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Guys I got gifted YSL La Nuit de L'Homme L'Intense how is it? I haven't opened it yet or tried any of the Saint Laurent frags before

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Keep it wrapped in the package and sell it if it doesnt risk offending who gave it to you. You're not missing anything, YSL is all super watered down riding on the coat tails of what la nuit once was years ago.

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By the fireplace smells snice, but i could never see myself wearing it... it smells like how a good scented candle would, not a perfume. It's still the best MMM frag tho, the rest of which are all shit

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This is an EDP we're talking about right?

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YSL fragrances are my shit, although l'intense is my least fav i only wear it occasionally

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Currently wearing Aventus layered over Baccarat Rouge 540, 2:1. This is excellent, as good as Aventus x Tuscan Leather. The muskiness of each frag compliments the other. Aventus as a party/club scent.

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Does the bottle spin into a warm flare before vanishing into a thread of white smoke?

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Why did I do this?
Help me feel better about paying the spinning Kraut.

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If you were going to buy one classic Guerlain frag, what would you get?
I own and enjoy Vetiver and Habit Rouge, but I'm thinking about rounding it out with one of the really old classics like Jicky, Mitsouko, Mouchoir de Monsieur or Shalimar.
I've tried Jicky and Shalimar and I've been impressed.

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I prefer Eau de Cologne Imperiale.

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You pay for what you get. Hyperfocused brand based on compliments. Jeremy probably has the algorithm in his brain for what makes a fragrance smell sexy to girls.

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>Help me feel better about paying the spinning Kraut.
Share it with your fellows by sending us decants for free.

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Someone gave me Maison Margiela discovery box which has Jazz Club, At the Barbershop and By the Fireplace which of the three's actually good?

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Well, it’s probably very annoying to him that you’re using the VIP discount code.

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Shalimar or Mitsouko first

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People like all three desu but some anons like barbershop the most ive never tried barbershop but i do like BTF

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This fucking madman's at it again

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Jazz Club is like a good Bentley Intense imo

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You got literally the best ones. If you dont like those just write off the brand as a whole

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based kourosreposter

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Honestly it's not one I'm all that interested in.

Why those, and EDP or EDT?

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Did you have sex today?

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For 2 minutes then, yes.

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For me it's Chance by Chanel

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Guys, who are some good YouTube reviewers??
Jeremy and Demi are obvious shills.

Curly Scents is BAE, but still somewhat a shill.
Gents Scents is alright I guess

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ok roastie

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for me its girls who wear soleil blanc

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I'm unironically in love with Curly Scents. I want to impregnate her and cuddle her in her turtleneck. Jerememe is based because of how not self-aware he is. He's just a ball of cringe disguised as a Chad. His latest video with that totally uninterested actor selling his painting, and the Tom Ford one are hilarious.

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best/worst cdg fragrances?

heard the brand has some weird stuff and I'd rather get more opinions before I even spend money on samples cuz Im reatrded

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>Want to get into something mildly animalic. What are some good babby's firsts?

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is that the girl doing 30+ sprays everyday?

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not youtube. The Perfume Nationalist podcast

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im literally crying rn i hope youre happy !
>no bf who shares mutual hatred of eros

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Why does this shit get you guys so upset?

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Love you sweetie

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The only perfume that these type of guys suit is kouros desu

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I love cdg. It’s the house I’ve smelled the most of, and there’s still lots I haven’t smelled

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You pick a new tacky 15$ bottle every three weeks that’s the annoying part

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How is CDG black? I’ve been curious to try. Eugene and Kristo hype it up and idk I’d that’s good or bad

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Good but not for me. Same with timbuktu , they are sour on me and make me feel sickly. I live in Florida though where it’s mostly hot

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Nah, only when something catches my interest. I’m good on bottles for a while now, I got everything on my list to check out. I’d hardly call Paco Rabanne PH tacky, btw. Nikos yes, but stop being a massive pussy dude.

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Rayp Womyn

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So I made a 15ml travel decant of my Xerjoff but I barely used it and would prefer to put the juice back to the bottle. Can one do this with Syringe??

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Based animalthot

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Should i get this, versace pour homme or Dylan blue?

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Has anybody smelled Areej's War and Peace here?

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Stop buying fragrances just because it’s the current flavor of the month being shilled by one autist on a Bhutanese snake charming board.

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I don't like Eros much.
I'd prefer Code Profumo for a night out frag, though ADG Profumo/AHSEE are my go tos for summer/winter casual

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lol, Eroscoomers mad

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Isn't all blue frags came after Bleu de Chanel are basically shit?

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You're a tranny aren't you?

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FUCK YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT BR 540 IS FUCKING DISGUSTING. It smells synthetic, clinical, latex, fluoride, exactly like the dentist office. Not even lying I almost gagged when I first put it on, felt like someone was about to drill into my teeth.

by far the WORST frag i had ever smelled. Fuck you cock sucking useless aids infected asshole fuckacum butt

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This but unironically

>> No.14836333

I think that as well

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Nah, m8. It’s just silly. Every couple months there’s some new fotm frag that someone shills, and everyone runs out and buys it. Cool Water, Kouros, AQ, now this shit. Not gonna comment on the scents themselves, because I haven’t smelled them and they may very well be great scents. Just saying, don’t be a consumerist zombie and run out and buy something just because autists here are shilling it.

