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Also sundried tomato red (left) or crimson red (right)?

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Only females can pull off wearing sweatpants in public.

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How so?

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Then why are sweatpants more so associated with mens fashion, where women notably like checking out how it accentuates men's ass and bulge

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Sweatpants don't accentuate your ass at all. Denim does that a lot better. The only thing it accentuates is your dick if you decide to tape it to your leg.

Women are retarded and generally have no idea what they're talking about.

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They don't accentuate your ass cuz you got that hank hill ass, leave the fuckin booty jeans and yoga pants to the thots my guy. If you have no ass in sweats, it means you need to squat.

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Sweats don't accentuate your ass because that's the way sweats are cut. Denim is simply more form fitting and accentuates those features betters. You're just simply retarded.

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No, home use only

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>not wearing skin tight sweats
Why do you dress like an incel?

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