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I know I could never be a fashion model because I’m too short and ugly but I still want to look presentable if that makes sense. I was going to post this in thinspo but didn’t want to derail the thread so I’m just making a new one. So I guess this Now is facial aesthetics general

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Here’s some more photos. I know I’m not ugly but I still don’t like the way I look sometimes

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My mouth region I don’t really like. I always felt awkward especially in selfies.

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nobody likes the way they look but rest assured you're cute so dont worry about it
idk how to help you but hopefully you can get more confidence with yourself

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Do me too *meow* lolz

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I saved up 3k from working at Arby’s. Idk if I should use that to get surgery? Idk I’m just sort of lost. Like idk if that is even enough like idk I know I look kind of grungy which some guys are into but I’m kind of over that I don’t want to look this way anymore idk if I should like dye my hair and buy new cloths or what like I just don’t know and hoping some of you anons guy or girls could help me out

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do you by chance have BPD?

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dont get surgery

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I didn’t know what that was so I just looked it up. Maybe? Idk. Do you think so? Do you see it in me? I never really liked the way I looked growing up. I also don’t have money so I could never afford braces so my teeth are still very crooked. I just feel like I could look better and I’m wasting my youth being ugly. I’m 24 and haven’t done much with my life. I did try getting a job at a bank since it would pay more but I think they didn’t hire me because the way I looked which really hurt

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I don't see any need for you to change at all. You're cute. You do have some dark circles around your eyes, but I feel like it enhances your look in a weird way.

Hopefully this helped you gain some confidence. Don't get surgery. :)

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You are beautiful sweethart. Most of the guys will hit on you, not me though, I am too old, probably old enough to be your dad lol. Are you single though? protective Father here :P

Here is me pulling a silly face for you!

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do you cut yourself ?

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Did they actually tell you they didn't hire you based on your looks? If so it's probably because of your gauges/peircings not your face.

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You're cute. Get rid of that stupid nose ring though lol.

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I used too when I was younger in highschool. Not anymore. I still feel ugly whenever I look in the mirror and just want to cry though and do have breakdowns a lot
I took my nose ring out and put my hair down to specifically hide my gauges. It’s when the lady interviewing saw me smile for a split moment she started smirking. Then she said she was all set and had me leave and I never got a call back

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you're never going to get what you're looking for here. leeching validation from coomheaded socially retarded zoomers is only going to give you a fleeting rush. if you ask me, yeah you're pretty. in a memorable way, even. there's nothing wrong with you. but that doesn't matter because the only one you need to convince is yourself and you're not even close. work on that and stop wasting your time on this awful board

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Ayy lmao

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first thing I thought when i saw your face was momo haha

But in all seriousness you have very beautiful eyes

your hair also seems a mess >>14871515
its various colors. dye it all one solid color

personally I think you look cute with the triple hair color combo though. Id date you

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Is your smile that bad? I doubt it. I'm sure you think it is, but we all see imperfections much worse than they actually are, and you're definitely not ugly.

If your teeth look like this, you should probably get braces or Invisalign even though they're extremely expensive. It'd be better to get these now than later.

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Just fix your teeth then, what the fuck dude...

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ill bite

you're high end potential is 8.5
you're low end is 4

currently you are a 6

first, dont ever fucking do that look you do in your car selfies. hair is beyond ugly and makes you look ratty

you were blessed with big sleepy eyes and reasonable facial proportions. you also seem thin.

you absolutely need to look more "fresh". aka drink more water, exercise, eat lots of veggies, practice good hygiene, sleep more, etc. you look kinda grungy which will only make guys think "im a 4/10 but i think I can get her" type shit

surgery is beyond retarded when you can fix so much of yourself naturally and hit 8/10 naturally

always keep your hair straight and long. dont ever fucking let them be all curly and shit

if you knew how to do make up and actually tried you would quickly become a 8/10. there are plenty of "8/10s" that look shittier than you when the make up is off. you def have a good foundation to work off of but you just seem clueless.

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>you absolutely need to look more "fresh". aka drink more water, exercise, eat lots of veggies, practice good hygiene, sleep more, etc.
ignore most of the cringe shit this retard just typed out besides this

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I had to crop people out so the quality is really bad but yes my teeth are just as bad. Idk how much braces would be though. I almost went in for a consultation but that alone was $100 so I backed out of it

Pls don’t make fun of me pls I wasn’t going to post my smile but I know at least a few of you will give me good advice

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How easy is it to bait you guys? Lol. Thirsty as hell here. TIME STAMP.

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more like neurotic and autistic.

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Fucking kek

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yep pls get braces. nothing is more unattractive than shit teeth. i thought you were really hot until I saw this pic of you smiling

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Don't listen to these retards in this thread.