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Literally smells like burnt marshmallows

>> No.14836377

Is Polo Green an old man frag or is it something I can pull off in a cosy fit?

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Bumping for interest

>> No.14836387

It's a really great scent, actually. It works well with cozy fits, and it gets bonus points in my book for how much it makes zoomers seethe.

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Damn, might have to test it out

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What are some sexy, but not too masculine men's fragrances?

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Like every frag without leather oakmoss and pine

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next level would be mones like bad wolf

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no! i never even wanted to mention i was a girl until anons were relentless on pointing it out :(
i just wanted to post Chance and that's it

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Dior Ambre Nuit
Floraiku Sound of a Richochet
Profumum Roma Acqua e Zucchero
Memo Paris French Leather

>> No.14836566

It’s ok, I like you animalthot. Post more cute animals!

>> No.14836572

I work Ambre Nuit yesterday
Really snice

>> No.14836585

be careful, pheromone shill will now try to hunt you

>> No.14836589

I wonder what you feel about Chanel's Les Eaux collection. Particularly Paris-Deauville.

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I finally sampled this the other day and its awesome. Probably the best tobacco fragrance I have tried so far.

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it's really sexy in a cozy way

>> No.14836614

ssh, it's ok baby, I'll be your bf ;)

>> No.14836625

Is there anything that smells like the one and encre noire put together? Like a very peppery vetiver amber?

>> No.14836674

Anything like this but slightly cheaper, I can't find this for less than 125euro

>> No.14836676

I hate Eros and Chance is pretty basic. I think all women should smell like Chanel no. 19 poudre after shower. Repent now and you can have a nice glass of wine whilst covered in a nice soft bathrobe engulfed in powdery goodness.

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I was the originator of literally all of those, not really giving in to hype when I’m the only one posting them. A year ago I was the only one posting Kouros, then kourosposter came for a week and it became a meme. If kourosposter never came, Kouros would be scarcely mentioned.

I’ll continue to post about AQ btw, it’s not a random frag I just haven’t worn it as much because its freezing where I am.

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For sure it's a tranny

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Looking for a clean linen scent for work.
I've tried Individuel and it's just not what i'm after

>> No.14836694

Davidoff cool water, prada l'homme and the mm replica, skin and sheets or whatever its called

>> No.14836710

You that french faggot off of Fragrantica?
If so fucking stay there, mr BONJOUR

>> No.14836722

I don't have a fragrantica account I'm pretty new to all this stuff I'm just looking for recs

>> No.14836728

Fragrancenet has testers for $90 US

>> No.14836738

If you had to choose between BR540 EDP vs Extrait, what would you go for and why? I'm still not quite sure what to think of it, it's somewhat of a puzzle which my nose refuses to solve

>> No.14836743

Extrait smells fuller to me, the original is too light and airy. Both are laughably overpriced tho.

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Sculpture is unironically better than the others. The idiot ragging on you has never actually even smelled it and is just pissed off that a cheap frag could potentially smell good after he spent $300 on samples.

>> No.14836765

Tough to say. I disliked Back to Black and hated CK One shock so I almost wrote off the cherry tobacco note but Chergui does it far better.

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Sound as a pound,
Bound to the ground,
Found by a postman on his round,
But a tenner is better

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Lads, I fucking love the smell of honey and citrus I know it's gay but I don't care, good honey citrus frag recs plox?

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Zoologist Hummingbird

>> No.14836783

Love it personally.

>> No.14836786

Paco Rabanne PH

>> No.14836789

Anything similar that I don't need to take out a mortgage to wear every day, I just need anything with bergamot, lemon and honey

>> No.14836790

Who this?

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Rate my collection

>> No.14836797

Bal d'Afrique by Byredo. I've sampled handfuls of office frags and this is the best one I've found. Absolute masterpiece of perfumery.

>> No.14836799

good but have you tried sauvage parfum?

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>> No.14836810

rank your ftop 10 for warm weather and for cold weather

>> No.14836811

I warn you, it smells a bit harsh initially, but it is very pleasant when it begins to dry down.

>> No.14836813

Try honey aoud by montale its not citrusy but it is the best honey frag ive sampled thus far

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>thus far

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bump :^(

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Serge Lutens does not offer a sample kit, does he? That old fucker...

>> No.14836887

Sup my fragrance bros and that one animal roastie. Can I get some advice? I’ve been on 5 dates with this chick and she’s now changed her hair color twice since I met her. Was blue, then pink, now it’s green. Feeling like I should bail. Thots?

>> No.14836897

Truly the face of a man you can trust

>> No.14836904

nope it only goes one way

>> No.14836907

Anyone have any recommendations for gym frags?

