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Are yoga pants the greatest piece of clothing ever invented?

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I mean cargo pants are pretty neat

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I don't understand either side of the equation here. You're dumb for liking it, she's dumb for wearing it

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Nigga u straight a fag thats y

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I don't like women in thongs either. I like to have something left to the imagination. Full frontal nude pictures are off-putting to me as well.

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They are a blessing in the sense, it's very flattering. But a curse, because atheleasure is lazy

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>yoga pants
nigga they're just tights under a different name

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I've been in a real leggings fetish lately. I only fap to legs and ass in leggings

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No, they don't even arouse me. It's like looking at naked ass.

Now a loose dress makes me diamonds

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Yea, yoga pants are the culmination of women's ability to passively display their sexuality without receiving any negative consequence from society.

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No they ugly as fuck

Assses always look best in sweat or jeans material

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Yes, if you're horny all the time.

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It perfectly displays everything we value in women: their body, fertility and youth. Female fashion is a joke anyway, so let them wear something that quickly displays their worth.
Women are flowers, seasonal and made to wither after a short time. Men are trees, made to last centuries, timeless and grow more and more majestic as time moves on.

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>Female fashion is a joke anyway
Women can fully express themselves through fashion, if anything men's fashion is the joke (it doesn't even exist).

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no they cant, if so they would but they dont
men can and do express themselves, thats why there are way more fashionable men than fashionable women

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my 7/10 coworker with a great body has been wearing leggings a lot recently. it's hell

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>there are way more fashionable men than fashionable women
is this a joke

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Stop watching porn lmao

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Fukc yuo

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How fucking dumb are you if you believe this

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yoga pants/tights/leggings/whatever aren't fashionable, but I do enjoy when a girl with a nice shape wears them

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Fuck yiu

I don't tempt meme fate tho, not after last time...

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Pretty dumb. 4chan is magic tho

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no yoga pants aren’t effay coomer

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assmonkey fucknuggetszunsauce

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may a thousand rancid cocks violate your anus

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cmon bruh

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At the gym I wear compression pants as well. Girls like it and the knowledge makes it fun to wear *shrugs*.
Only people who cant show off hate on people who can. Sour grapes etc.

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I don't like yoga, and I don't like those pants. I want women to wear skirts and dresses more often. Even slim-straight or straight fitting jeans would be improvements.

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I got an exam this week, I ain't risking shit nigga.

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you asshole

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misfortune avoided

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What's the difference between yoga pants and legging they look like the same shit

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uoy kcuf

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cmon bruh

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good dog

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>incel butthurt about not having sex

Maybe you should pay a prostitute, before your frustration leads to you hurting others.

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y is this pic so small

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Who are these hot broads?

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I wont reply to the (you) collector above, but I want him to know that every time he posts that I just read the first sentence. I have been getting good news every night since he started his shitposting

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No because they have an extra diamond shaped piece of cloth so there's no camel toe issues

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No, they're deceptive. I don't trust anyone wearing them.

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but I have sex with my gf all the time, and I'm not saying this as a negative thing. Why are you taking it as a misogynistic statement?

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It's the next best thing to public nudity.
Maximun kino for the masturbatory fantasies.
Almost nothing left to the imagination.

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Fuck u nigger

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oh no ahhahahahah fuck that shit

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cheers mate

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general zeitgeist of those named Anonymous

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>if somebody acknowledges how desperate for validation women actually are... it must be because they don't spend time with women!
yeah, pretty sure it's the opposite. using the word incel unironically broadcasts the fact that you're an actual incel in denial who thinks that being on the "right side of history" will appease women to the point that one of them will pity fuck you.

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nah, it's a pretty ugly and artless garment that has no real merit beyond basically showing what the wearer looks like naked

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Its kind of sad. I would never want a daughter.

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They would be if the girls who wore them had good figures. 90% are fatties who wear them because they don't fit into normal pants or denim anymore, 9% flat or square (or both) butts and finally the 1% who actually hit the gym and it suits them well.

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this tbqh

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fuck off

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I will guard him with my life

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You've never been to the gym

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If you do have one, i'll be sure to have sex with her and then dump her after a month or two of fucking. Then she'll be utterly worthless hahahah

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is it /fa/ when guys wear them?

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it's probably just a roastie that's mad she got exposed

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