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Literally the most cringe aesthetic of all time. Let's have a look.

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So every character on Portlandia?

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I dunno I've never seen that show

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how dare these people age!

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zoomer here

i fucking hate millennials. they need to grow up already. it's cringe-worthy seeing them dress like they're still young. old farts need to stop showing up at music festivals too. really annoying seeing them try to dance with zoomers

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,most of this shit is really innocuous normcore, you're seething over nothing

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lol at this balding millennial thinking he looks good dressing like that.

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God, tattoos are so hideous

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Stop dressing like a 16yo skater when you're 28

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her eyebrows are so THICK im gonna cum

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spotted the oldfag

grow up loser. its not cool dressing like a teenager when you're in your 30's.

fucking faggot

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OP is just a loser faggot samefagging this thread.

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Why do these people always get the exact same tattoos in the exact same style?

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this is why im committing suicide by/at 30. who the fuck wants to be old? uncool af

but at least the dude in OPs post is with a hot chick half his age

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Someone feels insecure

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>its not cool dressing like a teenager when you're in your 30's.

Arguably they are doing what they're supposed to. I'll give you an example. You probably have a picture in your head of what "granddad clothes" are right? (Maybe more like great granddad clothes at this point.)
But you can go watch a movie from 30s-50s when those granddad clothes were normal clothes and see that the granddads in those movies are wearing even older clothes, because granddad clothes meant something else back then.
So for the 30-something hipster today we should probably expect him to dress as he did at 20-something forever because there are not really any granddad clothes. There's just the clothes that were cool when you were young that you keep wearing long after they are cool.

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im glad these dipshits branded themselves for life so i can avoid them for just as long

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You do realize that "dressing their age" is usually gonna be some off the rack walmart/oversized dad shit right? In any case, people should dress how they want to dress as a form of innner expression as opposed to how you expect them to dress based on your personal and completely arbitrary expectations.

>spotted the oldfag

Neither in my 30's nor do I dress in hipster clothes -not that it makes any difference.

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>people should dress how they want to dress as a form of innner expression
Get a load of this faggot. You wear what is appropriate, not what "expresses yourself". Nobody gives a shit about your self expression, but they do give a shit if you're wearing something inappropriate.

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>Neither in my 30's nor do I dress in hipster clothes -not that it makes any difference.

in reality you're one of those millennial hipster faggots who thinks people should dress how they want to in the workplace. I wouldn't be surprised if you support naptime during work hours.

millennials are cringe. most immature generation by far

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based coomer has no time for your pathetic ageism politics

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Nice insect mentality. Enjoy mediocrity.

>in reality

In reality I work on float planes in Alaska. True, I'm fine with people dressing however they want in the workplace, but it's usually something that's gonna keep them warm.

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kek, had me going for a second

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shut the fuck up boomer. you're not young anymore

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ITT: OP having a fucking retard fit and bumping his awful thread.

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you should really rethink why you're on this board, maybe rethink your whole life trajectory lol

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I'm not sure I 100% agree with him, he'd have to explain it further, but I'd say he belongs on here more than you do if you're one of those
>just wear whatever u want

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brah /fa/ is for young people into hip fashion.

you old farts don't belong here. young people's clothes doesn't look good on you. just fuck off already

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well by the pics provided itt so far, seems like people should wear whatever they want to a festival, beach, bbq, etc. nobody has really defined whats appropriate since nobody on this board really knows shit.
stop cannibalizing my trends

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Love seeing seething butthurt retards post and then look @ the WAYWT threads to see these are the people posting with their horrid fits.

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bold eyebrows are my weakness

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FUCK YOU you old crusty piece of SHIT.

fucking OLD faggot!

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wtf is wrong with you people

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lol @ zoomers. holy fuck what a doomed group of peter pans

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30 is old you dumb millennial faggot

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gonna need sauce on this one

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>tfw about to turn 24
>as close to 18 as I am to 30

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/fa/'s average age is 13.

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>wear hats to protect faces from sun
>expose unhealthy pale skin to UV rays

no amount of spf are going to protect those raw chicken thighs

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Finally, someone had to say it. If I see one more 32 year old hipster burnout doing stick-n-poke tatoos out of his roommate's kitchen, I'm goin postal

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I fucking love being in my 30s and watching the hipster trash that bought the meme toil in their bullshit while I sit around fat and happy in a good ass job with a hot girlfriend and a few side pieces. ROT IN HELL WITH YA STICKIE POKIES I WIN.

And for your 20 somethings, don't fear it. It's coming to get ya, so you mind as well embrace it. You will be less awkward, have more experience and more money/influence to do whatever the fuck you want. 20s sucked, 30s are the shit. don't fuck it up.

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so is that just seething over the tattoos or a coomer beach creep upset that high waited bikini bottoms are in fashion?

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>Eggcel Edition

>> No.15015494

Mac demarco core
The woman has a pretty face

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People should be (for the most part) able to dress how they want. We all have judgement and should be able to dress reasonably within our infinite boundaries. It's more okay for some immature millennial to dress the same way today as they did in 2010 than for some girl to walk around outside with her tits out for simps to oogle at. But you can't stop people from doing either, so why really care? It sucks that we all get old and I started having my mid life crisis at 19-20, and this past year has seen my mental health spiral downwards rapidly. I've gotten vain and afraid to age. I hope that when I'm older I don't have to be fucking lame, but at the same time I fucking hate just about everyone more than 2-3yrs older than extreme amounts in a way I can't explain. Yeah honestly, I guess you could "blame society" for setting expectations about maturity. IIRC a lot of studies say that your brain doesn't really stop developing until you're about 26 but legally and in the eyes of the world you're an adult long before that.

