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Did you?

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does anyone even use anything other than lucky scent for niche bottles/samples? all the other sites kinda suck from what ive seen

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Take the Guerlainpill

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What is something niche you have that is rarely talked about here that has wowed someone you know? My mom did quite like my zoologist chameleon sample when I gave it to her but she also was visibly flustered by the platinum egoiste I was wearing so much so it was very uncomfortable. Platinum egosite really is no joke lads but I guess it’s more for the mature women.

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They’re the gold standard for niche bottles as far as I’m concerned. Some samples you can get elsewhere cheaper, but for full bottles, their prices are similar to buying anywhere else, but you get free samples of your choice, and they have free gifts you can add to your order, so the value is there. Plus, their selection of niche frags is better than anywhere else I’ve found.

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If slumberhouse is selling out within a week at 180$ a bottle why doesnt josh up the price to what people resell it on ebay for?

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No, because I'm in love with no 1 poster and have given up pursuing any other woman

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post em'

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the resale value is so high because josh is a faggot who makes little supply of a certain frag and then will meditate nude for another year before he even begins to think about fragrances again.

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Because he's a hippy idiot

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What do you guys think of YSL L’Homme, im about to cop

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Nice scent, but the performance is garbage.

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Realistically, all these things smell relatively good, right? How has it it to actually find something?
>t. someone that doesn't want to go to a department store and test things out or order a million samples in the mail

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Buy 5-10ml decants of whatever you're interested in on eBay, or blind buy if it's a <$30 cheapie.

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>. someone that doesn't want to go to a department store and test things out or order a million samples in the mail
You have to do this, unless you want to waste tons of time and money blind buying until you find a few that you like

You think they all smell good? You make me laugh...

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>Posting this shit again

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I miss civetposter.

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Incredibly safe, inoffensive scent. Decent dumb reach for work

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All fragrances in that line are dogshit for performance, but I adore the scents. Ultime and L’Homme are my favourite. LNDL is of course a classic scent as well.

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>i miss an equally annoying faggot shitposting faggot to shit up these threads even more than they are now

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Are instathots’ perfume brands the next trend or just revival of long time dead celeb frags?

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Would they last a 6 hour college day

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I had to bury my nose in to my wrist to detect them after about 4. Admittedly that was in the warmer months, but I doubt it’s much better when it’s cool.

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implying instacoom thots will create something better than:

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/frag/ what is THE Christmas fragrance?

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They’re just celeb frags and they all suck

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Tobacco Vanille is one I associate with Christmas. The spices from mulled wine, the vanilla from shortbread.

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What smells like Irish winters that I can wear?

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Polo green

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Yoyagi smells like an Xmas tree

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Xyrena is having a saw today, of course it’s been 3+ weeks and the fuckers haven’t shipped my 3 samples but they said they are guaranteeing deliveries for Xmas if you order by dec 20th. Lazy fuckers need to ship my order

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TF vert d' incense( spelling is probably wrong)

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Has anyone tried Guerlain Vetiver and Encre Noire and is able to provide a comparison?

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Guerlain vetiver has a green vegetable vibe where as encre noire is more of a dry brown peppery vetiver.

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Does Cher know about this saw?

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Guys what’s wrong with me I’m starting to like Bleu de Chanel edp

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There is nothing wrong with any BdC, and the EdP is the best of the series. Congratulations, your personal taste has transcended a decade of nichefag reeeeeeeing about being outdone by a designer brand.

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So, Jeremy’s a dumb-dumb. You know how Date is 50% off if you bought Office? Well, you’d think it’d be tied to your account, or he’d send everyone who bought Office an individual code or something, but nope. Generic code. Use the code “VIP50”. Enjoy your half price bottles.

Not sure how he possibly could’ve thought that wasn’t gonna get out.

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Thanks, but no thanks. That’s pretty funny though.

