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Reminder that you look like shit regardless of what you wear if you don't hit the gym and have a decent physique

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This. Fat and scrawny /FA fags seething

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How do I get started?
Hire a trainer to watch my form?

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Go to /fit/ and read the sticky

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Don’t forget about height. Men under 6’ tall should save up money to get leg extension surgery.

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not true.

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If you can't dress for shit for sure. With proper clothes you can hide whatever you want to a certain extent. Not talking about sticc mode or extremely overweight, but skinny fat for instance. Slightly oversized clothing is your friend, friend.

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One punch man workout us all you need to be effay

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gym is cope for limp wristed white collar office workers

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>someone on /fa/ calling someone else cope

oh lawd I'm laughin. How's spending $200 on a shirt to hide your inadequacy been going?

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>oh lawd

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that's what I thought

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lifting weights for no purpose other than to lift more weights and because you are insecure about your body is the definiton of cope. not to mention shoveling down supplements because what you project to be isn't naturally practical. gym fag

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It's fun, it makes me feel good, and I'm healthier for doing it. And I guarantee I spend less on it than you do on your faggy wardrobe, that's the saddest part

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you can be healthy without going to the gym, stay vain

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>shoveling down supplements
He says, as he shovels down cookies and fast food

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>lifting weights for no purpose other than to lift more weights and because you are insecure about your body
Ask me how I know you're fat

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you prolly call someone a democrat if they say they aren't a republican. you aren't too bright

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lol no thanks

reminder gym is hyperincelled and cringe

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I never understood the fascination with having huge muscles this decade. Kind of just lets me know who to not talk to, as I don't find them very sexy.

-Skinny gay guy

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been pigging out probably weight over 100 lbs

feels bad man

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What a weird, unrelated comparison. Did they teach you about how the political spectrum works in high school civics today? Keep sucking down HCFS and having limited physical activity, enjoy your triple bypass at 60. Everyone that takes responsibility for their health is so much dumber than you.
go back to fucking r*ddit you obese slob

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>What's a home gym
>What are centrists
>What is the two party fallacy
Fucking gain at least 20 IQ points before ever posting here again.

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lol incel seethe

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I literally have a BA in political science, I know what a centrist is, oh my god.
I'm calling you a retard for making some weird comparison between me calling you a fatass and political parties. Learn reading comprehension before you try to act smart on the internet, holy shit you're dumb.

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what does this even mean

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>I literally have a BA in political science
yeah probably from a shitty public uni backup school. kek. It's clear you don't understand what is going on here. Stay mad, baby brains.

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Keep popping steroids and trying to get as big as possible. Enjoy your early death at 22.

Cardio, not smoking, and healthy eating habits seem to be the most effective means of prolonging life. It's all downhill from here, though. The future honestly looks pretty bleak, so might as well have that cigarette and watch the world burn.

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keep coping, faggot

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thinspo is based because I can wear literally anything and all I have to do to keep it is not eat very much

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those people who replies to you aren't even the same person me
for someone with a degree in something, not to mention political science, it is sad to see you resort to knee jerk reaction insults and binary thinking.
not to mention you double down on the same illogical thinking when someone pointed it out to you. your degree clearly is a great paper weight
i guarantee i am more healthy than you and will live longer than you, ty for your concern though
and you do sound like a stereotypical dumb vain gym fag

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>It's clear you don't understand what is going on here. Stay mad, baby brains.
Yeah dude your sick smoothbrain take about how bodyweight and the political spectrum not being binaries really went over my head dude you’re a galaxy brain for sure.
>your degree clearly is a great paper weight
Most undergrad degrees are. What the fuck are you on about “binary thinking?” Illogical thinking? Literally what are you talking about? All I did was call someone fat then make fun of him for his pseudointellectual reply, it really is not that deep homie.
>i guarantee i am more healthy than you and will live longer than you
Maybe, I take pretty good care of myself. If you do a lot of cardio and don’t drink you’re probably better off than me not that that’s relevant.

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exactly. "look at me i'm an alpha" the manlet says from behind his desk farming spreadsheets for sheikelstein

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you are truly braindead

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Sick comeback dude. Can you explain how the political spectrum works to me again? That one really blew my mind.

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it was a jab at your fallacy which you still can't wrap your meathead around

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>the massive amounts of cope in this thread

god dammit I love being jacked

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Calling you fat isn’t a fallacy. Its 4chan bantz, not a theory paper you sperg.

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>i didn't actually mean what i said defense
just stop

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Holy fuck you absolute moron.
I understand exactly what your point was. I understand how spectrums work. I’m calling you a dumbfuck for thinking you’re particularly intelligent for pointing that out with a political allegory because I called you fat.

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lmao the enlightened centrist.

that's literally the dumbest position available. good job idiot.

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reducing your thoughts to an ideology is the dumbest position you can take

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i can tell by the way you speak and your mannerisms that you are 100iq

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I can tell by your general lack of reading comprehension that I can disregard your assessment of my IQ. Also you’re fat.

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no amount of lifting can free this thread from it's autism

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Truth hurts. I just ate a large thin crust pizza from Domino's, drank a 40oz and am considering grabbing another 40.... Fatboy life sux, but is nice.

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Honestly, this. Doesn't mean you can't support an "extremists" political figure tho. Plenty of "centrists" on here support Trump or Bernie.

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you don't need to work out if you are handsome boy that drink water

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