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What the fuck is that type of shirt/vest called?

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looks like a yukata

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looks like a kimono

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It isn't long though, it has the length of a t-shirt or so. Only covers the torso. Does a yukata fit that description? I thought they were full-body things.

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Look up Kimono cardigan. Send pics if you find anything cool

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It's called a haori, but it looks like a cheap Western-made one. You can get really nice vintage silk ones for like $20USD.

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It is called a haori, thanks m8. Any stores that hold quality ones that you know of? Wanna get one for the summer.
This is the coolest one I saw in a cursory google search. It has a koi fish on the back.

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I would recommend you do a little research before trying to wear traditional clothing of any sort.

Incidentally, men generally wear black or navy haori. Bright patterns like that are for women.

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Now I want one but all I've found online are with feminine prints. FML.

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OP's pic looks more like a happi