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i tried and it didnt seem to work, of course i had no plans to actually buy it tho

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Huh, weird. Maybe it is linked to specific email addresses or something. Not sure how, though, since I got mine through Kickstarter before his site even existed.

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If I ever finish my bottle of Office for Men, I might unironically get the Alexandria dupe. Their dupe of Fahrenheit sucks ass, but that's because Hany Hafez doesn't understand Fahrenheit and didn't have access to the correct raw ingredients. Raw materials for Office for Men can be pretty much copied by whatever cheap ingredients Alexandria uses.

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I know these are absolute beginner questions, but here I go:

Do you guys wear fragrance only when going out at night, or all the time?
If you wear it all the time, do you use different fragrances for different occasions?

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Shut up Eroscunt. At least Civetchad was kind of funny on occasion. Your shit was funny exactly once. You're like if a comedian told one joke, and then all of his stand up shows after that were just repeating that one joke. It gets stale quickly. The sheer asshurt civetchad made you feel was a lot funnier.

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Funny because it fucks over that kraut faggot, dumb because, who would want his shit frags? It would be funny to buy them up just to destroy them.

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Just tried it with a different email address and it worked fine. Odd.

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All the time. I’d feel less naked if I left the house without a shirt on.

Definitely different occasions. Some are subtle and inoffensive, some are loud and make your presence known. Some are for dates. There’s no need for this, of course, but I like the variety. I have 30 fragrances and that covers all bases, and I can literally wear one a day for a month so I never get bored.

The one I’ve used the most is Cool Water.

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All the time and yes different frags for different occasions, different frags for different seasons. But be aware that we are extremely autistic about fragrances and that normal people just use one fragrance for whenever

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I miss you too.

U mad bro?

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just copped this what am i in for bros?

jk, im not a blind buying retard and have worn it several times. god i hate posters who post in that format.

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I'm new here
cheers from 2ch
whatcha doin perfume maniacs
see you have a civilized discussion here
that's great
is there a bumplimit of 300 here?
smell you later!

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>see you have a civilized discussion here
Absolutely not! we rip each other apart on the daily. Last couple threads things have calmed down a bit though.

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300 is the limit, yeah. These threads have been good the last little bit, but we get spergy faggots who shit up entire threads every now and then. They come and go, we’re luckily currently between spergs.

Say hi to 2ch for us!

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Well, to be fair, it’s mostly not “us”. The core group of regulars are pretty good. It’s just every now and then we get some dipshit from /pol/, or someone who wants to be a new thread “personality” and tries to force some shitty meme no one likes, or whatever, and all hell breaks loose. When we don’t have a sperg, things are usually pretty good here.

>> No.14831342

at least it's not the same guy forcing the same stuff, believe it or not, we've had one person look for the smell from his childhood for at least 40 threads and those are 500 posts each
well, I hope the peace and quiet will stay for a while then, it's goddamn awful when normal discussion is killed by one person within hours
will send your cheers to 2ch right away

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Should I buy Date for the memes? Someone here has to, right?

>> No.14831377

I think most of us will get to sample it, one way or another... has anyone already, actually?

>> No.14831389

Jeremy doesn’t give samples.

I did order it, because why the fuck not? One of us autists here has to own a bottle. The VIP50 code did work, so it wasn’t even all that expensive, and shipping was free. Winds up being like 120.00, so that’s like a high-end designer bottle, so probably reasonable for what I’ll get.

I dunno, mang. I’m kinda into collecting meme frags...

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I know, but they'll be all over the place after release
imagine if it's great and gonna blow your mind

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For me it's Chance by Chanel

>> No.14831398

Bless you anon looking forward to see if it is actually as shitty as we think around here

>> No.14831404

do you own the SpongeBob line?

>> No.14831408

Well, I have Office and it’s not bad, but quite mediocre, so I don’t expect much, but someone needed to do it. I have one of /ourcuck/, Redolessence’s frags coming too. Gonna need to set aside a little section in my frag cabinet for meme scents.