>> No.14836912

sniff it up in one big gulp and shoot it out your nose into the bottle

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pls bb don't let them get to you
>mfw thinking of you hurting

>> No.14836916

Make her a fuckbuddy

>> No.14836922

Please keep posting this every thread. Funny thing is, anyone with a real nose knows this is true unironically

>> No.14836940

Pool water

>> No.14836951

Wondering if anybody here has tried Caron Yuzu? Apart from the guy shilling Yatagan there doesn't seem to be much discussion here about their other frags despite the low prices and the house's apparent following amongst enthusiasts.

>> No.14836955

that's what I feel as well. cheers, Anon

>> No.14836993

There’s some offered as free gifts on luckyscent

>> No.14837016

please tell me you smashed already

>> No.14837041

I think this lost soul needs our help lads.

>> No.14837047

Third Man is on my blind buy list

>> No.14837059

Of course.

>> No.14837065

Lutens is literally Parajanov of fragrance.

>> No.14837076

Off the back of Wafts?
Pour Homme has some big names that wear it, might muddy the waters further.

>> No.14837086

>My current main job is a tour guide through a cave

That sounds really nice, actually.

What is happening with that guy's face and why would he do that to himself?

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File: 128 KB, 1500x1500, res_26f178de26187b5689231888683be8c2_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what am i in for?

>> No.14837092

no just from reading basenotes and fragrantica.

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Did you work on learning a new language today anon? Did you do something new or took some risk? Did you put 1% extra effort into your work? Did you help someone who needed it or made someone laugh? Did you check on your friends? Did you study your enemies? Did you call your parents or sent your mother flowers as a surprise? Did you go work out? Did you think today how to achieve your goals? What's your favourite Chypre?

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File: 123 KB, 1440x754, 78109114_3589222777755352_7411880948821655552_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you think about my collection anons?

>> No.14837109

Own up lads, which one of you did this?

>> No.14837113

That's a guy isn't it?

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Why would you think so?

>> No.14837119

я нe знaю чтo ты cкaзaл бpaтюня
read some more of the kreuzer sonata
I made someone feel nice on /britfeel/
Had a nice chat with my dad
Walking to the gym right now at midnight
Whats a chypre

>> No.14837121

>favorite chypre

>> No.14837125

Pretty snice overall. I think you need at least one lighter, fresh frag though. Maybe Mefisto or Elysium.

>> No.14837135

Yes I am studying two languages, but unfortunately not putting in as much effort as I should
Favorite chypre is Pour Monsieur

>> No.14837141

Rich pajeet or arab/10

>> No.14837164

First three are based, never tried Tuxedo tho. Don't like freshies much? I'm kinda in the same camp on that

>> No.14837177

Royal Oud is one of my favorites.
I remember Baraonda being great but I smelled it once alongside dozens of other things at a store
I like everything from the Dior Homme line

>> No.14837187

>Christmas tree in the background
>Pajeet or Arab

>> No.14837194

Those are ethnicities anon, I’ve met christian arabs and christian pajeets. Pooland has literally thousands of religions.

>> No.14837207

Fucking hell. I was packing up my sample purchase from bloom perfume, but their shipping cost for my country (in the EU) is 20 pounds. For 10 more i could get 200ml of cool water + shipping.

>> No.14837220

Si, io studio l'Italiano da due mesi. Ho fatto i compiti oggi.

>> No.14837248

They don’t have Christmas trees though.

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What does /frag/ think of his podcast?

>> No.14837291

I already know the best language so I'll do some laundry instead. Dont k ow what a chypre is but I got this encre noire sample that I'm digging. Dont get how people find this offensive it smells like perfumy coniferous forest.

>> No.14837329

I dig it and chat with him on instagram from time to time. Originally got Yatagan based on his podcast on it, and he's one of the only people I know of who understands how powerful fragrance actually is in terms of reclaiming space in this fucked up bugman world. Don't like my Kouros miasma? Get the fuck out of my personal space then.

He's also gay as fuck and loves trolling liberal white w*men, this post in particular is hilarious

>> No.14837334

Between YSL La Nuit and L'homme which has more projection?

>> No.14837338
File: 510 KB, 1495x2159, Prada L'Homme L'Eau Water Splash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've never owned Prada L'Homme, was thinking this would be nice and subtle for the aus summer. Opinions?

>> No.14837348

Pretty based but goddamn do I hate too much shity cologne

>> No.14837377

He’s right. The whole “fragrance-free space” thing is bullshit. It’s not about allergies, modern fragrances are heavily regulated by the IFRA specifically to be hypoallergenic. It’s just more safe space control nonsense. It’s no coincidence that the places that go fragrance-free are always college campuses, or hippie collectives, or the occasional office that the management will declare fragrance-free because some cunt complained to HR and they just don’t want the trouble of dealing with her. The only times I think fragrance-free is valid is in doctor’s offices and hospitals where people might have respiratory issues that could be aggravated by fragrance.