Take out stupid piercings/nose rings/gauges

Dye hair back to whatever your natural hair color is

Brush your hair so its not all tangly and gross looking

Get invisalign since theyre clear and work just like braces

Also stop dressing like white trash.

I used to work at Arbys too if that makes you feel any better

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They aren't bad enough for someone not to hire you for sure, it was probably something else with the interview.

The price seems awful, but straight teeth is something you'll have for the rest of your life after braces, and seeming how self conscious you are about your smile, it's completely worth it.

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your teeth aren't that bad. smile more :)

>mfw thinking of you hurting

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Yeah. I think I’ll save a bit more money before I go in. I’ve always been insecure about my teeth. The hard part is just saving the money to get them while paying for my car, rent, food, community college. My teeth are all I think about sometimes

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Momo looking bitch
Just kidding you're gorgeous sweetheart. Send me bobs

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have you ever smoked crack?

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As a fellow femanon, I think youre really pretty. You can start by getting a fresh haircut/dye job. It will make you feel like a new woman. I always feel more confident and new after a fresh cut. Treat yourself girl. Sending you love and happiness

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Soz it's a bad angle but ya rate me?

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You say they aren’t bad but they really are. I always got bullied because of my teeth. I used to want to kill myself because of my teeth. When people say they aren’t bad they just don’t understand. Sorry if I come off as harsh but like it feels good to vent and I don’t mean to target you especially since you don’t want to see me sad

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You might be quite nice if you didn´t hold a phone in front of your face.

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Thanks girl. I’ll definitely think about hair possibilities. You have any suggestions?

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Better pic of your hair with better lighting?

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They're not great, but realistically, if I saw you in public, I would never think your teeth as disgusting or anything. No one probably pays any attention anyway. They're nothing like crack-addict teeth.

also it's ok i understand

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Are you ethnically polish?

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youre being too hard on yourself. some guys have a thing for crooked teeth like me as long as theyre clean

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Shave the mustache

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I’m Irish. I don’t naturally have red hair but my mom did which is why I like to dye it in sort of memory of her

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You look good, just take that dumb metal shit out of your nose and ears for an instant improvement

Obviously they didn't hire you because of the dumb nose piercings and plugs.

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Don't think too much about it. If you're over the grunge style, then definitely buy new clothes and dye your hair and all that and reinvent your look. I bet you'd look good with an artsy style or a feminine style, just some ideas. I definitely dont think you should get facial surgery. You have a nice face, after all. But mostly don't be too obsessed with how you look. No matter what you look like there will be guys who are into EXACTLY that. Good luck. Hope you get through this identity crisis soon.

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long midfaced, puffy cheeked, recessed chin subhuman

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>wears shirt with the word bitch on it

Literal white trash hahahahahaha

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You work at Arby’s? Why tf would anyone work there honestly there food is shit and tastes gross. Why not work at like McDonald’s or Wendy’s or Taco Bell or kfc or Popeyes. Arby’s is literally the worst out of all of them.

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Pls be single and in Florida :)

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Cute crooked teeth

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You look like you're HIV positive

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Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl. >mfw thinking of you hurting
Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl.

>mfw thinking of you hurting

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Don't get surgery what the fuck is wrong with you dude
You look fine I promise
Find some better people to talk to

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you look sad af
rn if I had to judge you I'd think you are either depressed or sick. Get better mentally, you'll look better
also you think you look bad but it's all in your mind. ur beautiful (btw im a straight woman so not biased)

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if this is real and not bait
sheesh,why are girls so fucking insecure about their looks? I see this so much nowadays

It has to be social media,lack of exercise and them being sold the idea that they all must marry Chad 2.0 ,who's athletic,rich and intelligent. So you got 95% percent of women chasing after 10% of men.

You look great,asides from the degenerate body mods.But the evident lack of confidence makes you unattractive(but i'd still smash).

You are like 5% of the population,(red heads with green eyes are 1%,rarest phenotype) so you should be thankful for that at least.
Red heads are beautiful,and even despite not being a complete real one,you look like the real deal. If you want to be a model so bad,come to southern europe,I've seen uglier Ukrainian girls making it.
judging by this post alone,your life is what seems to be fucked,as in ,you seem lost.Get your shit together,you are a great looking girl

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>I saved up 3k from working at Arby’s

Fucking kek. Most American shit I’ve heard in a while. I think you’re cute anon. You seem to be petite and cute which is good. Guys love short girls. Do you have a better pic of your body?

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use a trip so i can filter you

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It’s close to my house and I work there with my boyfriend. I’ve also worked there since high school so it’s like family to me.

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absolutely get braces, if you have the money thats the one thing that you should definitely do to improve general aesthetics

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I'm not sure what the best way to go about it is but if you focus on improving your hair (especially by going with a natural color) skin and teeth with invisalign youd be legitimately attractive. Right now you're cute, good enough for a poke

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if you have a boyfriend who likes you then you dont need to worry about your looks

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