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ignorant fag that's tainting the heritage of designer brands

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>heritage of designer brands
good goy

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Confused clout chaser-core.

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I don't need to dress up just to go to a dollar store; I just keep wearing what I was sleeping with-core.

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depressioncore, but the gucci throws it off

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What core is this?

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sad tranny clown core

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Its shane dawson hes rich bro

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Unironically best video director on youtube core

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I know, I watch his videos. The thing is, I don't understand why he buys all these expensive brands if he's going to dress down all the time. It's not flexing, it's just confusing.

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Legit, people don't talk about his directing and editing skills enough

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Real talk shane is legit s legend and funny and yeah I like his comfy fashion

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He doesn't always dress down.
It's just that the paps are more likely to catch him at IHOP than at a private party at a friend's house

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poor shane
imagine being that rich and beloved and having a body so disgusting nobody will fuck you
it has got to be difficult

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A little mean. I mean sure hes not fit but hes a sweet boy

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You haven't seen him naked

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He's engaged so he's doing better than you

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He's insecure about his body/weight gain, so doesn't want to invest in expensive clothes that fit his current XXL frame because that would mean he accepts his body/size. Refusing to buy clothes until he goes down some sizes = more reason to lose weight.

I do think Shane is quite charming and handsome. He should've stayed with his ex-girlfriend, Lisa, who made sure he was groomed, showered and looked presentable before being seen. He seemed to respect her more than his current boyfriend, which is also why he stopped trying altogether.

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Zoomers out

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Comfy sleeze

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Depression is correlated with early success and he probably got diddled by some sick la fucks when he was a kid or something.
Anyway, I hope he gets help.
He was pretty funny before everyone decided his funniest characters were racist and sexist.

Recently I heard he thinks he's transgender which would be interesting.
I think he should just get lap-band surgery first and start lifting and maybe looking better would help his self esteem.
Los Angeles is a really hard place to live because everyone is so about physical attractiveness and surgery and so maybe he should just move to Iowa and stay fat and wear caftans all day.

I suspect he is borderline personality disorder and/or bipolar disorder because of his often manic behavior interspersed with these periods of self-loathing and binge-eating.
So he would get bored in Iowa.
He just needs to accept his fate and become a Kardashian type surgery addict celebrity.
Or take his millions and buy a ranch in Montana.
Is he Jewish?
Please tell me he's not Jewish.

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name a better one

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He's talked about being molested as a child, becoming obese as a teenager and then losing a shit ton of weight from bulimia. A few years ago most of his videos centered around binging junk food and spitting it out. Super disordered and obsessive with food.
I think he looks completely fine at his current weight, but seems to have a lot of shame and self-hatred.
He's Catholic, not Jewish.

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Zoomers actually dislike Shane since he's matured out of his edgy phase.

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ive noticed that sleepwear is the closest thing to classic formalwear most guys wear. robes, trousers, slippers.

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millionaire sodomite

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he said in one video that dating a guy dating a guy is making him more disgusting. I mean he doesn't shower for weeks, it's absolutely repulsive. But his fiance doesn't care, so neither does he. Makes me think of that phrase ''women civilize men''. Men would really be pigs living in their own dirt if they didn't have the urge to impress women.

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>he probably got diddled by some sick la fucks when he was a kid or something

why else would someone be gay

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He probably just needs to get the extra skin removed

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what do you mean catholic?

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they mean he goes to mass on sunday and easter and tries to be a good person

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well I think stopping the sodomy would also be good, and giving most of his money back to the community, homeless people and the church

>> No.14908765

I meant he was *raised* Catholic.

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didn't his father leave his alcoholic mother and his brother who thought him about masturbation, doesn't sound very catholic

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>stop the sodomy
says the catholic priest

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wow so witty and clever, never heard that one before.

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christ, you really do just bend over and take the long dick of global capital without hesitation, don't you

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Big lebowski wanna be because im hipster trash and base my personality on acting like actors in popular "quirky" movies core

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YouTube sensational documentary core

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gay faggot that has given up on losing weight

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hasbara just writes what they're told to write

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Yes it does.

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Shane is based, his old videos were edgy funny skits with dark humor and his new videos are pretty entertaining tbqh he's pretty cool

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what are his new videos about?
i can't be bothered to go look at his channel.

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shane brought me here
what the fuck is this?

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This is the single biggest meme on planet Earth, you dumb fucking roasty whore. Women are ten thousand times filthier than men.

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Huh where was this posted by shane where?

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>I watch his videos

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Uh most of the people ITT are shane fans bro, he is a good content creator

t. 30 year old fan of shane, just bought his makeup palette its dope af

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Is Shane gay?
If so how can a gay man be so fat?

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he is bi, his ex lisa was hot af

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>just bought his makeup palette its dope af
I can accept that homosexuals are human but you? You aren't.

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Your gift is too great for me

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Your gift is too great for me

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>complains about how threads are shitty
>proceeds to post pornstar with clothes on thread number 69
post irony

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your gift is too great for me

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Your gift is too great for me

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Your gift is too great for me

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your gift is too great for me

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your gift is too great for me

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"I just woke up and shit, nothing to make breakfast with, dang, I'm gonna get some chick fil a and head over to publix for some eggs or something" core

>> No.14915994

Sweat pants, and bath robe core.

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Your gift is too great for me

>> No.14916075


he's the least effay bitch in all of youtube.

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Your gift is too great for me

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your gift is to gay for me

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