TL;DR on one hand I want to do away with all the ageist bullshit so that way I can never fucking grow up and pull a Peter Pan or some bullshit, but on the other I know that I can't stop aging and old people suck, I want to have my fun now and fuck old people.

wat do

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i'm totally in for this

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It's actually
>18 since 2 days ago

>> No.15015538

Lol that is Toronto artist Jesse Harris. His work sucks. Like everything else
From Canada.

>> No.15015541

Vote NDP like these assholes

>> No.15015545

You are really
Hating Jesse Harris. Shit he’shardly the worst example.

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Fuck the funny things about tattoos is that the girls wouldn’t wear a tshirt by Ed hardy with those designs on it yet they’ll wear it on their skin forever kek

>> No.15015549

OP are you from tirawnto? This is Pat Orourke. He’s pretty nice, why the hate?

>> No.15015553

The same reason everyone got tribal tats in the 90s

>> No.15015561

I want to be you

>> No.15015570

Stop being literally gay.

>> No.15015575

Sorry we finish high school 13 years ago while you're still in it.
Next time I'll ask my mom not to fuck back in the 80/90s

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reminder that OP is a seething mentally ill loser from toronto

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tony hawk is still cool

>> No.15015821

But the problem is that those grandpa:clothes were worn by everyone was that they're a product of "adult culture". Everyone essentially dressed like that, maybe except children under 12. It was only later in the 50's when "youth culture" became a thing and you got all those rebellious subcultures of youths. And considering that, how many actual baby boomers do you know that still dress like 50's greasers or 60's hippies?

>> No.15015826

Decent counterpoint although elderly hippie is such an archetype that there are people too young to have been hippies that do it.
Who is marketing an "adult culture" today, though? Why shouldn't they continue to wear the clothes that were marketed to them?
It's not like you want to dress like a 2010 hipster now do you?

>> No.15015846

Imagine this much triggered. You've memed yourself

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Toronto has some pretty cringey 30+ hipsters

I'm doomed tho, I just hit 30 and I still dress like I'm 19

Like I have some clean fits but given the chance I'm trying to look like an anime protagonist

>> No.15015881

Lmao says this goof dressing in shit designed by 50 year olds and the balding one trick pony raf Simon's

are you wearing ozweegos as we speak lil zoomer? Please show us the way of hip (can't wait for the gay black middle age Kanye collaborator mention)

>> No.15015924

triggered? i think the only one who's triggered is you oldfag. remember to take your cholesterol medication you crusty old geezer. and get the fuck off this board.

>> No.15015985

OP is right. Once you're 25 or so you should've grown out cringe fashion and dyeing your hair blue.
Then you should start lwaning more to regular adult cores (which, depending on your social class and area is stuff like minimalism, prep, riviera, non-reddit workwear etc.)

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Who tf even wants to live past 30-35? Definetly killing myself when I get old.

>> No.15016010

Who tf even wants to live past like 30-35? Definitely killing myself when I'm an old shit.

>> No.15016016

I don't think adult culture will ever be the same as it was before youth culture existed <1950. But marketing of adult fashion is still a thing, although not on a huge scale. You'll still see trends in adult fashion: the average christian dad over here wears a dress shirt or polo, jeans, and leather sneakers.

Nowadays you'll typically also see moderm adults wearing clothes that are a combination of the youth culture they dressed in as a teenager, their economic/work background and adult culture, for example: all those blue collar boomer men that were into hardrock/early metal as a teen wear work boots,bluejeans, acdc or metallica band shirts and thick flannel vests. They'll never wear the same outfits they did as a teenager but the influence remains

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>mindlessly following trends from people who are 10 years younger than you and being a mindless consumer
>this somehow counts as "inner expression"

>> No.15016111

holy shit is that what /fa/ is

>> No.15016114

this is basically what all fashion is in late capitalism

>> No.15016117

fucking same
i thought i'd have anything figured out by this age lmao

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This guy is likely in his mid or late 20s, but might be 30. Do a lot of hipsters who had beards in the early 2010s still have them, now? I remember this exact beard style being popular in hipster circles circa 2010-2012, and it probably got a lot more common after that.

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This guy is definitely in his mid 30s. He's known for having a TV series, where he explains things people may not be enthusiastic to hear. Look at his suit, shirt, and tie.

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Seethe harder you little faggot.

>> No.15016245

>but at least the dude in OPs post is with a hot chick half his age

Chicks like older men don't commit suicide to quickly you will discover an entire new world

>> No.15016254

haha yeah right

>> No.15016257


teenagers into menswear are less common but worse

>> No.15016259

i legit stopped going to bars in my town. because these faggots would always be there. still trying to playing fucking arcade fire and grizzly bear

>> No.15016293

I started figuring out things around that age. It gets better.

>> No.15016304


The right, if they roll in circles with access to drugs unironically pulls with great ease. Often troubled 18yo's.

>> No.15016532

Even the kid is balding.

>> No.15016596

And they all look so much happier than OP lmao

>> No.15016613

Yeah nah

>> No.15016697

kek imagine typing all this gay shit out

>> No.15016733


It’s riviera and you’re a fag

>> No.15016745

>being upset about people in their 30's
your underage is showing anon

>> No.15016747

Hipsters started it, zoomers keep doing it.. trying to look retarded on purpose - which is embarrassing at any age.

