be 18 years and over.
ive been here for almost 10 years and i am 18

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>goes to mu once

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you are a living meme

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Can’t stand new forces. Barely even count as real af1s. Old pre 07 had a round streamlined shape with decent leather usually. These to me are a work of art

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>mostly worn by teenage girls and boys that still listen to hiphop.
that is fa anon, 12-18 year old zoomers, its the younger version of male fashion advice on reddit - i always feel sorry for ppl who actually come here for inspo or god forbid advice, poor souls

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*and pls stop posting these ghetto shoes for poor sweaty teenager

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mfa on Reddit is a complete meme but at least they're consistent. /fa/ is just mixing up soundcloud hiphop fashion and dressing up like you're in Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.

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Triple Blanco AF1s have been the Go-to sneaker for teenagers with a fetish for the hood since the late 90s.

They exploded in popularity in the early-00s after Nellys song and are one of the few shoes that you can guarantee to find on shelf in any store at any time.

It's always been a copout shoe. "They go with everything bro." These shoes have always appealed to middle school/highschool aged kids who desire to fit in but can't afford more desirable shoes...at the same time it's 99% middle class kids who wear white/whites. Hood kids aren't buying triple white shoes that get dirty so easily. Only very recently has it become somewhat trendy to wear busted & dirty AF1s.

AF1s don't even look good beat anymore. They changed to much cheaper materials in 03 after the Nelly song. Compare the leather quality on an older pair to a later one... world of difference. White/whites aren't even real leather anymore, it's a stiff synthetic material that mimics the look of leather at first glance.

The entire shape of the shoe changed in 07 too and got progressively worse since. Toeboxes got huge and taller, giving the impression of bricks on feet. AF1s...and really most Nikes in general, used to have much more aesthetic, slimmer toeboxes like pic related.

Tldr: literally NPC-The Shoe

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white people/ tranny rap

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If you seriously think a white shoe that everyone wears is ugly, you’re litterally wrong, LOL theirs a reason everyone has a pair, because they’re just a regular shoe that’s accessible & easy to wear. Cope harder and go buy ur autism boots or whatever LUL

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pretty much this

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>that everyone wears
Everyone in your highschool's hiphop club maybe

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Genuine don't know a single person other than my sister that wears them. I suppose it's a generation thing, maybe if I were 16 'everyone' seemingly worn them

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I am happy to announce that I don't give a fuck what any of you think. I like AF1's. I had this pair made using Nike ID.

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If you actually think that way you’re so closed minded LOL. It’s not 2004 anymore buddy. Nobody goes to footlocker thinking “hell yeah snoopdog wore these I’m gonna get them too” nobody thinks that, they’re just a regular shoe now, thats what you guys don’t get, they don’t have a “hip hop connotation” to litterally anyone under the age of 30. they’re in the same catagory of vans old schools and converse chucks. just generic and comfy.

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i see them a lot but it may depend on where you live, but they’re pretty common here, see them basically all the time.

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>>ur reddit t. whiteboy wearing his white AF1s
holy shit the incompetency
lurk before you post homo

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>i always feel sorry for ppl who actually come here for inspo
are you kidding me? there's unironically amazing inspo to be found on this board
if you've never seen an image you find to be aesthetic on this board then you've just got no taste plain and simple
>If you actually think that way you’re so closed minded LOL
fucking kys lmao

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Then why does nobody except for zoomers and guys who very obviously listen to hiphop music wear them?

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Because its one the most ubiquitous sneakers, they were huge before these teenagers were even born. You can easily google this since its such a common shoe, here a video about the history:

Essentially it was a great basketball shoe for the time in 1982. In the 1990s it became a status symbol for people especially in NYC, it was street wear before street wear existed. Since I have about a decade on these 'teenagers' it was actually Nelly's song in 2002 that just put this shoe at another level for me personally.

Also, >>15287922 & >>15288515 are completely accurate, which is the case for most Nike product compared to what was 15-20 years ago. Today's AF1s seem to be made from fisher price plastic, they used to be made with real high quality leather.

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I think you’re just assuming everyone that wears them is a zoomer or likes hip hop when that isn’t the case. they’re just normal shoes and that is what’s wrong here. they hold no hip hop connotation anymore. thats likr saying saying rick Owen is a hip hop icon because playboy carti raps about it. it’s just a fucking shoe lmfao, 50 yr old dads wear them, little 7 year olds wear them, it’s a normal accessible shoe that’s “reasonably” priced.

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I can assure you that AF1s are not regular beaters your dad wears status. They’re still heavily associated with “urban” culture. I don’t know, maybe you live in LA and think what happens there is normal.

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nobody goes to a foot locker to pick up a pair of air forces bc of nellys song. they just don’t. do you honestly think Stacy and her little whore friends heard the song, or the middle aged dads who mow the lawn in them, no dude they don’t. but to get on the quality, yeah it’s pretty fucking ass, but they’re just beater shoes, just like vans or converse, nobody cares about the quality at all. you buy them, run them into the ground and it’s just whatever, lol

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you could make that argument most sneakers. just because you associate them with hip hop and urban culture doesn’t mean that the other 99% of the world does. it’s like a worldwide shoe you see them everywhere, worn by everyone.

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Not anymore no, I never said the kids today are buying them because of Nelly directly. But in 2002 and some years after, you bet your ass people were buying AF1s in the thousands, and that helped give the status the shoe has today. Without a doubt Nelly helped popularize and extend the AF1s reach regardless if these kids even know who Nelly is, if you think otherwise you are either clueless or lying to yourself.

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I guess I wasn’t really thinking about it that way. Regardless though, at this point, not saying never in the past, but at this point they’re just a normal shoe.

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>normal shoe
Exactly, as I mentioned its Nike's most ubiquitous shoe, the most common. Every basic bitch has a pair because some other bitch had a pair.

Its the Honda Civic of sneakers. Its the most recognizable sneaker to normies along with a chuck taylor and maybe a stan smith.

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Thanks for making me lose the game, bitch

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>mostly worn by teenage girls and boys that still listen to hiphop.
what a bizarre take
you're making fun of people for having authentic taste and not listening to what's trendy?

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>Its the Honda Civic of sneakers
It's not though dude. Only gen z see it this way.

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Because they saw someone else wear them, why does anyone wear any of this gay shit

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It is now, I'm a millennial and it has been on and off for the past 20 years.
Explain how it's not the most common ubiquitous, sneaker. And if it's not, what is?

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I agree with you, also the adidas superstar was heavy until it was eventually killed in 2015,16 if irc

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>Explain how it's not the most common ubiquitous, sneaker.
Because everyone on the planet isn't a teenager or in their early 20s.
>And if it's not, what is?

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>AF1s are not SoundCloud hiphop shoes
This is your mind on Fortnite

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>or the middle aged dads who mow the lawn in them
Now you're just making shit up
Just admit it you listen to hiphop and want to dress like your favorite rappers hence you own AF1s and justify it by saying they're normal shoes for non clown people

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>Exactly, as I mentioned its Nike's most ubiquitous shoe, the most common
Lmao probably the most common Nike shoe on your instagram feed hahaha

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>bruh AF1s are common AF yo

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I've never seen AF1s on a white person in real life, ever.

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Visit a highschool sometimes most white kids listen to hiphop and dress like rappers these days

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In which shithole do you live lmao

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>yoooo shut tf up bitch AF1s are common as fuck bruh yooooo

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