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I miss old fa inspo threads that weren't crammed with zoomer shit, post pre-2015 inspo here

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>le walking on crosswalk meme
Shit thread.

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>skinny pants
You just posted zoomer shit you fag

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Why do fat people hate skinny jeans so much?

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they hate to see what they cannot have

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Bet Zoomers can’t even id a single shoe from that pic

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kva lace sneakers
dick simmons

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/fa/ is truly shit now
what happened

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newfags happened. /fa/ was top tier 2008ish

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post fit

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Lmao are you serious? Wasn't it all about peacoats and m65 jackets?

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It was about the banter and the tripfags, you fucking retard.

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you sound like an incel

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Yeah, you do sound like an ugly ass insect bitch tbqh

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I thought this thread is about inspo/style

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this is why /fa/ sucks now.
You new breed of faggots just aren't creative. Just a pack of parrots

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it's never been about the inspo in inspo threads. This is how new you are.

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what the fuck are you on about

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exactly. you fucking zoomer faggot. gtfo

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explain it you dumb ass blabbering boomer

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post fit

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Remeber this dude. I thoght his fits were god tier when I was younger. Now its a little much but still pretty damn good. Also someone linked his ig a while back but I can't rememebr

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stubby legs, cringy streetwear, clown shoes

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all I remember is that his name was Theo

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nice cav empt jacket. ricks are cringe now tho. i love the layering but i don't like the neck collar with the hood.

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He had a couple of fits tho and overall this is really good.

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that's the shit thing about rick owens is that once you've seen one silhouette you kind of seen them all and most people pulling off fits don't really try to go for any of the other more adventurous garments and silhouettes rick offers and far less are willing to experiment with mixing other brands into a fit. The end result is a uniform that doesn't offer up much individuality or say much about the person wearing it.

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well, considering that most people who wear rick are suburban teens all it really needs to say is "i hate you mom and dad" and the kids will eat it up

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i guess it does communicate the suburban teen vibe well.

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okay impressive fit no rick owens there

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Whatever, if you aren't fat and have daddy buy you expensive clothes, you can post cool fits forever

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Nudies were a mistake.

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clean. everything works really well with this outfit although it looks too light for the weather. i'd be freezing my ass if all i wore was that sweater.

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chinks money launderers

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/fa/ has always been a shit show. It's just now a shit show you don't enjoy.

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Back in the 90s if you had a pair of $120 jordans you were rich

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yeah i remember when gay shit was really cool on this board, o wait

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Back circa 1993-1994 I bought a pair of $150 versace jeans and some d&g and armani pants and it was insane

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Seriously, wtf happened


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does /fa/ still hate CPs or is that dumb fucking meme over

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i think we prefer pepperoni pizza

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okay boomer.

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walked into that one i guess

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Spending money on clothing isn't hard when you're not a neet.

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i think most people are over it because the people that wear them don't expand their tastes far enough to make something interesting out of a simple shoe. you usually see them wear a norse projects button up and some slim fitting apc jeans or some shit like that. you can wear them in so many more interesting ways if you are willing to play with more interesting designs. but the sad thing is that most people that buy them are just dipping their toes on some "affordable luxury" items because that's what they think styling is all about, slightly up market basics.

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good point, that's pretty understandable actually. i just think its a bit stupid to grill a person for wearing them with slim fitting jeans and then preach that you shouldn't cheap out on leather. yeah their style sucks, but they made a good choice on the shoe, no?

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his handle is @thisistheodore

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yeah it's moving the needle towards being stylish which i will never shit on but it will never excite me.

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i love how nudies were all about “breaking in” your jeans over x years - and then they would just rip at the crotch if you looked at them the wrong way. worst denim meme brand ever. photography was pretty good though

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hey it's time to bring back the fake lomo filters

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remember when lomo was all the rage fro quite a few years

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give me links for cheap straight cut jeans on amazon or something

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that looks like a shit camera from the early 2010s not lomo lol but yeah i think most people have moved on to instant film or just vsco.

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they're sneakers that should be used as beaters for the supermarket, not as a fashion statement

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Post dadcore, pre zoomer hypebeast niggerism /fa/ was the best

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hype and nigger-rap shit

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>Skinhead style with hair.
I like it.
Everyone who's into skinhead style on here should take a tip from this and just incorporate elements

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says the baldng subhuman kike

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this guy fucks and embalms

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Eh. Things change

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raf velcroes on both on the left, og geobaskets on the right, not sure abou last guy. Next time jsut ask for ID m8

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Sick fit

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>someone linked his ig a while back but I can't rememebr
yeah it's @porterrobinson

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those aren't geobaskets you brainlet

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>Y3 Qasas
>Meme heart shoe
I miss 2013 era /fa/ but damn these were all horrible.

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hey remember when theo was outed as a rapist

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I have folders of that shit

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homo wearing homo clothes and homo shoes

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this is my favorite one

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oh yea luka used to browse

>> No.14904289

The sweater's super nice tho

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Where do you start to get into CAV EMPT

>> No.14904301

What was his name again? He had a nice fit with that Alpha Industries jacket that Mc Ride was wearing in some concert

>> No.14904303

There's a cav empt fb group u should check it out

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Damn... This is classified as /fa/ nostalgia now. For me it happened a while ago. I need to get my shit done asap.

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Why do these seem so much more... authentic? Like there's some affected fits but overall it seems like these were just people into fashion posting their shit.