>> No.15016772

nice larp

>> No.15016817

he actually said riviera tho

>> No.15016875

Still a fagit

>> No.15016876

codependent faggots

>> No.15016877

Alright manchild

>> No.15016893

Gen X checking in. how does it feel knowing your generation never did and never will contribute the sheer volume of greatness to the world that Gen X did. sorry, you non-privileged otherkinds.. it's just facts.

gtg, i'm late for a dj gig...namaste

>> No.15016905


It's an entire generation of hipster faggots and millenials all going to look like that. They're always going to have their retarded tats and dress like that. They're going to get old. They look stupid now and they're going to look dumber later.

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>> No.15016925

this >>15016876

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Lol you didnt get any responses here >>15012381 so you had to come into another thread and post that same shit again. Kys my man

>> No.15016998

hair makes the fit. he would look like a piece of shit if he was bald
whose fault?

>> No.15016999

the uSMC fit is cringe and so are his digital coma fits

>> No.15017064

I’ve been on /fa/ for way too long, like a decade or more. Nowadays I only show up on occasion now to read and laugh. I’m 30 now and just dress like a regular person most of the time. Most people don’t care as long as you aren’t dressed like a slob or goofball. I still see people my age trying to dress like they did 10 yrs ago when they were considered a “hipster.” It’s sadder really than anything else.

People on this board dress like shit and care way to much about how they look, which only reeks of poor confidence and insecurity. I was once that way too. Some grow up, some never do. I can fit in just as well at an urban coffee shop, college campus, or rural sports bar. My dating pool is mostly women in their early thirties, so I do t need to dress like a hipster anymore.

People here like to try to wear their personality through their clothes and think to themselves that they are only dressing for themself, and not for others, yet they come here to ask a bunch of internet zoomers if their outfit looks good.

>> No.15017094

lol 30 and dressing like something from a nonce cartoon. you're right you are doomed m8.

>> No.15017156

but on Portlandia that's the joke

>> No.15017196

leave my boy charls alone

>> No.15017217

words of wisdom

>> No.15017222

Words of graphomania

>> No.15017245

Everything about him is cringe. His fits, his movies, his name, his fucking face.

>> No.15017269
File: 117 KB, 800x505, george-harrison-solo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15017285

he's american tho

>> No.15017301

just hit 30 and you say clean fits


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33 childfree with a loving wife... Adulting is hard..

>> No.15017453

The only thing more pathetic than teenagers hating 30 year olds are 30 year olds taking it personally and actually giving a fuck about their opinions. The are retards lmao, their perspectives are constrained by their literal biology. To the kids in this thread, if you actually care about looking "cool" and trying to impress teenagers when you become an adult you are straight up low iq. The amount of better more important things in life to pursue is so numerous it's overwhelming. Anything else is being mentally and intellectually stunted as a 19 year old. And if you're a male zoomer remember you can all collectively die and nobody would give af, they only pay attention to you because of your physical proximity to young dumb hot sluts. You are worthless, make something of yourself

>> No.15017461
File: 146 KB, 750x895, 1578477842755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15017463

You are low IQ I'm sorry

>> No.15017474

>Young people create trends
Lmao delusion. You are product of 50 year old Jews in Los Angeles and New York. young people are trendy because they can be easily manipulated to buy whatever bulshit is marketed to them at the current moment

>> No.15017476

this >>15017474

>> No.15017481

> they only pay attention to you because of your physical proximity to young dumb hot sluts. You are worthless, make something of yourself

this is true lmao

>> No.15017594

whatever you say grampa. i'll enjoy my young dumb hot sluts while you can have a hard time getting inbetween the legs of women who's attractiveness expired a decade ago

>> No.15017600


> Jesse Harris (b. 1981) Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Source his website

>> No.15017656

I'm 22 I'm just not a complete retard. Ironically YOU are going to be the older guy nobody wants to touch because you are an idiot with zero foresight and intelligence. You will be the 35 year old with no skills, knowledge, passions, and convictions who never grew out of his 18 year old freshman at college phase and squandered the potential male youth offers on dumb bullshit. Good luck, study a little and maybe you can score a wagecuck job that gives you enough free time to reminisce about your "prime".
And stop lying you aren't fucking any hot sluts

>> No.15017676

The value of female youth lies in just the literal existence of it, the value of male youth lies in the potential for the development of mastery. Don't waste it trying to live like a woman. Adolescent men are literally the most worthless demographic in every society, extremely disposable with no inherent worth. the only men who gain real value are the ones who learned to delay instant gratification in their youth

>> No.15017681

I started dressing like an adult man (dress pants, dress shoes) at 23. Even at 22 I felt too old to wear thrifted clothes and vans.

The reality is, by the next US election, today's 20-year-old zoomers will be 25, and thus officially too old to dress like skaters. It's really a very brief window of time between being young enough and being too old. Enjoy the next few years, I guess.

>> No.15017706

cope harder

>> No.15017715

Yup confirmed for being a retarded teenager. Good luck anon, the next 10 years are going be rough for you
Also, if you're going to use the cool image board lingo like "cope" at least understand what it means so you can pull it out when it's actually relevant

>> No.15017729

I don't wear dress shoes but I started wearing just nice boots, pants and button downs when I was around 22-24 because everything else looked fucking pathetic and a clear signal of a undeveloped, insecure personality trying to cope with lack of skills and accomplishments with flashy clothing not because I felt too old for it. I think generally society accepts trendy dressing up to your late 20s, you are definitely not too old at 23

>> No.15017740

Club Monaco pants, sweaters & button ups, leather boots

clean, business casual. Well fitted. Fits. lmao.

