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Are long puffers trending in the USA yet or are you guys still behind?

>> No.14835427

Puffers are gay, especially when its not even cold

>> No.14835501

lel, looks like a dung ages larp

>> No.14835999

No, we're still cringing from seeing all the Asian exchange students doing it ten
years ago.

>> No.14836022

This but also nobody here can afford a long coat. Maybe OP can buy one for us?

>> No.14836059

puffers are the worst fucking coat
they're the slim fit navy jeans of coats

>> No.14836295

Just wear a cloak?

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Puffer cloak?

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I call these immigrant duvets because the only people I see wearing them are rich Chinese students on campus and bearded Arabs in the rough areas of British towns.

They look shit.

>> No.14836366

Cant decide which garbage tier coat fad is worse, puffers or tan wool coats that every brad that has no idea about fashion is wearing

>> No.14836378

how often do these rich international students get robbed?

>> No.14836391

>Chinks want to be whites in NYC, while they dress as rape fugees.

Puffers are goat though. Not these shitty ones, but proper length ones with real down.

>> No.14836409

>posting koreans on /fa/
I thought it was a fashion board not shitshion board

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im so sick of the asian aesthetic. it's just sexcore with hype pieces and big outerwear

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Korean genocide when? Soulles people

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I don't get why Korean women want to wear such ugly coats. The coats for women that are trendy in Japan look way more classy.

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No. Asians wear them because they have shorter legs on average, biologically, so it doesn't inhibit their walk. It's the same reason they can flat foot squat easily, but never develop an ass.
A coat like that would make a Westerner walk like a penguin. I have a shitty puffer coat that's 2 sizes too big so I look like an igloo when I wear it.

>> No.14836613

I only see Mexicans where them

>> No.14838239

Women have been wearing these for 10 years. Now only asians wear them. They're not new you faggot k-weeb

>> No.14838248

long puffers are only for girls

>> No.14838266

dont even care how i look in them since id rathe be warm desu

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Puffers look good on no one. They're objectively hideous and remind me of insect carapaces.

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As always, based nips.

>> No.14838331

I only see 40+ year old ladies wear them

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