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This is my hair. Any tips, suggestions?? HELP

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Nope, leave it as is. You’d be crazy if you want to change that.

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Short back and sides / leave rest on top

How is this not obvious cunt

There's only like 3 cool hair cuts in todays day and age

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Leave it be

This >>14894758 will make you look like poor nigger trash.

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I would say keep as is. Considering buzzpill myself, thoughts? Sister suggested it

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Wtf are you literally me??
genuinely thought someone had reposted a photo I took of myself when I first saw the thumbnail

Anyway you don't need help, this is an absolutely based look if you just remove the faggy earring

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desu you look gay with those earrings

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what's your routine? we have the same hair, but mine is pretty dry.

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Dont cut it anon. If anything your face is strong enough to pull off a much less structured and slightly longer style, also remove the gay earing immediately.

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Your hair looks stiff and dry, should prolly start mositurizing it and letting it heal a bit before you cut

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fine cut that people would like, but your hair is very dry
don't change it! think it's pretty cute if not a little frizzy

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>Just look like a mushroom bro

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What do I do now. Been feeling so bored with hair, willing to even try a perm to get wavy texture

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I shampoo and condition every shower (once a day usually), how to restore health?

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>I shampoo and condition every shower

theres your problem lmao shampoo kills all the oils in your hair. You should use a deep conditioner to repair, after that try not using any shampoo for a few days and see how long you can hold off until you actually need it- thats how often you should be using it. For in between days either just comb out the frizziness/bedhead or run through with plain water.

If you still have problems after that try rubbing some argon oil into your hair straight out the shower, it moisturizes and gives your hair a lot more flow without making it greasy.

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how the fuck do i make my hair go more wavy than straight?

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OP's hair isn't wavy you dumb cunt

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Is this the beginning of balding? Is it over?

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My hair is similar to this but a big thicker, when i have it out it goes frizzy and wider.

How to keep it together and closer to my head like pic rel

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I seem to only be able to get the consistency and the look that I want when I leave conditioner on my dry hair instead of using products.

can I use normal conditioner everyday as leave in conditioner?

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Yo appreciate the advice man, hope you have a great new years :)

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See you space cowboy.

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that shirt is mega gay

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you can trim the back

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i basically look like a cross between young leonardo dicaprio and 2010 gerard way, recommend me haircuts based on that.

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Sup jeremy

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I'm 22 and have this fucking hairline

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Last time I got my hair cut was in 2010. It went down to my ass until I got it trimmed to just below my shoulders last March.
Is there any cut that wouldn't look god awful for a fat fuck? I want to try something different for the new 20s.

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How long is this gonna take?

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Havent cut my hair in months

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moot posting to /fa/ undercover

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>together and closer to my head

When you get out of the shower, don't grab your towel and rub your head. Squeeze the excess water out first and then tie a towel around your head and let the towel absorb for a few minutes.

Then, you need product with weight. Use a thicker cream and apply when your hair is still damp. Rub it into your palms until its evenly distributed, then evenly distribute it through your hair. You want to do this by gently spreading it around the surface of your hair until you feel like maybe half of the product has been used, and then crunch the rest of it. Think about it as making two passes with the product. First pass, you're trying to distribute half of what's on your hands as evenly as you can to the surface of your hair, then the second pass you go back and crunch the rest of it in a little bit deeper. 'crunch' in this context literally means grab a handful of hair and tighten your fist around it.

Then, Let it air dry if you have time, otherwise dry it with a diffuser.

Hair like that is all about not disturbing the curl/wave pattern. Don't rub it, don't brush it ever, don't comb it unless you're in the shower and using a wide tooth comb to distribute conditioner, don't blow air at it unless its through a diffuser, and don't really touch it at all unless you're working with product.

kevin murphy is a meme but this is a great product for that kind of hair.