>> No.15017802


She's beautiful. How does depressed Seinfeld rat man do it?

>> No.15017830

Hilarious I somehow have these people on Instagram and whenever I see them, I think about a thread like this happening

>> No.15017860


fuck I've been coming to this site for a long ass time.

Just don't dress TOO old looking or TOO young looking.

having tattoos and not working out is the worse thing of all.

>> No.15017863

All 3 would look good without the tattoos, why the fuck do girls think getting a tattoo is a good idea? It's always been a masculine thing

>> No.15017872
File: 138 KB, 1080x1233, 1576990426238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>has gf
how did he do it bros

>> No.15017873


this word lost all meaning years ago, folks

>> No.15017879

So when I turn thirty am I supposed to throw all my clothes away and buy the clothes they sell at Costco or something?
Like super blue dungarees and one of those weird shiny fishing hats?

>> No.15017884


>> No.15017888

Is she having a stroke?

>> No.15017920


You realize these are all white people, right?

The minorities who have aged DO dress their age. Especially blacks. I agree with the zoomers, DRESS YOUR AGE FAGGOTS.

>> No.15017933

Yeah we get it, Jesse did better than you in printmaking class

>> No.15017938


I agree with you, Millenials need to start dressing like adults. 100%.

But you have to understand that you will one day be 30 years old too. I hope you also evolve from the way you dress into an adult.

Otherwise, you are on point with the millenials.


>> No.15017946

lol who cares. I'm 31. most of the week its business casual . mostly collar shirts. still have a 90s vibe going on.
Friday I wear wahtever I want.

just don't look like a loser. doesn't matter what age you are. Hell even a 16 year old can look like a retard in "high school" cool clothes

>> No.15017968


Business casual is adult. 90s vibe is adult.

What we are talking about here is the millenials who are trying to "keep up" with the times.

What they fail to realize is that the majority of the posters on /fa/ are now zoomers. So you can't take their recommendation and say "That's what I'll wear".

Matter of fact, someone should create a thread on /fa/ and put a strawpol on the age range of /fa/ users...my guess is most are zoomers.

>> No.15017983

>What we are talking about here is the millenials who are trying to "keep up" with the times.

they just have poor taste / not informed or something. I'm sure they looked funny when they were 16 , 24, or 29.

I'm sure most of their fashion choices have and will always be cringey.

>> No.15017987

>literally wearing a huge relaxed fit wrangler I got at walmart

is this so awful?

>> No.15017988

not really. if you know your own tastes well enough you can take in the right influences that suit you and filter out the ones you know are dumb shit. but you need to develop an actual personality outside of fashion first so you have a sincere base to work with. otherwise yeah you will only ever look stupid

>> No.15018000


It was ok to look funny as a teenager, but not as an adult.

There comes a point you have to let go and embrace reality. Look at the anon in this thread here: >>15000153

He's an old fag who is trying to dress like a teenager. It's obvious he is old. He is trying to keep his body small like when he was a teenager, but his face is too big for his body. He has a grown man head.

This is top cringe, and I'm not a /fa/ guy, I'm from /pol/.

>> No.15018029

sorry but i aint got time to write shit thats like a paragraph long in response to you. i could not have a life and still have better things to do than be in my 30s and still use 4chan lol

>> No.15018032

You can never leave bro
Didnt think id still be here at 25 but 19 years later snd what do you know

>> No.15018039

It was a good idea, so here


If you posted in this thread or come across it, vote so we can get a consensus of age range. (I'm 23)

>> No.15018044

Club Monaco

>made in China kek

>> No.15018052

>He's an old fag who is trying to dress like a teenager.

obviously even if he was 16/19 he would still look cringe af.

he could of been more subtle and done less to get a cool look.

he piled all his money into clothes but not into working out.

>> No.15018056

You're embarrassing yourself. I literally said Im 22. You're just straight up 100 iq or lower you sound like a complete idiot. Stop

>> No.15018059

Are you 15 or something?

>> No.15018062

Oh no....
I'm born 97 I thought I was clear from the zoomer curse

>> No.15018068

> Do a lot of hipsters who had beards in the early 2010s still have them, now?
Not in my area, which is Texas. I hang around some trendy coffee shops and they've all been shamed out of it. Good, too, cause it looks fucking terrible, like your pic.

>> No.15018103

i'm 26, is this me?

>> No.15018124
File: 323 KB, 659x843, FDAC2080-3248-45D4-B01E-890C6A7DA18A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To some extent I think people should do what they want but OP is not exactly wrong. Like what the fuck is a 30+ dressing like this for? Still trying to look cool, still trying to differentiate yourself from others so much you are willing to do anything to say “ I’m different”. If you are 17 it’s cool you are finding yourself, but by the time you are 30 year old woman should you not move past this shit? There is something off about it.

>> No.15018128


26 is the last year where you can wear that type of clothing and an evolution should be beginning.

Less skinny jeans or skinny things, and start wearing a size up. If your body is small, you need to start lifting weights and building your frame. You want to transition into adulthood looking like a Chad, not a fucking cringy beta millennial fag.

>> No.15018130

Why are people such slaves to societys expectations?
Fucking cogs in the wheel.

>> No.15018147

this says

avoid me at all costs. I can't get shit together.

hey man do what you want. stop giving a shit someone might have an opinion.