>> No.14837380

Tea for Two on top of Herod's drydown might be something lads. Have to do further testing. I bet it would go nicely with Tobacco Vanille as well when the tobacco goes away and it becomes a vanilla bomb.

>> No.14837453

kek, what a based boy
> The other day, I sprayed on a bunch of Rumba (Lapidus) before going to a screening of Imitation of Life. It was the final screening of a five-film Douglas Sirk series, all of which I'd attended. Because of the Alamo Drafthouse's assigned seating system, you often end up sitting awkwardly close to people in otherwise wide open theaters. Even though I typically go to the Drafthouse two or three times a week, I do not enjoy the assigned seating aspect. I am a person who likes to wear lots of fragrance and sit far, far away from others.
>As soon as I sat down, the faceless, featureless woman next to me, who had long ratty Crystal Gayle hair and Teva sandals, began heaving and coughing in a demonstrative, fake manner. Uh oh, I thought. Usually people are far too frightened and confused by me to approach me about anything, but older women are often quite confident about harassing and scolding total strangers. It's also literally always women who complain about fragrance. Ugly and/or liberal women. Women who hate the idea of anyone else, female or otherwise, projecting glamour and confidence and not playing by the rules. Men may dislike it in theory but they don't reprimand total strangers about it, unless they're just complete faggot SJW beta males.

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File: 191 KB, 1080x1080, kirileigh7_50070529_1533605590075524_9129680369514262114_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im thinking it would be fun to make little sample 3 packs as a stocking stuffer for my mom and sister, but Im not familiar with many feminine perfumes and would love some recommendations.

My mom has a super sensitive nose, doesnt wear perfume often but I know she does enjoy it. She has an old bottle of Kai, which is a gardenia based fragrance. And she enjoys Gardenia by Chanel sample I gave her. She also likes to wear more masculine perfume for herself from time to time. Nothing too mature, but likewise nothing too sweet and childish.

My sister is 27, girly girl who lives in southern california. Works in the medical industry, has a new bf, so I'm thinking something beachy, something understated, something sexy.

I want to explore the designer exclusive range - a little higher end and unique, but still classical, if that makes sense.
Chanel les Exclusifs is definitely going to be my starting point, maybe Diptyque because I love the house.

>> No.14837494

I'm 100% convinced that he's shitposting here with us.

>> No.14837539
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You have to beat her evil ex-boyfriends then you will finally win her heart

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He lurks sometimes I think but I’d probably realize if he posted something. We can try to summon him though

>> No.14837566


Not into the whole manic pixie girl thing.

>> No.14837574

Ask him if he knows Kourosposter.

>> No.14837583

This. Let him make a podcast about /frag/ saga and invite hookeranon on it.

>> No.14837596

Although I can’t stand the synthetic opening, I kinda like the vanilla drydown of Eros (one spray, several hours in). Is there something similar but without the unbearable harsh tip notes?

>> No.14837598

guys... can you post more of kourosposters epics? i've only read one with the frog ;_;

>> No.14837600

I'm nasomatto shill and baraonda is the only nasomatto that has actually gotten me compliments. Its the best one. Pardon is overrated and so is Black afgano. Duro is my second favorite. Baraonda is my gf's favorite fragrance of mine. Cape heartache is her second (unrelated, but related). Pardon has a special place in my heart for some unexplainable reason even though its my third favorite. I want to downsize but I cant bring myself to get rid of it. I sold all my kilian and all my Creed. I was just too afraid to use them because "oh its such expensive juice I have to save it for "x" ". I sold everything I was too squeamish to use. I had black phantom and literally used it twice. I guess its the "too awesome to use" trope. Like how we all hoarded our b-bombs in star fox (or at least I did)

Anyways. Is $130 for 100ml of Mojave Ghost good? It has super polar reviews. Its honestly the coolest fucking name ever, brilliant marketing for such an apparently mediocre fragrance. Anyone tried it?

>> No.14837612

Your grammar is shit

>> No.14837614

I honestly would be down, just would have to be audio only over some anonymous platform. Don’t want you autists knowing who I am. No offense, I love you guys, but some dipshit will 100% try to dox me.

>> No.14837619

Based hookeranon. Just imagine 1.5h of rambling about frags, Alex, /kourosposter/, hookers, civets and Eros. Yatagananon make it happen, hit him up on IG or whatever.

>> No.14837663

I’m not yatagananon, that’s the guy who just posts Yatagan with caption RAPE. I’m AQposter

>> No.14837694

Mojave ghost is not very interesting but it is pleasant albeit overpriced. Its what you would expect from a byredo. Doesn't live up to the name imo.

>> No.14837702

reminds me of the original 2007 version of Dior Homme Cologne with the silver stem

>> No.14837713

>Duro is my second favorite. Baraonda is my gf's favorite fragrance of mine. Cape heartache is her second (unrelated, but related). Pardon has a special
Imagine thinking this unironically

>> No.14837779

She’s smelled all my stuff so from my collection those are her preferences. Or I’m too autistic to pick up what exactly you’re making a dig at me on

>> No.14837806

So back from Disney didn't buy anything but I tried Guerlain and wow that stuff is amazing!!! I'm totally gonna get Elixer Carnal!!! It's the single greatest chocolate I've ever smelt. I'm in love and can't wait to get it!!!

