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Is cuffing jeans still acceptable nowadays? I do it but I hardly notice anyone else do it anymore...

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Yeah man, you do you. Def depends on what else you're wearing. It's almost always necessary with boots. I only really do it if I would have more than one crease in my pants

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w2c boots

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its clark desert boots

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I am brown boots
destroyer of fits

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Thanks! gonna get them

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Wow this is such a masculine outfit, you truly are a masculine male wearing your desert boots in the forest with your denim on denim. I love how manly the cuffs are too, they are so good looking yet utilitarian. I bet you smell like camp fire and pine soap. Truly a mans man

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Makes you look like a fucking child.

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Same. I'm too afraid because nobody else ever does it but all I want to do is show off my docs

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I do with my selvedge jeans and my chucks, bitches always love a good cuff if you can pull it off

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The more you post it the less funny it gets

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