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Why do they hate this board so much?

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this is a fashion board. why would they hate it

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because they are retards who have to apply their politics to every spact of their life
this also includes you since you made this thread
take your politics to a politics board you spastic redditors and leave fashion discussion related to fashion

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>why would they hate it
Because they look like pic related.

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>because they are retards who have to apply their politics to every spact of their life
I only see this with /pol/cucks

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Aktion; Reaktion
both sides are feeding into each others posts, just piss off already

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god you guys are fucking morons this is bait.
they are antifa. Anti/fa/ They are anti fa. Its a fucking joke. Guys get off pol

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Bro that's just the average American family, this is antifa

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so far, no-one understands the pun

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This is how you spot a left wing and antifa poster.

They always accuse right wing people of injecting politics all over when all it takes is 5 minutes on things such as tinder / social media and it's always without question left wingers who have political shit in their bio or refuse to talk to anyone because of whom they voted for.

You never see that with right wingers.
I see it all the time:

>i'm a vegan leftie type and if you are not left wing on everything do not swipe right for me and question ur life!

I have never ever seen some right wing equivalent of that. Like right wing people want borders, immigration control or whatever. Not really radical. meanwhile left wingers want trans stuff to kids, sex talk to kids, no borders, no genders, make speech illegal etc. They are much more radical in all aspects of life.

It's a fact. A simple fact. All that who argue against this just expose themselves as extreme left wingers that they can't possible be wrong and they are 100% right. ISIS do that too.

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Nice Reddit spacing you've got there

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Yes. I am a "left winger" and I post on reddit. I don't like antifa though and we on the left have real issues which is why we argue a lot. I'm original left wing really rather than this new form of radical extreme left wing. I'm gay and have a partner of 5 years and I am scared of Islam which the radical left support.

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>Yes. I am a "left winger" and I post on reddit

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Are you on a false flag mission?

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Sincerity posting bodies the antifa shills

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Even your ideals are shit lmao

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You’re a liberal

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This board is so tiresome

its always a shitshow with politics

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> I am a "left winger" and I post on reddit
> I'm gay and have a partner of 5 years
> I am scared of Islam
Cringe and Yikespilled

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Yeah maybe, it's just that an extreme branch of the left has taken over the actual left. I believe people should have free health care and huge corporations shouldn't profit over death but I do not believe a 1 year old baby should be taught about masturbation that the new left generally believes. That's insane to me.

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>nobody got it

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Do I win a lollipop?

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Left doesn't believe that shitty maga talking point fuk off lib

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If you're ugly and broke you can't really be /fa/. Especially not next to someone that is beautiful and rich.
They hate that there is hierarchy and they hate that there are "rules."
They probably even hate that to make good fits you probably need some knowledge, skill and experience.

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If there's one thing I could rub out forever it is self-conscious people pulling stupid faces in photos so they can be like:
>i'm CHOOSING to be ugly

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Because pic related depicts every class of antifa member.

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its ok dude i chuckled at it and im based thus making the pun based too.

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The interesting thing though is that you could make that same pic with /pol/tards. Even down to trannies and faggots. But on the other side of it they would not despise ideals in the way that antifa do.
Like, an overweight /pol/tard might hypocritically bitch about fat chicks but he would never get on board with fat acceptance.
He knows that being fat isn't good and people should strive to correct that if they are.

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in contrast to this

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I was pretty fascinated by how young the ones here look. Then I realized they are part of a pedo operation that grooms school kids and it all made sense

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>implying i'm a /pol/cel
Monarchist gang

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You're obviously a conservative. Stop larping.

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With their hatred of anybody who thinks different from them, antifa are actually the modern fascists, which is quite ironic

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>liberal SJW
>extreme leftists
Pick one, dumb American

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american antifa is nothing compared to the actual antifa who actually fight ACTUAL fascism

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/pol/ meetup is more diverse and has better chicks than a reedit meetup lmaooo

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Yeah this is no longer leftwing in 2020

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Anti in america is scarier since they seem to be given completely free reign by authorities. In Here in Sweden they are pretty much dead.

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I support antifa in my country, but will never support american antifas, because american antifas fight for more opression and power
Gavin McInnes said american antifas are a paramilitary wing of the DNC

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>/fa/ - Fashion

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Yeah you're a conservative for this. You aren't leftwing if you don't wanna fuck kids, at this point

>> No.15194067

If you aren't an actual monarch and support monarchy then you are a cuck and a boot-licker

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Protip, on 4chan dont tell people youre a leftwing gay reddit user. you get one. jesus youre gonna get torn to shreds sorry bro.

>> No.15194367

>Gavin McInnes
only subhumans take boomers like him seriously

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Lmao non of you could compete with the german body building maoists

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second from the right first row looks cute.

I'm in antifa and I like this board well enough, why would you think we hate it?

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the girl front row second from right is really pretty tbqh

it is funyn that antifa protests us so much

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>extremist faggots who define their identity by their political views are faggots

Whoa bro are you a philosopher

Jokes aside however, /pol/ is right about almost absolutely everything.

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I'd say they are the paramilitary wing of the deep state. None of them ever seem to serve time, even though they are arrested violent crime constantly

>> No.15195287

Of course the "deep state" have a symbiotic relationship with the DNC, Wallstreet and other power centers. The GOP as well, as they serve their role in the kosher sandwich

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>Jokes aside however, /pol/ is right about almost absolutely everything.

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Ah yes, /pol/ was right about the perils of numalehood and coonsooming as well

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>extreme branch
>american progressives
wow americans really are fucking stupid

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>Americans have different terms for [ideology] than Europeans

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>deep state
nothing you say after this can be taken seriously if you unironically use this word

>> No.15196041

>even the dog is obese
Jesus Christ!

>> No.15196049

Alright now that we all understand that OP was trying to make a joke loud and clear, lets pack this thread up.

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because they are the paramilitary wing of liberal moral panics

>> No.15196182

Nah I have a plan for getting comfy with the king that isn't selling my ass out

>> No.15196186

How about "the permanent government"? Hasn't this administration proved that the president has very little control over what the government actually does?

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In practice "liberal" always means breaking down barriers to big business, be it regulation, tradition or smaller businesses

>> No.15196202

Nothing has happened with the wall and immigration because the judiciary and lower parts of the administration don't want to. Trump seems to have given up on those completely after the indictment though.

>> No.15196206


>> No.15196208

Don't tell me your a fuckin' trot

>> No.15196211

i thought the wall was being built??

>> No.15196273

a few part of wall has been renovated and Trump is bragging about that

>> No.15196277

Listen to Fash The Nation instead of Fox News

>> No.15196744

>Listen to Fash The Nation
Totally sound like a reliable news source

>> No.15196790

Better than any most. It's nice to not be perpetually confused and surprised by world happenings.

>> No.15196836

wtf is fash the nation? is it like ftn?

>> No.15197514

>wanting to die for slimy jews
They are exactly like americans

>> No.15197520

>Jokes aside however, /pol/ is right about almost absolutely everything.
when you throw enough shit onto a wall some of it is bound to stick

>> No.15197582

If you aren't a politician and support democracy, you are a cuck and a boot-licker.
Shut the fuck up, retard.

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