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the perfect shoe...

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God I just want to suck in girls toes whenever I see them wearing anything DM

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...doesn't exist

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Why the fuck did they have to put a zipper on these they could've been so good

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Dong munchens
Fucking garbage construction, garbage leather and revolting looks

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Fuck doc martens bitch I only wear new rocks

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Yes, yes, we see you, aren't you a unique special, little snowflake?

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i have these and get mad art hoe pussy

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Whatever you say breh. Whatever you say.

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slightly based
extremely based

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normie shoe

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yes it looks awful because it doesnt match and hes fat and old

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>the perfect shoe...
...is this

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you're both retards

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why the doc marten hate?
i where these and girls fuckin love it.
they also go well with so many fits

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came here to post this

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It fucking sucks that even the MIE doc marten brand ones are so poorly constructed compared to earlier ones. I have a few pairs of the base models only problem being the way they fit. I wear an 8.5 or so in most shoes and DM comes in full sizes. If i get a size 9 they feel great at first but loose as fuck when broken in. An 8 is tight at first but still snug when broken in and cause me blisters mainly on my two smaller toes. I'm looking at getting a pair of solovairs but I'm worried that people will look at them as a cheap knock off brand when infact theyre the opposite.

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I don't want to start a new thread but I think this fits here enough. Cop or not these shoes?
Timberland Kenniston Nellie black leather ankle boots.

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I have a pair of redwing blacksmiths- do I need a pair of sperry duck boots in Texas? Or for at least a pair to beat in bad weather on occasion?

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actually i bought the 10 hole and i prefer them, the zipper is unfortunate but whatev

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