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this guy right here >>14897274
my hair used to be dry af, was conditioning and shampoo daily, stopped for like a week then got in a sparse routine and it was perfect, lets the oils develop

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>>14898751 bro reveal urself

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embarassing advice, dont listen to this 14 year old

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>5 months fin
ni improvement yet im derma rolling with ,in now too if i go bald before the year end, whichi will if this doesnt work im probably going to live a very unhappy and lonely life

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i buzz pretty often and maybe have like 3mm of hair rn. i wanna grow out a little rat tail and be a real nasty fella. how should i start?

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Your hair is fine, anon-kun.

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The trick is to start growing all of your hair out and then shave everything but the tail

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you're the guy from the book club

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I will not say who

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fin just maintains

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Jack off in the shower
Catch your load
Whipe it in your hair
Best conditioner around

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how do i cop the bladee hairstyle bros?
also, my hair generally gets super greasy overnight so i shampoo daily, i know i shouldn't so any suggestions on a change to routine?

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I buzzed my hair but didn't like it so I've been wearing a hat to hide it. It has grown out a bit. How bad does it look?

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In summer noticed few around 2-4 centimetres gray hairs, and now found more, mainly appeared in temples areas
How many years do I have until losing hair color completely, anons?

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my hair has reached about this length right now but i think i preferred how it looked when it was just above shoulder length. if i go to supercuts and just ask them to shorten it to shoulder length, what are the chances they fuck everything up?

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Smaller if you show them the length you want and an optional photo of wanted result

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Here is mine, what should I do?

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My hair is naturally shaping into a pompadour from brushing my hair back so much. Do I take the big and thick pill and fluff it up?

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fair point, anyone have more long hair / middle parted shoulder length hair like pic rel?

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I condition mon, wed, fri, and sunday and have begun not shampooing until maybe each wednesday. Our hair is the same length and it's actually done wonders for me, try my regime for a while and see if you enjoy it.
For sure you NEED conditioner, don't just not shampoo until Wednesday.

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get a low taper trim, your sideburns are looking very filthy man. You'll feel cleaner with it.

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it only gets greasy because you wash it too frequently. the only way to help it is to stop washing it so much.

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Not him but how do I keep it from not being greasy without shampooing?
I tried no-poo along with doing my best to rub out the oils (gently) but within hours it's greasy as hell
Does conditioner really do the trick?

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Based and tested

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imagine it like waning off of nicotine. just gradually taper off and you'll get less greasy. you're gonna have to deal with it in the mean time though.

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How do those of you with curly hair maintain/cut yours? I'm so sick of my hair becoming a poofy coarse mess for a few weeks because the haircut places always cut it too short.

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thanks mate, ive ordered some of that now

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How do you make hair grow faster? Any supplements or advice?

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Your gift is too great for me

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I wish you to get cancer and die, soon

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What's his haircut called and how do I find more?

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bro, i swear that i wanted to perm my hair to wavy. Leave it like that man. You will probably regret it in the future.

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Appreciate it!

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Your gift is too great for me

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I got a perm 2 years ago lads and im loving it

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is this doable without looking cringe

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Yea but I’d say add some volume because 9/10 people can’t pull off slicked back hair.

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getting this haircut tommorow, is it decent?

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Grow out your hair fucking consoomer

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thats the point, normie friends will eat this shit up

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Any anons know where to buy fin online in Europe? I'm too cheap to pay for a doctor for a prescription. In Ireland btw

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Your surrender to conform with normies disguists me

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hey can someone find me an example of this haircut but on a real human being so i can show my barber

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is that pic from Dykes to Watch Out For?

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How'd you cut to get bottom right

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is it over? tell it to me straight bros, do i go for the buzzcope??

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Let it grow ,let it grow. You cant reap what you dont sow

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how can I achive such a hairstyle in the real world? I've dreamt about having it for ages, but I don't have any photo of it that I could show to my barber

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Going to cut it this afternoon any tips or haircuts i should get ?

