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Is a side profile that looks good harder to achieve than one from the front? Do you guys ever attempt to push your jaw forward when taking a picture? I think a slight tilt to one side is the most effay when taking a picture.

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Cecil should play the villain in that new Denis Villeneuve adaptation of Dune.

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i think the problem with with your picture is your turning your neck too much, you're looking down, and the camera is angled up at you.

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Do I get to bang toddler tight teens? Lol. That's pretty evil right. I could do that!

Yeah thanks, I am terrible at taking photos. Just like effay poses and angles that max how you look in photos.

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no one tries to push their jaw out unless they're retarded. Also it's just a picture don't go from too low or too high. Profiles look the same it's just dismorphia. You like your front profile more than the side bc you see it more. You're ugly regardless of the picture composition or your posing. Sorry Cecil.

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Could I looks MAX with a daily dose of fish oil? Looking to go from an average 6/10 dude to 9/10.

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I think you probably got enough fish oil before you crawled out of the Black Lagoon.

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this nigga really said im taking fish oil to look better hahahahahahahhaahahahhahahaha. Cheers cecil but see a therapist you seem off.

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I think the bad guy actually does bang tight teen (boys)

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Get a daily dose of arsenic. Why are you always wearing lipstick?

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Yo momma.

Yeah and? It could help.

Oh hawt! The teen part, not the boys.

Because it makes me feel good? Try and tell me these lips don't look warm and inviting...

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you're pretty fucking weird man idk

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i know a girl that reminds me of cecil
what a sad existance she must endure

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I am a unique individual and not a retarded sheep like people here, yes, guilty.

>what a sad existance she must endure

Why? I'm a pretty c00l dude.

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Just seems like a wierd thing for a neo-nazi to do. Do you think it's ok to wear makeup like a woman?

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Lol I am not a "neo-nazi" and it's more of just a fun kink. I like to wear it while self pleasuring as I am looking at myself in a mirror.

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Go for a darker shade or a more muted one, your current one doesnt work with your skin color

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I like to look real slutty though lol. Like how a hooker puts of really bright gaudy lipstick to emphasize her dick suckin' lips. Ya know?

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You can look just as slutty with a darker shade. It would suit you more, trust me on this one. You can still pull all the alluring faces you want but every lack of style needs a foundation of style.

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He should be color matching his weird eye bags so it looks like eye shadow.

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If you have to think like this, you are too ugly to ever make it.

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fucking kek underrated

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I'll consider it, I'd just need to purchase some more lipsticks.

Yo momma is too ugly to make it.

Mad and jealous.

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I could make you attractive but you'd need to put the work in and I honestly think you're too far gone for beauty. You keep going deeper and deeper into the hole and have lost sight of what beauty you had to work with. I'm sorry. If you ever can get out of this hole I'll be there to help lift you up.

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trips are the death of this board. fucking dork makes an identity on a fucking anonymous community

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Kill yourself ugly subhuman nazi faggot

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You are unspeakably ugly. You are a 3/10. Your best bet is to lose weight.
Christ, you're ugly for a 40 year old man.

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Wtf how did the cat do that?

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MAD and JEALOUS. Probably gay for me.

>You are a 3/10

I disagree. Sure I am not 8/10 but I am semi-average, Maybe 5 or 6 out of 10. You just have ridiculously unrealistic high standards on this board.

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No, as not same fag you’re like a 3. You chemo mutt looking mother fucker.

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Nah dawg, that's a yikes from me dawg. You look like Uncle Fester you nasty fucker.

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If I walked down the street and the average person looked like Cecil, I would go home and shoot myself in the temple. I don't have the strength to live in that world.

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3? I think you are PROJECTING. Self hatred much? After all, who is the one getting sex? Me, not you.

I look like the dude who should be teaching that girl how to please Uncle.

Yeah yeah dude, hurr this guy is a 3 out of 10! Not buying it. I'm just an average guy.

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Oh jesus post time stamp

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I posted all the proof (and timestamp) I needed months ago, newfag. No I am not taking 10 a day here so you losers can save them and write stupid shit on them to post on all the other boards. I know you think you're smart but you're really not.

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Lol. Uncle Fester is onto our game /fa/gets!

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A life time of learning Jewish trickery.

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I don’t believe you’re that ugly. Timestamp or gtfo

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I made you smile in that pic cecil. Glad to see you using it.

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Thanks breh. It's funny as hell. When I first saw it I thought "wtf, is that me" and forgot maybe I posted that goofy ass photo when drunk.

Would love to see more of your work.

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This can’t be real

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why is this schizo posting on every thread

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your face is quite frightening actually. i think you should get a job in some haunted attraction places to scare people, you would do a good job i think.

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Where the fuck did you get that?

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LOL how the f did you find that????

That was 2 years ago I think.

Yeah but I am 4'11" so it won't look as threatening.

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Your YouTube videos arent that weird. What happened?

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I'm not that weird. I'm a pretty average guy. If people actually talk to me they would find that out instead of the immature "omg you are ugly, not a model" blah blah crap.