>> No.15018159


>> No.15018180
File: 40 KB, 983x527, votes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Turnout has been pretty good. This is pretty cool - the internet is for people of all ages. Probably should have included a sub-18 category, not like you'd get banned for voting on Strawpoll. Gotta be some under 18 lurkers/posters here

>> No.15018193
File: 60 KB, 480x720, 28DEA4E3-F286-47C7-8B17-92F9A8E37BE2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this board is jokes

>> No.15018197


Fuck I’m triggered I love arcade fire

>> No.15018200

Once you meet the age of 30 and you are a male, you should be dressing like this. Anything else is unacceptable.

>> No.15018209

where do 4channers go once they turn 25?

>> No.15018211

still here

>> No.15018214

At least 25% of the 18-24 are under 18 guaranteed judging by the common posts on this board. No different from youtube comments sometimes

>> No.15018217

Reading books and hobbies or straight wagecuck after work tv binge-watching deterioration, no in between

>> No.15018218
File: 118 KB, 634x895, 24088000-0-image-a-13_1580398208997.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.15018226
File: 819 KB, 1078x1604, Screenshot_20200217-213833_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lil liliss

>> No.15018237

this is literally what every 20 something has always said. I said it when I was a 20 something. You are nothing but a repetitive cliche, Zoomer. Gain some self awareness and do something original

>t. Gen X

>> No.15018249

She's perfect

>> No.15018255
File: 68 KB, 600x800, 1E61BF43-FEDD-4ED2-9469-FE7CE1677957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

zoomer eboys when they turn 25 and not larp as office vp+casual prep or drywaller+atheleisure

>> No.15018267

Man I hated iPhone 3g wtf were they thinking with that design.

>> No.15018292

>Gain some self awareness and do something original
He's 20. His body screams to be a narrow minded confident idiot and an agglomeration of everything that came before him. You cannot break out of this at that age if you are of average to dumb intelligence. The only problem today as compared to the past is that through the internet 20 year olds are now involved in the same communication medium as people older and adults have been taught through youth cult propaganda that their opinions are actually of worth and not trash to be instantly disregarded like the past 10,000 years of civilization before this all started in the 60s. You shouldn't even be able to express a public opinion until you can grow a full beard or pass the age of 25-30.

>> No.15018294
File: 7 KB, 230x219, images-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn't a beard impractically hot to have in Texas, anyway? I understand stubble, or maybe a light beard deliberately grown, but something so full and long as this guy has it?

>> No.15018300

>Occasionally check my old friends Instagrams even though I dont have insta because Im too cool
>All aged 26-30
>Still going to music festivals and wasting their money
>Getting progressively more tattoos
>Still posting cringe squad/fit pics

I did enough drugs and music festivals from 18-21 to give me mild brain damage and then moved on to making money like a normal person. Its funny watching how slowly normies move through life these days

>> No.15018325

>his socks are of him
I laughed.
Adam Sandler seems alright. Like I don't enjoy his movies but he doesn't start shit and seems to have fun making things with his friends and producing things for his friends.

>> No.15018357
File: 805 KB, 1079x1292, Screenshot_20200217-231103_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15018358
File: 703 KB, 1080x1306, 20200217_231234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15018359

>how did he do it bros
Drugs, yo.
Look at that hoe's eyes, she be high AF!

>> No.15018361

maybe because they wanna make the most out of being fun and youthful and arent in a rush to get old and boring

>> No.15018362

>You shouldn't even be able to express a public opinion until you can grow a full beard or pass the age of 25-30.

>His body screams to be a narrow minded confident idiot and an agglomeration of everything that came before him
While I know this is generally true for the large majority of the population, I can't help but think of how many exceptional artists & musicians had actually achieved legacy building greatness by their mid 20's. It's uncanny how many of the "greats" were great very early on. So I say being 20 is no excuse to be a mindless follower

>> No.15018364

Can we call this look "I ironically want to look like the parents I hate/rebelled against"

>> No.15018366
File: 487 KB, 1079x1089, Screenshot_20200217-232034_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We're still cool right hung?

>> No.15018367
File: 706 KB, 1079x1090, Screenshot_20200217-232146_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15018371
File: 625 KB, 1078x1349, Screenshot_20200217-232444_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This chick is killing me lol

>> No.15018373

yeah anon fried his brain and burned out his dopamine receptors now he has to resort to a boring wageslave life, and he thinks he can judge anyone else? what a fucking joke lmao

>> No.15018375
File: 821 KB, 1078x1666, 20200217_232720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same chick lol

>> No.15018379
File: 1.05 MB, 1079x1360, Screenshot_20200217-232916_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15018380

this unironically
bruh WHAT

>> No.15018385

how do I keep my skin from turning into a rubber cryptkeeper mask in my 30's?
Fucking horrific.

>> No.15018393

You fags have completely missed the point. These hipsters aren't trying to prove that they're still cool. They simply never got off the ride. They are still pursuing their interests, which happen to align with what they were into when they were younger.

How is this any different than an aging boomer biker, a Gen X hip hopper who still wears ballcaps and sneaks as an adult, or Keith Richards? It isn't. The real redpill is that your interests are your interests, and your age has no relevance to that. Sure, your interests can change and mature. And probably they will. But often, they don't. And clearly, the way Zoomers idolize the coolest bands/shows/personalities/moments of the past, why would somebody who actually lived through those times feel any different? What was cool still is.