>> No.14837885

>sampled handful of frags
Like three or maybe even four? This byredo is a cheap version of Hermes Vetiver Tonka.

>> No.14838046

I’ve never heard about this until now and al the information about it seems shilly and weird

>> No.14838063

Sample the last two. You should be able to find them in stores. I didn't like Sculpture, so I wouldn't blindly recommend it.

>> No.14838224

Tried Diesel Spirit of the Brave.
It has that Diesel sweetness like Fuel for Life but with a woody base instead. Inoffensive and gets the job done, not sure about getting a small bottle.

>> No.14838227

Oxford Bleu

>> No.14838262

Thinking about it going heavy on this and layering Polo green lightly could work

>> No.14838298

cunts like this should be banned from accessing the internet

>> No.14838375
File: 151 KB, 962x1024, JubilationXXV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Step aside, plebs.

>> No.14838381
File: 384 KB, 200x279, 1571686228382.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

very new to /frag/ so plz no bully

I really like musky, woody scents for the winter but I'm doing my masters at a very cucked UK university and I don't want to get harassed. Any recommendations for something like Kouros with less silage?

>> No.14838396

Man up. I'm crossing picket lines of lefty strikes in Cambridge with my Kouros miasma and couldn't give less fucks.

>> No.14838400

Is fragrance that big of a deal now?? Would have thought that it would be a non issue unless you go full miasma

>> No.14838405

Based, I'm at Cambridge too. You've inspired me anon. Fuck the strikers, was walking to my college past Great St Mary's the other day and heard them bitching about non-existent racism issues on campus and other lefty ilk

>> No.14838407


>> No.14838419

sup fragfags
m/180/160, I need to cover up the scent from my body which is just horrifying as I'm rotting from inside
need something powerful and long lasting
suggestions please

>> No.14838435

Is this a genuine szhizopost in /frag/ or does 180/160 correspond to some steroid level causing you to really stink that bad

>> No.14838444

Whole bottle of Kouros applied directly to the anus

>> No.14838485

For some reason I feel like /frag/ is a right-wing island on lefty /fa/. Let's take a poll. What are your political leanings anons?

>> No.14838512

it's my height/weight, bruv
what's the point

>> No.14838531
File: 284 KB, 2000x2000, untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm rotting from inside
If you have cancer, there's probably not a whole lot you can do but picrel may disguise it

I would probably just avoid people and hope for the best.

>> No.14838546

to make you smell nice uwu

>> No.14838573


>> No.14838629


The anon asked for a CLEAN LINEN office frag. Tonka smells much more nutty, sweet, and thick like a gourmand. Completely different character. Bal d'Afrique has that a clean linen vibe. I've sampled both as well as Vetiver fatal.

Read the post next time, retard.

>> No.14838643

Let’s not. Politics have nothing to do with fragrance, and talking about them will just attract /pol/ autists.

>> No.14838768
File: 288 KB, 1280x958, DB7D2E55-5F6B-48AC-95F8-A9793E32150E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14838774

Based Legend of Dragoon nigga

>> No.14838790

So I'm testing Tom Ford Noir Extreme and I'm not really getting the hype. It's ok but I find it too sweet.

>> No.14838796

good luck telling these gayboys that noir extreme is femenine. I tried to the other day and like 5 people disagreed

>> No.14838803

Feminine was one of the first things I thought actually. I could see it being a really sexy scent on a woman.

>> No.14838807
File: 29 KB, 474x474, 1ba3f4a6cf09f86a51526c5d36332292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

having girls nosefuck your neck is feminine
ok fag

>> No.14838842

>completely different
Relax mister Jerome Epinettee you imbecile

>> No.14838844

Nope. All this sort of thing does is draw battle lines. This isn’t /pol/, we don’t need to inject politics into everything. We just talk about smelly water here, no need to give us more reasons to fling shit at each other. Keep politics out of /frag/.

>> No.14838870
File: 6 KB, 251x201, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should i buy encre noir extreme, d&g the one edp, dylan blue or versace pour homme? I kind of want to wear this year round but I have CDNIM for summer if needs be

>> No.14838873

What do you guys think about Chanel Platinum Egoiste? It’s been my daily wear since I bought it two or three months ago, I find it to be very professional & unisex while still maintaining a level of masculinity about it. Also, it blends into my skin fantastically and stays around a while without ever being overwhelming.

>> No.14838880

Speaking of Armaf, they just released club de nuit milestone which is supposed to smell like millisame imperial (or however u spell it)

>> No.14838922

Really? Might give it a try Ive never smelled the original and don't want to shell out 200 quid for a blind buy

>> No.14838930

I disagree, everything is political

>> No.14838939

It’s still pretty expensive for armaf tho. Only a few eBay listings around 90 bucks. Apparently armaf has boutiques or something and it’s an exclusive right now, lol

>> No.14838946

You have autism. Smelly water is not political. Please relocate to /pol/.

