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anything slutcore related which i can order from chink express for muh photoshoots
post good stuff or inspo i need as much as i can get...will order soon when iam ready

from sexy hippie, goth to classy slut looks

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shut up trannie

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fuck off

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lmao you guys are some insecure faggots....
all you do is to share trash fashion of some kpopstars and dreaming of being one but instead you look up the mirror and see your ugly pale pimple faces LOL
fags hating slut outfits on this board i guess....
well then i'll leave you faggots with your trash inspos and what not...
remember...you guys have no fashion at all and you all look like losers but you know that allready haha

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literally this board
>muh comfy loose takafuckayashaki brand pants
>gonna wear it for 5 years straight

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OP this post >>15231763 is the magic of reality, your grossly distorted and comically hypersexualised way of discussing women's clothing is something that could only be the product of a mentally deranged man. This is why you were so quickly identified and called out.

Go back to posting pictures of your legs in cheap thigh high socks on twitter.

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well i think that the majority of this board are trannies who can't afford a surgery....atleast you people look like potential trannies and crossdressers lol

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imagine getting so mad because some people on a fashion board won't participate in your blatant fetish thread lol

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tell me what the difference is between your fetish in whatever you're into and my description of slutcore gears you fucking tranny snowflake
let me guess, yours is
>yay or nay
>intellegintly dressed

fuck off kiddo...90% of this board are sad virgins so are you

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brother retard this is a blue board

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Can you fuck off already? Holy shit what a fucking tranny faggot, if you don't like /fa/ then do everyone a favour and go do something else, like dilating for example

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Hahaha you were called out INSTANTLY. How does it feel knowing you will never fool people into thinking you're a woman? You can get mad at people they dont have to live in hell you've created for yourself day after day. You really should kill yourself, nobody will ever think you're a woman

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plz op don't cut ur dick

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Some good quality lingerie is infinitely sexier than this McDonalds tier tranny shit. Have some class atleast.

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More male sluts

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I posted a gif in this thread last night. The monkey one that mentions tranny suicide stats.
It's gone now and they gave me a warning for it.

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>Basic white-cunt-pretending-to-be-a-nigger twitter gif

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she is not white though, she is med or some shit

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this is not hwite

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looks Sephardic (brown jews)

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The person posting it is

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arabs hate her

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t r a n n y

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her eyebrows are literally connected to her hairline.

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op here...where did i ever say that iam a female you fuckin idiot ?

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It's implied with the female roleplaying

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