The reality is that Parents who "age out" of being "cool" do it by choice so that they can blend in and seem normal for their kids. It's about blending in with other parents and acquiescing to projected societal expectations on you, when in reality, everybody older is generally a boomer or younger. Everybody can relate now to being cool and rebellious because it's been the societal norm ever since boomers were hippies back in the day. It wouldn't be weird to be a cool parent, and for the most part, it's not.

Now, lets also be honest that most people were and always will be normies. And I guess you can say normies get the last laugh in that they become the thing everyone tries to conform to ulitmately. So the question remains as you age: Are you going to be true to your younger interests that are still cool, even as you age, or are you going to conform to the projected expectations put on you by the people who, when they were your peers, were too afraid to ever actually express themselves in the first place?

When you're 50-something, will you still be shitposting on the internet to feel young and free? Will you still listen to soundcloud rap? I guess time will tell.

>> No.15018396

live a healthy lifestyle when you're younger. Avoid excessive Sun. Sleep at normal hours and get enough of it. Avoid junk food. Exercise. Hydrate. Do not smoke or drink. Limit your late nights. Take collagen.

Or rub baby foreskins all over your face

>> No.15018403

Nice post anon. People are also angry and like to attack others, lashing out at those who arent afraid of what boring ass normals think is probably what keeps them from spiralling into a deep depression.

>> No.15018407

>Sleep at normal hours and get enough of it.
oh no

>> No.15018411

Based as hell.

>> No.15018415

sorry to say that this is a must

>> No.15018420

this is very true

>> No.15018424

I used to think like this when I was 12

>> No.15018438

And you were right.

>> No.15018454

How is maintaining hobbies related to looking like these goofs? I have the same hobbies I bet and listen to more music too, I don’t have to have green hair as an extension that represents some
Part of my ego. You ever see an old punk with a green Mohawk? It’s embarrassing, look at Johnny rotten. Grow up man.

>> No.15018463

Fuck this thread is Toronto. Is it the most cringe city?

>> No.15018464

Cool pussy tattoo. So unique.

>> No.15018466

Why blank the name?

>> No.15018468

Yep umad and triggered
Maybe you should dye your hair purple and just be done with it, honey

>> No.15018470
File: 41 KB, 986x523, votes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15018484

>maintaining hobbies is the same as pursuing your interests

>expressing yourself is something reserved for what you do in your 20's

>people in their 30's and older are not coming from ego

>growing up means I have to look a particular way

Stop hiding behind the comfort of the herd. People looking the way they want to look is okay. There's nothing inherently wrong with it. Ironic that I'd have to say so on a Fashion board, where the topic at hand is all about the Artform of personal self expression in the form of appearance.

Its much more sad to never have the courage to express yourself and live in repression for your entire life. The older you are, the harder it becomes to unstifle and be genuine. It's quite tragic. Better to make it a habit when you're young, because the pain of regret never goes away. Live your life the way you want to, so long as you do no harm to others. As a young person, you're probably under the illusion that you'll feel different when you're older. But you won't. You'll still feel like you do now. I promise.

Here's your wake up call: Your time here is short, and it's better not to waste those years trying to make other people happy, because spoiler alert, you'll never be able to. People will always find a way to express their displeasure with you, and truth be told, their happiness is not your responsibility.

Trying to fit in is an inherently selfish act. So is self expression, but at least you give yourself the gift of a little more freedom along the way. Speaking of freedom, aging is great because ultimately, you stop giving a fuck either way. You care less about your appearance and need to fit in, so blending is become fine, and so does standing out.

So I say the real growing up has to do with you learning how to let others live their lives. Instead of trying to force the world to conform to your expectations, as you mature, you'll learn to love the world the crazy way that it is.

>> No.15018500

>>maintaining hobbies is the same as pursuing your interests

Semantics and you failed address how it affects your look.

I know for a fact that one guy up there with his gf has jumped from trend to trend so don’t give me that shit about now following the herd. These hipsters are grade A herd followers the irony is that they think they’re unique.

>> No.15018513

>Live in Silver Lake, LA
>10-15 years ago it was "the hipster neighborhood"
>Many of the same people still live there, they're just old now
>You see shit like a 38 year old chick in a romper with two full tattoo sleeves pushing a stroller with kids in it on her way to whole foods

>> No.15018521

how are you so anal / rigid and into fashion? This isn't a debate forum. Learn to loosen up, guy. But anyways:

building models
wood carving
>typically a hobby is an activity to put your attention on for enjoyment or leisure

experiences / bucket list items
philosophical pursuits / ideals
>may not be activities; could be intellectual or subjective. Are literally things you're interested in, whether abstract or concrete.

hope that clears it up for you. Oh, and semantics matter. You can't be into fashion and tell me they don't. what's the difference between a good fit and a shit one? Often it's cut, drape, and silhouette. It's the little differences like how much the pants bunch up, how far down the ankle they go, how chunky the soles of the shoes are; what are these differences if not semantics in visual form?

>> No.15018529

I hate living in Toronto so much. Everyone outside of North Toronto and Rosedale is like this.

>> No.15018539

I'm assuming most don't live in the big city.

This is pretty normal. its cringey but normal in Toronto.

tattoos and sagging bodies is the worse part.

>> No.15018545

Does it actually matter what hours you sleep during ?

>> No.15018569

lol this zoomer is playing the wheres it made game

>> No.15018587

thought it was S4

>> No.15018607

Tattoos should be fucking illegal, jesus how fucking ugly

>> No.15018612

great thread op, as a 25 year old I lowkey use to think these kinds of people were cool a few years ago but fuck that when i'm 30 i want to have a uniform of a well-functioning adult not that zoomer cosplay shit. glad i have no tattoos, so fucking cringe.