>> No.14831411

I do not. Yet...

>> No.14831413

the one that has bottle like grenade smellsnice

>> No.14831418

Will luckyscent have a sale tomorrow

>> No.14831436

ok roastie

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your mean words hurt me anon :(

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can confirm, Platinum Egoiste makes milfs wet

>> No.14831487

It's just tradition at this point

>> No.14831541

Whenever I feel like it, man. And whatever I feel like wearing that day.

>> No.14831547

Based animalthot

>> No.14831580

can you guys recommend a good entry level perfume for going out/dating? something that's at least somwhat subtle?

just Acqua di Gio and go?

>> No.14831586

Dolce and gabanna the gun. Pew pew pew

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Can someone recommend something similar but with better longevity?
Still one of my favorites, it's a sweet leather scent but very well balanced but just doesn't last at all.

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Try as many of the top two layers as you can. Dior homme is probably the best date frag out of the top two layers imo. Also you can use this chart to become one of us :^)

>> No.14831630

Acqua Di Gio Profumo

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme

>> No.14831696

Are A&F frags garbage or are there some decent ones.
Only tried First Instinct and it was forgettable imo

>> No.14831746

thanks you guys
i had a date last week and she smelled so fucking good, made me feel bad for not putting in the same effort she did

>> No.14831757

Just copped a bottle of this from Saks on Black Friday. It came with a $75 gift card and a free 1oz decant of any Tom Ford fragrance (I chose Oud Minerale)

>> No.14831759

I know it's >lol Hugo Boss
But i have an affinity for Night. Light lavender/musk sweetness that's not in your face.
Anyone else got a soft spot for frags that would get shat on in here?

>> No.14831764

Jo Malone at Zara price. Yay or nay?

>> No.14831774

just bought a bunch of pleb cologne shit like Eros, Dylan Blue, Burberry Weekend, Polo Blue and CK One. They were all on a good sale. I'll dive into hipster brands one day

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Post your workhouse for this winter.

>> No.14831871

>If you dont wear fuckboi garbage frags you're a hipster

>> No.14831875

The original CH Men always reminds me of christmas.

>> No.14831880

>Angry that anon has found frags he enjoys

>> No.14831881

Thinking it’s going to be Snicebomb Extreme this year.

>> No.14831896

For me it is Zagorsk

>> No.14831898

>Making fun of anon for having shit taste means I'm angry

>> No.14831900

My point still stands

>> No.14831920

M8, come on, we’re all entitled to our opinions, but we’ve had a bunch of good threads, please don’t start with the niche vs. designer autism. Let’s keep it civil.

>> No.14831930

This fragrance has been thrown in these threads for a while, but i have only looked it up now and it looks pretty awesome for the price.

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Seems very likely that it's going to be Nikos Sculpture Homme

>> No.14831952

damn, that's a good one

>> No.14831954

Gettin pretty sick of your tacky poorfag bottles m9

>> No.14831994

Blind bought Floris Santal, got a winner. Wonder when my lucky streak will end?

>> No.14832000

Stay mad retard

>> No.14832012

Stay smelling like cheap alcohol base

>> No.14832020

Why are you so fixated on price? Your $300 masstige “niche” bullshit uses the same exact bases. Stay gullible and keep coping, please

>> No.14832023

Thanks babe

>> No.14832039

Yeah I’ll keep coping....all the way to the bank!

>> No.14832057

I'm about to when I go to Epcot!!! Any coffee based scents I should look out for!?

>> No.14832138


Is platinum egoiste or regular better?

>> No.14832150

This but unironically. A big reason why niche fragrances cost a lot more is due to production scaling. The cost per bottle of a designer fragrance will be much cheaper than an identical niche one due to the sheer quantity produced.