>> No.14839010

pheromone fag here, recommend you trying bad wolf if you like Kouros

>> No.14839016

fuck off you cunt

>> No.14839021

Recommend me some inoffensive office scents. Nothing too normie though.

>> No.14839029

Office for Men

>> No.14839030

Head and Shoulders

>> No.14839032

BONJOUR. Try Prada Amber Pour Homme.

>> No.14839035

Wonderwood/wonderoud. Woody, masculine, no one will have heard of it, yet it’s pretty safe and generic

>> No.14839050

This girl is the epitome of beauty. I am absolutely astonished, and also in love.

>> No.14839051


Everything is political retard, especially something you buy

>> No.14839060

Anyone know a good one size fits all generic cologne I could get?
I normally don't wear cologne except for special occasions like weddings n shit.
I'm looking for something ~$200 for w.e. a relatively medium sized bottle would be.

>> No.14839062


>> No.14839074

Lol yeah fuck that

>> No.14839078

Agreed but it’ll be a banger at 30$ I bet. Just gotta be patient

>> No.14839084

Bleu de chanel EDP its around 100 for 100ml if memory serves me coorectly literally the frag for versatility but if you want a more unique frag you will have to figure it out yourself

>> No.14839085

You know those women’s studies majors that /pol/ is always complaining about? The insufferable cunts that nitpick and politicize everything to the point of ridiculousness? That’s you.

>> No.14839106


I won't even dignify that with an answer

>> No.14839124

Because you don’t have one, /pol/tist.

>> No.14839140

Typical libtard response

>> No.14839143

Prove me wrong.

>> No.14839149

Don’t engage him he’s trying to ruin the thread. Post about perfume instead.

I wore d and g the one edt today hbu guys

>> No.14839185

Bruh you haven't sampled Bal D'Afrique. It's a tutty fruitty cocktail, doesn't smell like clean linen, unless you wash clothes in a vat of fruits.

>> No.14839190
File: 23 KB, 375x500, 375x500.1377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Parfums Vintage clone of this.

>> No.14839211

good idea anon, today I wore Boss Bottled Night to my trip to the jobcentre, followed by a testing of the new Diesel Brave frag. Both are kinda meh but comfy in a "I can't decide what to wear" way

>> No.14839219
File: 53 KB, 850x450, yatagan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.14839237

Typical /pol/fag. Can’t dispute the argument so you attack the poster. Insulting me doesn’t make my point any less valid nor yours any more.
>inb4 soijack and/or accusations of being from reddit

>> No.14839244

Oud Wood

>> No.14839250

of course it's a right wing thing. right wingers are generally more conscious about their appearance and actually showering and smelling good. lefties are a bunch of balding sois with bad teeth and even worse smell. the ones that do have hair usually dread it into turds.

>> No.14839277

Its feminine, but so is eros, one million, ultra male and every other pantry dropper. Coom-core. I have a decant of it and Ill wear it out at night occasionally. Its most of my normie friends favorite scent

I posted about Platinum Egoiste in the other thread. Milfs love it younger wont. I still think its great and wear it occasionally.

Phero-fag actual here. I guess I have larpers acting as me now

>> No.14839290
File: 37 KB, 805x1024, perfume-hero_3_1024x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when rugged conservicucks claim the metrosexual stereotype as their own

The left is more progressive and generally open to embracing something consigned to strict boundaries (muh frag is for fags n w*men). If we are gonna deal with crass stereotypes, I'm gonna indulge in some right wing ones. Ring wingers into frag are often:
>patrick bateman-type conservatives trying to impress people in their yuppie jobs
>older mature men wanting to exude toxic masculinity ™
>disaffected young males/incels/autists who have internalised certain traditionalist values but are frustrated by their impotency and inadequacy amongst women, whose YouTube suggestions are filled with pick-up artist videos and naturally make the jump to frag to pull chicks
>slovenly fucks who douse themselves in juice and expect some action (applies to all people of all political persuasions)

Also, thoughts on pic related

>> No.14839297
File: 51 KB, 1280x720, said kouros.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


