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YO. For the love of science and the benefit of us all. Balding boys, tell us your age, norwood level (CHECK IN THE MIRROR), how frequently you fap, and how much you lift/cardio.

Bonus: Tell us about your past regarding health.

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daily fap
10 pushups every other week
no cardio

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Norwood II
I'm stuck in a fapping rut. Like once almost daily for the past week. Scattered throughout the month before and had a pretty good streak going before November hit.
Lifting/Cardio: none. Triharded for 4 months a year ago lol.

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32 not balding
-Don't fap ever because I always have pussy
-30 minute jog 3 times a week
-lift 4 times week

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No balding
Jack off maybe once every two weeks
20 minutes calisthenics/cardio a day plus walking my dog about 30 minutes a day
No major diseases other than appendicitis. Have a cool scar where no pubes grow

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Oh I'm 25 btw

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Oh also I used to fap like three times daily until I was 19 or so. Then daily for a year. Then there's random streaks and fuck-ups for a while.

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no balding and pretty long thick hair.
jerk off 2/3 times a day. maybe once if i've had sex with my gf
20 mins of light-medium cardio every other day.
lift 3-4 times a week.

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I fuck a lot, I masturbate maybe once a week
Lift every day unless I can't because of work. Diet is also good.

I suffered intense emotional trauma for three years and lost my hair. It hasn't recovered and I don't think it will. I don't look in the mirror anymore because I don't recognize who I see.

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Twice a day
Usually lift twice a week

Have social anxiety, if that tells you anything.

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It'll get better buddy, at least you're drowning in pussy rn

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0, but i've always had a 4.5 or 5 head.
lift every other day, run every morning

bonus: lost 15 lbs in the past year, went from skinny fat to fit. was just lazy before. was fit in highschool from sports, had abs, but then got skinny fat from being lazy in college.

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Balding bitch

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Maybe 3 right now, but I'd been cutting back for a good while
Rock climbing 3 days a week plus some supplemental light lifts

Also worth noting my hair hasn't receded ever, it's just always been a 2. Although, I do worry I tug on it too hard when parting it.

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Norwood 1.75-2
Fap daily sometimes, but take a week or two off regularly
Lift 3-4x/week
Cardio 2x/week

Hair loss started when I was 15, stopped when I was 16, has stayed the same since.

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Norwood VII
fap daily 7 times
no lifting

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>NW 3 (on fin and minox, about to get a transplant)
>Maybe twice a week now, for the past few years nearly not at all (had a gf)
>3 90 minute workouts at the gym and one 90 minute bjj session every week.
>Chronic depression, IBS, seborrheic dermatitis, recurring telogen effluvium (all of them under control/dormant)
I got pretty fucked up and traumatised as a kid, all my conditions stem from emotional trauma and chronic stress.

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Not exactly balding but never had much hair to begin with, so even losing a single hair is tragic for me
Used to fap quite a lot, extremely rarely to porn tho, currently on no fap to see if it really has benefits or it's just made up shit
Lifting 4 days per week atm, sometimes 3
Cardio sometimes

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norwood 2
3 times a week
i don't do any exercise

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>I fap 2/3 times a day
>I don't, used to climb 3/4 times a week and now I walk my dog daily for 30/60 mins a day
Bonus > depressed, don't eat much, drink everyday, smoke 1 pack every two days, but always been in good health otherwise, no drugs other than cigarettes and alcohol

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III vertex
few times a week
lifting/cardio 3 times a week
Bonus: was obese until last year when I lost about 60kg, oh and I got Hip osteoarthritis

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Once or twice at a maximum
If I'm not running or cycling, I'm lifting. So daily exercise

>> No.14837943

Every day
Lupus, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type II

>> No.14837968

Not balding
I don't really fap, sex life is good
Used to workout and do cardio a while ago frequently
Have anorexia

>> No.14837978

>daily (sometimes multiple times)
>daily home workouts (no weights)

>> No.14838323

about 3 times a week
30 minutes of calisthenics 2-3 times a week

>> No.14838332

also psoriasis though not on my head

>> No.14838379

Fap every other day maybe
No lifting but do manual labour for work

>> No.14838404

>norwood level
maybe nw 1.5 but also thinning
>how frequently you fap
i fap on and off sometimes binge sometimes go days or weeks without fapping
>and how much you lift/cardio
i don't lift. sometimes ride my bike though and do some calisthenics (pushups, pullups)
>Tell us about your past regarding health.
im underweight. but i was underweight all my life. had no signs of hairloss till like 24yo (very thick nw 0)

>> No.14838410

I'm 22 at a III Vertex, fap daily/every other day. Run semi frequently.

>> No.14838411

oh and i used to smoke from age 16 to 23. and had dandruff even when i had thick hair and i still do

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>NW1 max
>multiple times per day to pornography
>walk an hour per day and calisthenics 3-4 times per week

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2 with severe thinning hair (anyone can easily see my scalp)
once a week
no lifting
no cardio

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