>> No.14904730

If I had to guess it's because it wasn't so much about something being able to go viral more than it just being something someone liked. I feel like Instagram really forced things to be a lot louder to stand out now.

>> No.14904930

I never really liked the tech sneakers, but otherwise, this is a sick fit.

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I lost most of my old memes, but I remember when /fa/ rivaled SZ for fashion discussion.

I bet most of the faggot zoomers here nowadays don't even know what CCP is.

This thread is now dedicated to all the dead tripfags, and Faust before he banned me.

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Also post old memes so I can stock up again

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id plsssss

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>most of the faggot zoomers here nowadays don't even know what CCP is
its a good thing they dont

>> No.14905634

Who is this guy? Does he have insta?

>> No.14905730

Old fags are pathetic

>> No.14905748

>don't even know what CCP is
Thanks to archivefags more tend to know now

>> No.14905784

At least they had some taste and better style
Keep spending 600 for graphic hoodies lmao

>> No.14905810

Birthday <3

>> No.14905962

seethe harder

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I swear to god /fa/ if you don't get your shit together.

Stop posting all this shit that makes you look like an Urban Outfitters promo pic

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>Does he have insta?

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lord oh lord bring me back to 2013

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raf semens dick oven usually what im dressed in

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the whole skinny jeans tucked into boots thing looks so fucking bad

>> No.14906057


I bet you tuck your oversized tee into your stonewash jeans

>> No.14906090

Nudies were the jeans that had the best fit on me, but sadly it was a waist of money because every pair that I owned ripped at the crotch. Just from walking... The cheap H&M jeans I wear to skate never had this problem. What the fuck were they thinking

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black and blue jackets
fucking nigger

>> No.14906348

post more fits bday boy

>> No.14907296

It'd be a good fit without the shirt dress.

>> No.14907304

he was the first nu money fob asian in the avant garde movement lol

>> No.14907309

Based Theo.

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>post pre-2015
so 2015???? you could've just said 2015 retard lmao

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he meant post as in make a post you fucking idiot

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Your pic related fashion is same as bad as numale, zoomer shit. If you want good stuff you have dig everything behind the 90s.

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>post pre-2015 inspo here

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>> No.14908990

Looks like he took a giant shit in his pants

>> No.14908994


I dno't get it they all wear star wars type footwear wow so fucking trendy edgy bro

>> No.14908996

What's his name again? Saw him outside of a Bulk Barn in Toronto he's a real effeminate dude. Shame his personality doesn't come close to his dress sense.

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I miss theo and i miss old /fa/. All these fits 5-10 years old and still look better than EVERY SINGLE FIT in the current WAYWT. What a fucken joke. I still got my shoes lads

>> No.14909514

half this shit looks terrible grandpa

>> No.14909517

I bought this jacket and resold it. Didn't think about how fucking dumb it is having to take off your jacket everytime you want to get something out of your backpack. At least I made some profit from it.

>> No.14909518

Its out of context now sure, but in the grand scheme of things it looks a hell of a lot better than everyone in the current WAYWT. One of the top posts there is a kid in an AC/DC tshirt. This board is embarassing. Basically an offshoot mfa at this point.

>> No.14909589

These kicks ruin the look. A classic, maybe a little bit beaten, would fit much better.

>> No.14909596


>> No.14909732

wrong thread zoomer

>> No.14909739

Gotta disagree Cav Empt + tech-y sneakers is one of my favorite combos

>> No.14909745

worn by the vlonethugs
semi decent but entry level rick shoes

>> No.14909774

are you kidding me it seems as if literally only zoomers wear ccp these days

>> No.14910167

I bought all these shoes before you ever used 4chan. This is old /fa/

>> No.14910202

someone post trunks

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>> No.14911859

Fucking love these shoes. Anyone got ID?

>> No.14911868

they're diadora, not sure the exact model

>> No.14912135

normies found out about 4chan circa 2015 with the whole rare pepe thing and it has been downhill ever since

>> No.14912180
File: 1.22 MB, 3000x4512, 1433013485616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is actually from 2015, but it's still a really really nice fit

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dada dresses amazingly well and is one of the coolest most down to earth guys i know

>> No.14912197

the placement of the camera flash bulb makes him look like a priest

>> No.14912526


I genuinely think this guy was the final nail in the coffin for the golden years of internet fashion, /fa/ and probably even sufu

he was so uncool that by proximity he just made every forum he visited uncool. he was pretty much the realization of the "internet fashionista" archetype that people were lowkey making fun of for years at that point. I think a lot of users did some self reflecting when he started posting regularly and decided to more or less just stop visiting these forums.

>> No.14912571


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>> No.14912747

I would hide my face too if I wore that shit

>> No.14912783

Based. CCP is truly the endgame

>> No.14912898

ID on jacket?

>> No.14914175

what are those black ones?

>> No.14915232
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>> No.14915285

nudies repair your jeans for free in sweden haha fuck you

>> No.14915375

They also repair them for free in Switzerland. They still rip two weeks later. And why the hostility, are you a Nudie shill? If you work for them, then you know exactly how fast their shit jeans rip

>> No.14915402
File: 199 KB, 1080x1080, 1552397346316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe

>> No.14915407

does anyone know places where i could get those tacky edgy jeans with designs on them from the 2000's? could look alright desu

>> No.14915412

I've been telling my mate about old /fa/ a lot lately bc hes just getting into fashion
need to link him this thread to prevent the redditors from ruining his taste even more

>> No.14915760

ITT: shitty zoomer fits that look like costumes

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