i stood languishly at the urinal with a migraine creeping slowly. my eyes held shut tightly. "what a terrible week.", i thought. suddenly a wave of calm fell over me and the pain in my ears subsided. i felt good. content even for once. as i finished i watched the urine bounce off the toilet puck. "heh, urinal cake", i said softly to myself. "anon...", a voice said off the wall. i turned. nobody. "anon..." "who's there!", i shouted. deep in the heart of every man there is the the aching knowledge of something knowing he exists. in the recess of every moment of solitude, in the cove of his mind where he finds a quiet solace, there is something that knows. "i know you've not forgotten me, anon", said kouros, it's profile obscured beneath the soap dispenser, it's shape stamped into the darkness. "w-what are you doing here?", i ask. "how did you get here?" "i've always been here. before you've been, i've lived a thousand years. when there had been nothing left, i'd endured. i am the stone of time.", kouros said quietly. "what do you want with me? why me?", i said. "douse", said kouros with a slight growl. i sprayed my neck. "i've lived, but i've nothing left. when there is a void in the heart of needs, you learn to breathe meaning into existence", kouros whispered, now standing on my shoulder. "there is story to be told, and i feel the terror in your mind, a wildness so unhinged that with my words i hope to tame.", said kouros. and so kouros went to tell his story. in that lonely truckstop restroom it told me it's tale of misfortune, of fate, of war. it told me that it is far from it's place of birth, but that this misfortune is it's gift of strength, and that with every missed opportunity or bad judgement it wroughts another step in the right direction, and that sometimes you want to do wrong in a world of rights. but it became lost in the wavelength, and now it needs me. "i need you", said kouros. "yes", i said.

>> No.14839299
File: 64 KB, 645x729, FC7A1FF4-5002-45ED-9C6E-86C8C492E5E1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14839301

Fracas by Robert Piguet
Absolu Pour le Soir by MFK
Cuir Beluga

>> No.14839306

Hahahahaha! Libtards BTFO! *masturbates furiously to interracial tranny cuck porn*

>> No.14839340


My pal had this theory on fags being very clean and well put together because they were making up for the fact that their sexuality revolves around a hole which is used to shit.

>> No.14839355

This is unironically based as fuck holy shit i missed a sick timeline. poast more.

>> No.14839364

I identify myself as a conservative but that's a good post mate. Pic related is absolutely amazing and like nothing else. Test it.
Extremely based

>> No.14839379

Yeah cheers man, I'm gonna sheepishly walk into Mecca (aus) and have a sniff.

Probably best to leave politics outta /frag/, but I had to bite

>> No.14839387

>I expressed an opinion and people disagreed with it
That must have been terrible, anon. You have my sympathy.

>> No.14839398
File: 771 KB, 1536x2048, Kouros of Apollo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mid 20s man wanting to exude toxic masculinity ™

>> No.14839413

>but i had to bite
>admits to taking bait
>being this much of a cuck
>leftie detected

>> No.14839420


>> No.14839422

>patrick bateman-type conservatives trying to impress people in their yuppie jobs
This is me.

>> No.14839426

/lit/ wishes they could write like this

>> No.14839430

Absolutely based

>> No.14839440
File: 143 KB, 625x400, Versace Eros.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bruh I'll bite again, save some for the rest of us

pic related


>> No.14839446


>> No.14839448

Nice selfie. That trilby looks good on you!

>> No.14839470

>I identify myself as a conservative but that's a good post mate.
>Conservative here, me and my fellow conservatives really liked your post. As a conservative, I think your post is really great!

>> No.14839500

Leave it to people on this website to turn fucking FRAGRANCES into a political issue.

>> No.14839501

Fuck I miss kourosposter

>> No.14839505

More like "Drakkar Noir and Stale Swamp Ass.jpg"

>> No.14839507

Shampoo and deodorant

>> No.14839509

Damn, my dad just gave me an amazon gift card and instead of being patient and buying something I need I immediately bought Terre de Hermes vetiver intense

>> No.14839511

Unbelievably based. Keep /pol/ shit in /pol/.

>> No.14839516

I love cdg and I love aldehydes but 2 is a headache in a bottle. It’s also synonymous with art hoes

>> No.14839519

I cant believe thats the first thing that came to your mind. Any TDH are cuck frags. Its somehow safe but smells like asshole at the same time. Just buy BDC

>> No.14839530

It’s not the first thing that came to my mind dickhead, Amazon’s selection sucks

>> No.14839537

>Any TDH are cuck frags.
>Just buy BDC
lel @ u

>> No.14839549

No gentscents is a cuck. Used to be cool with him until he sucked jeremy's dick in the follow up office review like a scared beta bitch

>> No.14839555

Thanks for reminding me I wanted to put on some Drakkar Noir after I showered

>> No.14839568

Incels don’t shower, m8.

>> No.14839578

>Calls a political rant post "based"
>Then says to keep /pol/ shit in /pol/

>> No.14839579

kek Bro!

>> No.14839580

Nice job posting the shittiest bait imaginable.

>> No.14839589

Well, our streak of excellent threads has been broken by /pol/ faggotry. There’s a lesson here somewhere.

>> No.14839594
File: 91 KB, 682x512, 5292185320_d8b132d245_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When someone asks you what you're wearing do you go full autistic like "I'm wearing Prada Amber Pour Homme eau de toilette" or do you just say "yeah I'm wearing Prada"

>> No.14839597

The socially correct (and fucking stupid) thing to say would just be the brand. Like “oh thanks it’s Chanel”. And only say more if they ask

>> No.14839603

I’m definitely the most racist person here and sat back Lurking while other idiots got baited by that one guy don’t blame me. Don’t blame racists

>> No.14839626

Personally, I don’t see how answering their question is autistic. If they ask what you’re wearing, you tell them. What would be autistic would be to go on after that and explain the notes, genre, whatever. I don’t know why they’re asking, maybe they want to buy it for themselves or their boyfriend or whatever, just giving them the brand name wouldn’t be helpful.

