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Remember how people dressed in the 2010s LMFAO wtf were people thinking lol.

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Look at how people the same age dress now. Your generation isn't any better.

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she looks good imo

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they were thinking "FUCK DRUMPF!!!! NOT MY VAGINAAAAAA"

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there's absolutely nothing going through this girls mind other than setting up thirst traps for attention and trying to find a big dick for the night

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even worse if that's her paintings and she's posing in front of her paintings, literally a walking fucking meme. even if its not her paintings its still bad, like holy fuck. i want this girl to die painfully (and i've had sex).

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Way classier than Instagram half-nudes and straightforward sexual "memes"

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This is a literal e girl you dolt

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>tfw post realistic portrait art on insta and get 40 likes while girl who posts lines and splotches gets more

i don’t understand insta networking ngmi

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It’s ok instagram isn’t real anyways

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story (aesthetic) which an account tells is more important than a invested effort

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I'd date her she seems cool

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Post insta homie.

>> No.14835980

t.photorealism ""Artist""

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i heard twitter might be better idek i guess i’ll have to socialize irl
i think i realized kinda late and might just start fresh for one solely dedicated to my sketches/paintings
i can show you picrel if that’s okay
still practicing. the sleeping girl on the left is around 8-9 years ago, went on hiatus, the others more recently.

>tfw the mogging never ends
i should go back to anime.

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These are terrible

>> No.14836241

they're not terrible

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guys im starting to think fashion trends are cyclical.

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Learn the fundies lmao, just because you can messily draw some vaguely human things with pencil LMAO!

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totally, I saw an old school friend start another account. she went from like 12k followers to 140k. make sure to include the scenery of where you draw in the picture.

>> No.14836418

visual art is dead anyway

>> No.14836438

i dig it anon. create a twitter and occasionally post stories on it along with your art to get people find invested in it or find it relatable.

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2000s were worse

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Why don't you just have sex for once?

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No they weren't

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looks like my sister but blue hair instead at that time
I remember so much happiness with this image though, that must mean this was peak...

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wish i could fuck her in the asshole

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because i am very discriminatory based on what i put my dick into. ive only banged 1 or 2 fatties and they were more on the "thick" side. got bored of casual sex after awhile, im not a fucking monkey.

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your art isnt interesting. looks like every painters. literally premodernist idea of art weve moved on so much further culturally you just dont get it

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they look alright to me

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https://lilvic.bigcartel.com/product/roam-as-a-pack-t-shirt I started my clothing brand so whoever wants to support your boy thank you

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that is pretty sick dude
remove the shitty jewelry and it is pretty fire 9/10

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Honestly though I'm going to bring back the heartagram. Wish me luck

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