>> No.14832154

Just tried the VIP50 code for Jeremy’s new frag. It worked for me and I haven’t ordered anything from him before. You have to actually click through to checkout before it gets applied. Didn’t cop just wanted to see if it would work. Seems like a pretty big oversight by Danny Boy.

>> No.14832165

good choice, never see anyone mention that

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File: 179 KB, 600x600, vetiver.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone own aromachemicals? I got some in and its very interesting smelling them. Dihydromyrcenol is that 'fresh out of the shower' smell that is in everything. Actually really good on its own I'd probably wear it over a lot of fragrances out there.
I also got vetiveryl acetate which is what Molecule 03 is centered around and I think it smells awesome. I can see why they made a single note frag out of it but it has a crappy rating on Fragrantica. I'd like to try making my own version of it.

>> No.14832181

M8, people aren’t buying niche for the prestige or because they think they’re worth more (at least not smart people). They buy them because they smell more unique and interesting than designer scents by and large. Nothing against designers, there are a lot of good ones, but a lot of them smell basically interchangeable. There’s a lot more variety with niche. If you’re a collector, you want scents that are different, right? What’s the point in collecting dozens of frags that smell 75% the same? (Unless you’re that Aventus autist). When I buy a frag, price factors into it very little, I buy what I enjoy. I just happen to enjoy a lot more niche frags than designers. Simple as.

Inb4 some faggot accuses me of coping

>> No.14832189

I like how Jeremy says he hates vetiver, then in his description for Date, he lists “super sexual vetiver”.

>> No.14832199

In his defence, in the past he’s said that he doesn’t like it but respects that many do.

I’m kind of similar, but I adore Grey Vetiver despite typically not liking Vetiver at all

>> No.14832200

I do not disagree on the slightest. Actually, that is exactly the reason of phenomenon I explained. Niche fragrances having "different" smells makes them less appealing to the larger populace, thus making them sell considerably less. I also tend to prefer niche fragrances to designer, but, for example, saying that niche fragrances have better ingredients for being niche is not true at all.

>> No.14832208

Sure, but it just seems sort of disingenuous to me for him to market a scent that includes a note he personally hates (and is objectively not really a sexy note) as the ultimate sexy fragrance.

>> No.14832214

I agree, but let’s face it, he’s not exactly a model of consistency. His opinions change with the wind,

>> No.14832215

Date will probably end up being the best one he releases though

>> No.14832216

I agree with you there. Pretty much all fragrances are using the same aromachemicals, likely even from the same sources (barring those shitty Arab knockoffs that use the cheapest shit available). Some niche frags might use a few more rare/expensive ingredients, but overall it’s mostly the same shit. Niche snobs who think otherwise are fucking dumb too.

>> No.14832219

I love vetiver so I'll check that out next time I'm in the city, cheers.

>> No.14832227

True dat.

>> No.14832230

To clarify, I have never tried Molecule 03 but it is centered around vetiveryl acetate which is what I smelled and liked.

>> No.14832234

If you were going to buy one classic Guerlain frag, what would you get?
I own and enjoy Vetiver and Habit Rouge, but I'm thinking about rounding it out with one of the really old classics like Jicky, Mitsouko, Mouchoir de Monsieur or Shalimar.
I've tried Jicky and Shalimar and I've been impressed.

>> No.14832244

I'll try it on and see how I like it anyway. Early on I leaned heavily into vetivers and after branching out a little I feel comfortable in returning.

>> No.14832294

Wearing the Aventus Cologne I bought yesterday at work today, smells god like. Also can't believe so many of the autist frag reviewers said it lasted like one hour. I sprayed once on my chest this morning and can still smell it myself 5 hours later. I might end up layering it with various degrees of Aventus this Summer before phasing to full Aventus by Winter. Feels good bros. I should have just copped shower gels and candles while I was at the boutique, hard to find them anywhere else.