It's stupid and pointless because they are a faceless anon so they can't say they even look better than me.

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Dude you're sperging out just chill

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are u related to jim norton

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Would your dad be proud of the man you became? Would my dad? Would Donald Trump be proud of you? Would Theodore Roosevelt be proud of you?......
Would a dad be proud of you, any? Would an African tribal leader be proud of you? Would a viking be proud of you?
Is the child you were proud of the man you have become?
Just do some self reflecting and try to unfuck your shit just a little, please, for me.

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People don't dislike you because you're ugly, they make fun of how ugly you are because they dislike you.

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Based Cecil sticking it to the incel hoardes. Imagine this man has had sex and half of you think what you’re wearing will solve your virginity...

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How did they train the cat to do that?

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5 is average and you're way below it. In comedic value you're a nice and round 8.

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I'm fukken chill.

No. He's ugly.

I don't have a Dad, never have. Considering my background (ghetto, surrounded by drugs and poverty) to working and having my own place and not taking drugs, then yes, I am proud of that and that's all that matters.

This is bullshit. The weak fear me which is why they attack me.

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fuck me i always pictured you as a tall guy
bit of a dealbreaker desu

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But am kute tho? :3

Can you imagine if I were 6'6" 400lbs? I'd be in the (horror) movies.

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Nobody believes this is not cecil

>> No.15184157

that would be absolutely crazy, you would be making a killing rn
still though, maybe think about getting into acting? with a unique face like yours you would definitely get some roles

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Why can't you just be a normal person and kill yourself. Honestly you are as degenerate as a kike faggot transgender furry. The natural order of life goes against your existance. So why continue?

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Well if you can find a movie roll for me..

Here is my pic to send to potential casting agents/directors.

Thank yo momma for last night. She emptied me completely.

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is the cat real?

>> No.15184288

bizarre specimen. really makes you think

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I love what you do to people

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It's fake you idiots, hahahaha

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Here Cecil take this anime version of yourself as a gift. Also are you genuinely anti-Semitic?

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no it's not you fucking retard

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no it's not you fucking idiot you can trian a cat just like you can dogs ever heard of PAVLOV? Of course you haven't hahahhaa

>> No.15185617

Very awesome! Fukken' saved.

>Also are you genuinely anti-Semitic?

I'm counter-semitic. I don't hate Jews or Israel. The word Antisemitism is nonsense to me though, it's a word like Islamophobia made up by the people pushing an agenda to stop any criticism of it.

>mention truth, fact and reality
>throw out buzzword
>argument over

It's what dictators do. Call out their shit and they have you killed. Just like you can be jailed for Antisemitism. It's pure evil to me.

I am against Jews being massively overrepresented in areas when other groups are not allowed to be. Especially when hatred is whipped up against whites such as the movies saying whites are racist because they cast white actors and not black when in reality the "whites" are Jews.

I'm also against nepotism when only Jews are allowed to do it.

So no, I am not "anti-semitic" and hate Jews because they are Jews. I am more than happy to chill and be friends with Jews. But I have legit criticisms over some of their practices as a whole.

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Yo my man Cecile, what's poppin? Love how you make the normalfags seethe just by posting your ugly mug, stay safe and weird, king.

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Those digits!

>> No.15187664

Why do i even waste my time on this board, full of low-IQ nonces. Smh.

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Sup dawg? Doing good here, just trying to take my weekly wash in a little bowl of water because the shower room is shared here so I tend to only go there once a month for a shower.

>> No.15190165

what the fuck kinda place has a shared shower

>> No.15190172

OP is prison posting

>> No.15191676 [DELETED] 

Rich little brat detected.

I live in an apartment that are single rooms. Think of a bedroom with a sink in it. There is no kitchen or shower etc. Rent is expensive in Seattle.

So I go to the shared shower once every 10 days or so. Usually I wait until I get to work to take a dump and I have a bucked I piss in that is in my room and I pour it down the sink.

Welcome to life, you little bubble brat.


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Rich little brat detected.

I live in an apartment that are single rooms. Think of a bedroom with a sink in it. There is no kitchen or shower etc. Rent is expensive in Seattle.

So I go to the shared shower once every 10 days or so. Usually I wait until I get to work to take a dump and I have a bucket I piss in that is in my room and I pour it down the sink.

That's why pic related is my kitchen/cooking area.

Welcome to life, you little bubble brat.


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Disgusting, you should be euthanized by the state.

>> No.15191707

Why should I? I try my best. I work hard but it's all I can afford. What exactly is my crime?

>> No.15191713

I can see why you take so much pride in being white. it's literally the only thing you have going for you.

>> No.15191766

So more than you have going for you. Lol owned.

>> No.15191779

>loving family
>my own place
>good looks
but hey! you made a name for yourself on a Chinese cartoon forum, good for you!

>> No.15191789

>making up shit online

LMAO. Wow, you really are pathetic. Get laid you bitter seething incel. Just wow.