>> No.15018623

I agree, something about his aura is really chill. he doesn't follow dumb ass skate trends just a simple family man with a cool talent

>> No.15018631

>music festivals are bad because I was a pill shovelling retard that caused themselves permanent damage
there's a factory that pumps out sanctimonious straight edge reformed druggies like you

>> No.15018639

>will be 25, and thus officially too old to dress like skaters
oh how I wish this even had an ounce of truth. the main faggots still mimicking that dated skate dress uniform of dickies and tiny hats are specifically 23-27 year olds. that's when they learn how to "dress" and thats what they consciously pick to look like bc they are still trying to pull art hoes like a fucking loser

>> No.15018640

and miss out on old the 20yo tail, your loss.

>> No.15018645

true, everything besides dressing in good basics that fit well is honestly embarrassing after 25. I feel like most people have a really hard time with shoes though. I stopped wearing graphic t's and anything with visible branding when I was 21 and understood proportions and fit thankfully but just got around to completely ditching sneakers like a year ago.

>> No.15018648

Ok buddy are you telling me some that skates or does photography for 20 years is not passionate about it?

>> No.15018649

it has and it feel not only cringe to type but it's repulsive to even read the word "hipster" now. but at the same time, you still know what it refers to in current times it's a completely different style and has more tiers now from normie-redditor, art student, tinyhat skatebros and city dweller types

>> No.15018650

Also didn’t say how either hobbies or interests affect a look

>> No.15018652

Most 20yr olds actually don't want to fuck a guy in his 30s. Just the nasty sluts

>> No.15018653

Well yeah club Monaco charged prices that are ridiculous for shit made in China.

>> No.15018656
File: 2.04 MB, 980x1180, Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 2.50.55 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the perfect example of what op is talking about are people like cody ko

dude is like 29 and still wear vans and graphic t's
it's beyond cringe, he's lucky he has god tier hair though

>> No.15018658

Hrs kind of corny

>> No.15018659

she would look a lot better without tattoos

>> No.15018660

You’re a faggit.

>> No.15018661

keep telling yourself that while seeing all the girls your age hook up with older guys.

>> No.15018664

Mmm plenty of hot girls in their 20s want fuck me and I’m 35. I also wear sneakers. Your mom also wants to fuck me kek.

>> No.15018666

Kek truth hurts

>> No.15018669

>wears vans
>wearing nikes

>> No.15018670

glad im financially stable enough to fall into the hobbies category but im to dumb and lazy to start the patrician media like books feels bad man. i bought a bunch of philosophy and self-help books like 2 months ago and haven't touched one.

>> No.15018672

the girl is, would be better if she had no tattoos

>> No.15018675

How hard is it to pull art hoes all you have to do is abuse them? Why would you want to anyway, they don’t work out and don’t take care of themselves and their opinions are terrible

>> No.15018677
File: 212 KB, 712x1073, QtqOCce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but op and other zoomies arent talking about those people. they probably even praise their shit fits if it has vans sk8his in them.
they're literally prematurely malding over people that dont try but dont adhere to their idea of what le adulting by your mid 20s looks like such as this classic.

>> No.15018681

yeah dude, those nikes are his only pair of shoes.

>> No.15018682

How do you know?

>> No.15018683

Very deliberate ageist seethe/cope trolling aside, this is all very stupid. The "hipster" shit typified in this thread looks terrible regardless of who wears it -it just looks worse on visibly older folks because they have less to compensate with.

That said, this thread REALLY just seems to be about the age divide on here. Hey, we all grow older (just don't forget who built this place zoomers). And hey millenials and gen x folks, if not for the constant influx of zoomers, this site would be dead.

>> No.15018686

tinyhat dickie wearing skatebros are just the other side of the same shitty coin of art hoes.

>> No.15018688

nah people like that is what i think op is talking about. zoomers, in general, are dumb and yeah probably think those people are cool but cody ko is exactly the kind of person thats the topic of discussion itt. washed up 30 somethings dressed like zoomers

>> No.15018704

Is anyone else so accustomed to instagram thong bikini culture shit that nowadays seeing girls in regular cut bikinis seems... I don't know, a let down? Underwhelming? Prudish?

>> No.15018708

my dad is 52 and has 18 year olds sending him nudes on snapchat

>> No.15018710

>accustomed to instagram thong bikini culture
all men have been warped into complete cum brains bc of porn, instagram is barely at fault

>> No.15018711

id rather this site have no zoomers and be dead rather than its current state
zoomers destroyed everything in 2016

>> No.15018715
File: 64 KB, 1028x1028, EQ6IROzX0AEWjqK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

girl here not true

i completely see the appeal of wanting to fuck a guy in his 30s especially one of influence or authority but i also dislike the idea of old men fucking younger girls but i also just hate men in general and don't like seeing them enjoy things desu i like watching them suffer and love hearing them whine about balding and their depreciating value bc of it none of them deserve young pussy, all of them are predatory pieces of shit.

>> No.15018720

These guys suffer from Green Day syndrome. Still thinking their a teen.... 30 years later.

>> No.15018735

I bet you're fun at parties.

>> No.15018743

No millennial is over 40 yet.

>> No.15018748

Is it in all Hipster contracts to get shitty tattoos? Holy shit.

