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welcome to the roaring 20s!!

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>1 white mudshark

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kardashian hoe really ruined all other hoes

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disgusting low level trash. Whatever happened to having style?

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Women only ever had the styles that were marketed to them.

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damn is this why models in adverts dont smile anymore

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Well ads are a piece of directed work, not a selfie, so whatever the models are doing are what they were told to do.

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What race are these women?

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I think this style was popular in 2016-2018 and it’s not anymore

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Basic hoe
Its still around,but alt styles are getting more popular

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deep fried white

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i mean this is only one end of the spectrum. there's actively a counter-movement going on of hyper-skinny girls wear billowy stuff

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Jesus all of them except the top right have that same "I'm dead inside and have no desire to come back to life" look.

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breh. i swear to gawd. this is too true.

it's like being in a weird fucking dystopian sci-fi movie.

what's worse is that a lot of the zoomers are hungry for it because they have been raised and brainwashed to like it.

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It's just horrible. The body type and the clothes.

Insta baddie American trend.

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Fucking gross
At least in the 80s whores had style

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Take the /gay/pill, brother

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They look like rubber sex dolls. And as we have seen from girls liked this, they look 100% different without the makeup and shit. This is so horrible.

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Who cares cecil you amazing faggot

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Has anyone noticed that women stopped smiling over the last 10 years? Why?
Do they want to look """fierce"""?

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Cecil you ain't shit bitch

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They've been brainwashed to believe that they have a harder time of it than men and therefore need to look strong when in reality women have life on easy mode

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Whites that desperately wish they were black

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There's only 1 (blonde) of them that's certainly white and 3 (bottom middle and bottom right) possibly white.

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No, you’re psychotic

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this is the female SEXcore equivalent

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Why can't we just have heroin chic again

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Because no one wants to have sex with hungry skeletons

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Quintessentially American

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Part of the “baddie” look


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A smile shows that you're trying to look your best for the camera. By keeping your face straight it makes it a lot more natural. Look at the runway now, high fashion is all straight

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All these bitches literally look the same.

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Smiling is seen as more noble

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Yeah at least in the 20s there was Megan fox and Victoria secret models. Now the norm is extreme plastic surgery/ bad photoshop it’s bad for young mind of boys and girls too

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It's been that way for a long time. In the 90s the best you could get was a slight smile, which is not going to happen today.

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The amount of facial surgery inhibits them. Also something something half-open mouth look.

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This is much more prevalent where I live

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>welcome to the roaring 20s!!

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I unironically kinda like this though plus she's smol and skinny and cute which automatically make her 10x better than the Arbys Deluxe in the OP

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those astronaut shoes and everyone who wears them need to die off

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This is what Western Liberal Capitalism does, hope all you Americunts and Eurofags are happy with what you've done to the world.

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What are you on about?
Of course a CDG show isn't going to have the most joyous runway, it was antifashion after all.

Meanwhile in the west the supermodels were having the time of their life. Lots of joyful and playful runways, and not to mention the Mugler shows full of character.


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i have this body type and i'm desperately trying to get rid of my fat ass. Just wanna be a skelly

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CDG and Yohji started the trend but after 97 all the major houses had stopped.

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You're not american i suppose... Muttcore is only really prevalent in muttland.

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Nooooo don't listen to the memes it's all propaganda.

Post pic.

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Fat chicks? I don't get it?

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no it's not. This is the least elegant most vulgar looking body type and it makes every fit look like instagram hoe garbage

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subtly excellent post

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whores have been dressing like this for almost ten years, what are you on about

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low t

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It's expensive looking and glamorous
Get with the times boomers

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except this entire board

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if they weren't plastic I would be in favor

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Yes, I'm European (Polish)

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>1 insecure incel

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im cooming to the thought of this

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oh joy another incel thread full of black cock enthusiast

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This style has been overcommercialized to hell and back. Literally every woman under the age of 25 looks like this.

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The new gilded age, only the new gilding is the photoshop and make-up veneering the rotten hollowness that is the modern thot.

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End yourself degenerate

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>This style has been overcommercialized to hell and back. Literally every woman under the age of 25 looks like this.

I had a crush on a 23 yo woman I knew who dressed like that. She moved cities a few months ago. I wonder if she still dresses like that.

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Their faces all look the same. Fuck the niggerization of society

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Ambiguous 56% Amerimutt.

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Because they haven't gotten work done on their teeth yet

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>assume any woman who isn't built like a little boy likes muh bbc

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Based. Good luck.

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I completely agree anon

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Built for bwc

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Which one’s Ariana Grande?

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Top left.

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The only people who dress like OP pictures in muttland are either trashy white people and/or ethnically ambiguous lower class trash that gravitate towards black people because they share in a similar class struggle despite their race differences.

The other group is middleclass to upper-middleclass white girls who are secretly upset about their milque toast upbringing despite being handed everything on a silver platter by their parents and the droves of white male simps in their suburban/private schools. So, believing they deserve/are much more than what they're actually worth they dress in the nouveau riche aesthetic made so popular by niggers with rap money and tasteless arabs with family ties to oil money. Not to mention the cultural destruction brought on by the Kardashian family, which made a living out of attracting attention (the energy of which every female lives off of), normalized plastic surgery coupled with the aboslutely bananas ability of advertisement through instagram. It was a perfect storm to create the ultimate coomer/consoomer magnet which is the tan skinned fat assed huge tit'd thot.

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2/3rds of these could easily be trannies

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i went to middle and highschool with the girl on the right in the bottom right picture

she was incredibly unattractive until she graduated highschool and deicded to go full insta model because she was 6 feet tall

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Ayyyeeee you live in Miami bro?

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Bro I went to middle school with your itty bitty titty committee bitch ass mom

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just ugly latinas and eurafrican women or white trash that copies them

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these fucking gremlins are subhumans get a cute trad gf and let these disgusting untermenschen whores burn

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Imagine thinking we did this, and it wasn't done TO us. Kill liberalism.

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Pure garbage. They're all broke and ugly without that makeup.

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Well, they'd be a whole lot less broke if they didn't buy so much makeup.

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I miss when pale skin was the ideal, I don't like tan skin at all.

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Dios mio

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bros I just like pale brunette girls with modest breasts and a slender body and that's like the exact opposite of whats considered hot now ):

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>This picture represents all American women despite being pictures of women who all live in the same neighborhood in LA.

[email protected]

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A gut yontiv. @Eliza, je viens de te voir marcher. T'a l'aire d'une dramadaire

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