>some social outcast lonely teenage virgin sitting in his room that stinks of his masturbation scent making up fantasy stories online

That's you. LOL.

>> No.15191800 [DELETED] 

>Rent is expensive in Seattle
Then move. Live somewhere else. Get a roommate. If you're living like a troglodyte it's your fault.

There are a ton of goons like you in NYC too. People who misjudge the concession of your toilet being a bucket and your sink being the toilet's tank because for some reason or another, being a brat or just being totally incompetent, they force themselves to live there. I know people worse off than you who shower every day. Sure, if they wanted to be a loser, they could make it easy on themselves, shower every ten days, and then spin it as a struggle on an anime imageboard.

You're tripfagging* on 4Chan, calling people brats* and letting them know the sTrUgGlE!! you've subjected yourself to*. You're a failure bro.

(*you're very insecure)

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>> No.15191823

Yeah I am "projecting" that I am a teenager and a virgin. Lol imagine using words in an attempt to sound smart that you don't even understand the meaning of and looking like a bigger village idiot than before. Hahah wow.

>> No.15191875

>tripfag cannot believe that someone has a steady job and friends
checks out

>> No.15191878


Why have you not been locked in a mental institution yet?

>> No.15192007

Christ, not only are you ugly, but you smell bad, live in trash, and are generally unpleasant to talk to. You genuinely make the rest of this awful board look normal. How do you keep going?

>> No.15193269

Mental illness

>> No.15193304

>you smell bad

I have really bad body odor 5 minutes after taking a shower. It's not my fault though, I grew up poor next to a busy road and chemicals probably got in the air and fucked up my body. I've had people complain at work but it's a medical issue. Just like my breath, I have halitosis so it can smell like a dog took a crap in my mouth. I just don't have the money to see doctors for them. Sorry I am not a rich little brat.

I have no mental illness whatsoever. Try harder. I know real people in the real world seem crazy when you are a pampered little teen and have never paid a bill in your life.

>> No.15193392

>Just like my breath, I have halitosis
>Bad breath can have causes that aren't due to underlying disease. Examples include poor dental hygiene, dehydration, or recently eating certain foods like onions or garlic

>> No.15193398

Yes but bad breath that smells of dog turds in your mouth is generally halitosis. I mean some dude last year at this restaurant I was working at had never heard of that condition and he started retching and seriously thought I had eaten a dog turd. What a dumbass.

>> No.15193411


Ever thought about writing a stand up routine?

>> No.15193415

stop brushing your teeth with dog shit LMAO

>> No.15193420

No? Why? I'm just a simple honest guy. A simple dishwasher.

I brush my teeth with yo mommas pussy so tell her to stop stuffing dog shit up there.

>> No.15193425

Unironically this. Cecil could clean up at a haunted house or a circus freak show or something. Not even memeing. Maybe even get a gig playing monsters in horror movies like that Javier Botet dude. I bet James Wan would put you in all his movies!

>> No.15193435

>It's not my fault though, I grew up poor next to a busy road and chemicals probably got in the air and fucked up my body.

Holy fuck that's not how that works at all you stupid idiot. Do you think you're a captain planet villain who got the power of smelling like ass from living next to a road? You have to be trolling me.

You probably have bad BO after taking a shower because of bad diet, judging from your 'living' conditions. What do you eat?

>> No.15193436


I thought that story was funny in a self-deprecating sort of way, maybe there's more of that.

>> No.15193443

>Javier Botet
>standing at 6 ft 6 in (198 cm) and weighing 123 pounds

Lol freaky dude. I am 4'11" 130lbs.

>> No.15193450

So? There’s tons of little dudes in horror films. You could play Chucky, or some little demon/imp dude, or like the evil king’s court jester or something. Don’t sell yourself short! Uh, shorter!

>> No.15193451

>Bromhidrosis is a chronic medical condition characterized by extreme body odor

It could be that. I have been sent home from work in the past to take a shower, I have gone home and returned after a shower and then being accused of lying and not really taking a shower. I get a wet cloth before work and wash under my arms and around my balls.

>What do you eat?

Cheese, garlic, onions and bread. Some greasy Mexican food like spicy beans because I often work in Mexican restaurants.

Hey well life is often pretty funny and tragic in differing doses!

>> No.15193454

I would take the roles, I feel that stuff would be more suited for 80s horror though. Maybe I missed the boat. if it gets me a wife and kids I'll be willing to do anything.

>> No.15193509

There is no way you are 4'11. Prove it.

>> No.15193522

lipstick... 3 chins... cecil you're not doing well honey. what's going on? are you eating well, exercising? you look like you've aged 40 years in 3. dish dish dish, are you taking AZT and still being safe on Cap Hill?

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Yeah bro I am 6'2" and totally bullshitting about it. You can tell by my body proportions. Here in this pic, the kitchen top is around 3 foot and my chest is about 10 inches above it. so that's 3 foot 8 and to the top of my head just over another foot. I am 4'11".

I've been told I look handsome.

>> No.15193575

you're darling

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