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Is it common practice to get a hair cut once the hair has grown long, due to the random nature of it after growing out from short?
I havent touched it in a year, and its currently like five or six cm past shoulder length.
Im having a hard time deciding on how to wear this rag. Where to part, scarf over or under, hair inside or outside my coat, hanging down my back or pulled in front of shoulders, behind my ears or hanging freely, all this stuff

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>hairstyle from anime
I'm pretty sure you will find some good pictures if you search 'asian messy hairstyles', korean, or whatever
Many of their trending hairstyles are based on anime and manga styles

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Looking for ways to style my wavy hair or advice on how to for men
>what products should i buy to helps style it
>inspiration pics
i'm a bit lost

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Just turned 30 years old, what are some 30 year old hair cuts?

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>wash hair everyday
>hair is greasy
>wash hair every 3 days
>hair is greasy
>wash hair every 4 - 5 days
>hair is greasy
>don't wash hair
>hair is very greasy

How do I escape?

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Advice for this? I've always had a huge forehead. Last time I posted my hair, someone told me to grow it out for awhile, try a caesar with a fade. I'm going to get it trimmed tomorrow and fix my hair around my ears/neck.

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I used to have a similar problem, stopped washing hair, but still thoroughly rinsing, daily. Took about 2-3 weeks, but massively improved. Didnt wash hair for about 2 years, but now I use sulfate free shampoos and leave conditioner in my hair to help it out.

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My hair's similar to this guys, gonna get it cut like this tomorrow, it's not as frizzy though, I heard gel would help maybe? Any recommendations?

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I am in a similar predicament to OP. Very similar hair, I have gone over 10 months without a haircut (besides me snipping a bit off the front when it gets into my eyes). Any time I have grown the hair out decently and get it cut ,it always looks like shit and I miss when it is long but the hair is kinda difficult to manage now, the back never fluffs up, I shed all over the place, but I have no idea how to make this look good

Also I don't want this >>14894758 because basically every teenage zoomer (especially ethnic ones, black/latino/mixed) does this

Pic related

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>wash hair everyday
Nice way to bald lmao
>put lots of chemicals on your hair everyday and damage your hair

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where do i go from here

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Your gift is too great for me

>> No.14909768

a tough of mascara and bouncing up and down on my cock

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literally nothing i do helps with my dry scalp

>generic shampoo every 3-4 days

dry scalp

>water only

dry scalp

>selsun blue once a week

dry scalp

>cyclopirox twice a week

dry scalp

>2% zinc shampoo

dry scalp

>3% salicylic acid shampoo

dry scalp

guys pls im going to go insane my shoulders are always full of flakes, and my scalp is a disgusting bumpy mess and if i have to hear a barber comment on it one more time im gonna rope

what else should i try ??

>> No.14909838


if it wasn't clear, i've tried all these separately over the course of maybe a year and a half or so, i'm obviously not using all of these concurrently

>> No.14909842

try conditioners with oils in them maybe

>> No.14909845

sounds like a fungal infection
you need ketoconazole/nizoral shampoo from a doctor

>> No.14909859


thanks bros i will try this, what worked best so far was the salicylic acid shampoo but after 2-3 weeks my dry scalp was back, hopefully these are more permanent

>> No.14909869

Grown out undercut, trying to get back to that style right now

>> No.14909882

Anyone got more similar pic of cuts like the one on the left? Im thinking cutting mine so i could use some inspo

>> No.14910018

How to describe/name this style of cut? I want something similar and need to get more pictures.

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I've been growing out my hair for about the last year or so after exclusively trimming it myself short every few months, I have hair like pic related
I'm gonna get it cut tomorrow at a salon, I've never been to one
Anything I should know?

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I got some pics on my phone of what I'm looking for, going for something like pic related

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You probably have atopic dermatitis. Either way, scalp problems is a matter for your doctor, not for your barber who has no clue about skin conditions, and who's only motivation is to sell you whatever useless, expensive products he has in stock.

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yeah all of this is from various dermatologists, i dont get scalp advice from my barber, but he just always makes a comment on how flakey my scalp is

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