>> No.15018749

That's a very moist take on the situation, you have a real grip there. It's a really deep thought, a tight take. It's hard to find such dripping intellect these days.

>> No.15018751

pretty tame compared to /r9k/ shit
get a grip

>> No.15018753

Imagine being pathetic enough to compare yourself to literally the most pathetic board on the internet.

At any rate, I wasn't offended. I was amused. Some chick is so ugly/fat that she can't find a simp to worship the ground she walks on, so she's decided to spend her life hating half the population, simply based on the genitals between their legs.

>> No.15018765

Yes definitely lol it’s so insane how that blew up. Like if you go to a girl that has 300 plus pics say goi g back a few years you can see the evolution from pictures of food and scenes to more selfies, to more revealing selfies to frontal bikini shots to an ass shot to a few more to thongs. All for likes. I get turned on by the corruption too.

>> No.15018768

if he had a skateboard it'd be diffrent

>> No.15018770
File: 95 KB, 2223x1041, delete.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Toasty roastie cope

>> No.15018781

Disgusting. How's the English major going?

>> No.15018789

easy bar pickup

>> No.15018794

I am a 46s bald guy, my gf is 28s and is beautiful

>> No.15018795

>I’m not gonna write a paragraph
And yet you still fucking did

>> No.15018796

just like me 46 y old, girls love older men that's a fact

>> No.15018797

>wahh I'm a virgin and a boomer fucked my crush in the ass and shot cum down her throat
Go play with your ipad zoomy

>> No.15018801


post pics or fake

>> No.15018806

woah the 4chan demographic is mainly college aged student who got tons of free time?
who'd have thunk

>> No.15019067



>> No.15019228

cope? i agree that young women like older men what does that have to do with your chart dumbass?

>> No.15019248

>late capitalism
They've been saying that for centuries

>> No.15019251

Imagine being a leftist who respects marines

>> No.15019254

Incredibly based

>> No.15019261


>> No.15019289

Kys femcel

>> No.15019296

Girl on the right is a vum magnet. What's that haircut called.

>> No.15019317

At my dude listens to Freedom.

I bet faggot Zoomers don't listen to hardcore.
Zoomers talk about millennials being onions because of avocado memes and shit, but I spent my adolescence involved in music and art subcultures, which in my city overlapped with frequent violence, between each other and outside forces. This included clashes with Nazis who were sctual degenerate, methhead, prison skinheads, who wouldn't hesitate to stab teenagers. Not fucking faggot khaki pants office worker "Nazis". So shut the fuck up and stop thinking your based because baggy pants are in again or whatever. I'll fucking mug you for that mommy money.

>> No.15019367

Based and factual. I'll be 30 next January and I'm already feeling better about myself every day. I have been for about a year now. Being married also helps though.

>> No.15019379

I still have the same beard I had in 2009 when I was a freshman in college. I was not then, am not now, nor have I ever been a hipster though, so mine was never some weird beard I did shit with; just a regular, natural beard. My dad did the same when he got home from the army at 21. Grew a normal beard and never shaved. I think most hipsters have shaved to go for the short sides/high top haircut with the exception of beer or axe throwing hipsters who seem to be part of some meme beard oil guild or something because I swear to God they always have the gayest beards.

>> No.15019417


>> No.15019443

God damn tattoos, I cannot wait for that fad to fade away and then all of these people look like clowns.

>> No.15019449

I turn 30 in a few months and growing up was always a skater. Between skating and being into metal I pretty much dressed like shit for years. Lately I've gotten into dressing nicer and mostly wear chinos or other pants and a button down shirt. I'm planning on getting some high waisted pants to always have a tucked shirt as well

>> No.15019481

She is wearing a jacket liner as a jacket. Why do people do that?

>> No.15019495

My dude Charles pulling legit 8/10s.

>> No.15019521

purple reporting, but i'm 20 in my head, he he

>> No.15019532

massive cringe

>> No.15019541

you are a mess, i can only speculate how ugly you are IRL but probably eggman tier

>> No.15019595

>Zoomer goes up to 24
Lol are you retarded

>> No.15019732

This is why shave head, stay in shape (at the very least don't be a lank or fat, which looks horrible when you're old), and dress more minimally

>> No.15019765

You were not friends with the cool or alt kids in highschool and it shows

>> No.15019783

Its all about jawline and you are coping

>> No.15019790

Yeah there is a huge difference between an 18 yr old and 24 yr old

>> No.15019799

Same first hit of crank at 15... normies spend $200 on drugs on the weekend with the bros and they think party out is the same as strung out. Oh man so fucked up 2 DAYS IN A ROW LMAO dude so strung out. Virgins.....

>> No.15019874

>image link
You do realize this is an imageboard you stupid nigger?

>> No.15019895

No your post is a low iq, risk aversive, boring personality cope

>> No.15019946

you know the rools roastie
tits or gtfo

>> No.15020003
File: 56 KB, 395x594, jeff-golblum-2019_custom-4d10271e70304249029b831e709110c8a831d75c-s800-c85.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15020061

She's a poo in loo

>> No.15020127

she looks so scary, fucking lol

>> No.15020322

>going into grad school
>prime of my life
>still depressed

they all look happier than me wtf

>> No.15020349

why are you even here man

>> No.15020362

>I'm planning on getting some high waisted pants to always have a tucked shirt as well
yeahhhh don't do that. youre on a good track though.

>> No.15020622

man half the kids of rosedale people are like this lmao

>> No.15020626

those tats... ughh

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