>> No.14839641
File: 72 KB, 1060x596, jeremy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>speed-reads your punch
>counters with 5 shots of Date For Men
Wake up Anon, it's all over.

>> No.14839658

Bleu de Chanel/Sauvage/ADG Profumo/Boss Bottled Intense/Montblanc Explorer/Prada APH/Prada Luna Rosa Sport. There are hundreds of options in that category.

>> No.14839666

gotta admit im impressed with his dedication, dude needs to eat a bit more though

>> No.14839684

>gulag archipelago

this unironically made me respect jeremy a bit more.

>> No.14839710

wearing black afgano today
already good 2 complaints from HR
fuck those hoes bros
we wear what we want where we want
all others should suck mah balls

>> No.14839715

Hit yourself with another spray famalam

>> No.14839746

I agree. He should try the sea urchin ceviche at Dorsia, I hear its to die for.

>> No.14839804
File: 899 KB, 1125x819, 8113B2BF-5F1F-4080-9C09-8D38CC483EAD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't think I'm missing anything desu regarding scent category wise / occasion wise.

>> No.14839810

Im on phone so has to zoom in the picture and said ‘snice’ when I saw the left part first then the more to the right the shitter it gets with PdM TF and MFKs. Not even mentioning 3liters of Abentoos.

>> No.14839816

Which batch of avantus is that g?

>> No.14839824

Aha thanks

11Z01 and 13Z01 x 2

>> No.14839831

How you niggaz so rich?

>> No.14839854

But will my art hoe gf like it? She normally digs normie citruses

>> No.14839893

Amouage Interlude, Anyone know if the newer batches are still as beastly? I copped a bottle from fragrancebuy

>> No.14839894

Not a single Hedi Slimane fragrance...sad

>> No.14839909

>11Z01 and 13Z01 x 2
impressive if true

>> No.14839922

10 hours for me but not nearly as loud as all the reviews have made it out to be.

>> No.14839926

Yes I'm wearing Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme.

>> No.14839928

Are u sure that's not just due to olfactory fatigue throughout the day tho?

>> No.14840046
File: 100 KB, 1224x918, rBVaI1g2WIyAblyYAAR5rMOI7Gw448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it true that this is the boxer dropper and not the panty dropper?

>> No.14840061

Chad drops panties with nautical voyage. The panty dropper is the person

>> No.14840289

Both options are retarded. Just say enough to identify the frag and leave out the concentration unless they ask for it. The gender should be obvious enough too.

What do you think about Cafe Rose? It's my first TF. It smells so soapy which I don't really like but I'll still enjoy my decant. Was disappointed that there is literally no coffee to speak of in it.

>> No.14840345
File: 71 KB, 530x750, 75066651_10156656830415753_5006178962133483520_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah, we can safely assume Jeremy is here and he wants to sell to pheromone faggots

>> No.14840349

It's not bad to listen to, the guy has a massively gay voice and they all sound like they are snorting ephedrine. But is based.

>> No.14840385

Does anyone have experience with Trump fragrances? I would unironically like to get them, but I currently only have the cash for one. Which should I get, Success, Empire, or Donald Trump: The Fragrance?

>> No.14840427


>> No.14840429

where is this from?

>> No.14840477
File: 5 KB, 207x244, images (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am looking for a fragrance that I could give to my mother as a Christmas gift.
Pic related would be my first idea, but unfortunately it's a little too expensive for me right now.
She is in her early 60's and works as a primary school teacher. Personality-wise she is a total mom, who finds happiness in supporting her family in every way. Also quite traditional.
I have high hopes in you guys! Any idea is really welcomed. :)

>> No.14840499
File: 46 KB, 500x667, 1574032131039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New thread:

>> No.14840598

Yea I have Empire. It is pretty good. One of the better cheap blind buys I have done. Semi-sweet, pleasant green apple. It is a pretty safe buy.

>> No.14840907

Empire is supposed to be fairly good. The others not so much.

>> No.14841838

The core of the podcast, movie and perfume reviews with an irreverent right wing bent, is very good and unique. But when they start trying to talk about “actual politics” it becomes abundantly clear that Jack is a vapid gay man (functionally female) who couldn’t be bothered to care about any hard issues, and dismissing anybody that does as lame, cringe, and ugly. His unnecessary (and wholly one sided) beef with Nick Fuentes is just silly and his constant crusade against NoFap and other things young right wing men do is counterintuitive. If he didn’t want to be a “right wing podcast” (which is fine) he shouldn’t have appropriated their memes and existed in their twitter communities. If Jack, Ortant and Jugs could just stop trying to engage in that shit the podcast would be better for it.

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