>> No.14832299

Is honey aoud by montale a good daily driver for winter? Thinking of copping a bottle for christmas

>> No.14832300


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File: 300 KB, 2048x1679, Screenshot_20191201-171833.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I decided to give Alexandria a try, copping their Office clone as well as a few others I've been interested in (Aventus Cologne and Santal 33). Hopefully I'll enjoy these as much as I have enjoyed my Parfums Vintage clones.

>> No.14832319

I just ordered their aventus cologne dupe, I haven't heard anything about it online yet

>> No.14832333

I haven't tried anything from Parfums Vintage I haven't liked. Way better than any other clone house I have tried - but to be fair I have only tried things like Armaf and Rasasi. I have never tried Alexandria so I hope they end up being good, let us know.
What are your favorite Parfums Vintage clones btw?

>> No.14832339

no bullshit, the note breakdown sounds really, really nice. it's got a lot of my favorite notes. gonna try and sample that bitch.

>> No.14832398

I feel Parfums Vintage was better when they were just doing Aventus clones. I got a bunch of their samples recently and everything smelled very cheap to me. Even their newer Aventus clones don’t smell as good as my old bottle of PVI (I have one of the older ones with the metal seal on it). I feel like they probably;y should’ve just stuck to what they were good at and now they’ve overreached and are probably buying cheaper, lower quality ingredients because of how many more ingredients they need to make all their other clones. Just my opinion, of course.

>> No.14832424

Let's refrain from defending him here

>> No.14832430

Luckyscent better have a sale tomorrow I’m finna cop if so

>> No.14832432

>workhorse for the winter
>sculpture homme
Lurk more, post less

>> No.14832435


Rather wear Jeremy's stuff than Redolessence's stuff

>> No.14832442

Interesting. Still worth copping one of the older Memeventus clones?

>> No.14832447

Have you tried bond no 9 http

>> No.14832455

Honestly, I feel like /ourcuck/‘s fragrances look more interesting than Jeremy’s overall. Jeremy seems to be going for basically glorified designer scents, /ourcuck/ seems to be going for niche scents. I now have Virtus and Date coming, so I guess I’ll see.

>> No.14832463

Anyone here bought Mr Smelly's frag? I have much more hope of it being good than the other youtuber ones.

>> No.14832464

I’m not sure. I didn’t get samples of any of the older ones, since I already sampled them before I ordered PVI. I will say that the new Aventus clones don’t smell anywhere near as snice, much cheaper and lower quality. I wouldn’t be surprised if the older clones were reformulated now.

>> No.14832470

I'd rather wear neither. If i have to support one of them financially and cop a frag, it'd have to be Stephen

>> No.14832477

I haven't bought from them in awhile - almost 2 years now probably. I own PVI and think its fantastic and even Beyond Noir which everyone hated but I love how smoky it is. I really like Noir Intense as well when I sampled it, but I think it has been discontinued.
I also got samples of their GIT (Verbena), BR540, and Bois D'Argent clones and thought they were all great. Their MI Imperial clone gets a lot of love but I haven't tried it. From what I can tell the Emperor Extrait Aventus clone is the highest rated of them all but I have not tried that one either.
I always felt Parfums Vintage was using quality ingredients but I haven't tried any new bottles or samples from them in a long time so I cannot tell you if he is right about them using lower quality ingredients now.

>> No.14832491

So people pay over $1 for 1ml prices for dupes these days? Just save up people and buy an original bottle for 2x as much kek.

>> No.14832497

You know those shitty sci-fi channel knockoffs of more successful movies that are never good? That’s what you just bought.

>> No.14832509

>Post your workhouse for this winter
You already posted it. It smells so good, smells kinda gay tho once the Cypress wears off... smells rather feminine to my nose.

>> No.14832521
File: 135 KB, 650x650, 650x650.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder if throwing this on top would work for you. I've been wanting to try it.

>> No.14832565

No, I haven't. At the price point there's a huge number of other frags I'd buy first -I'm not spectacularly interested in Memeventus, just there's a couple of fits and situations I can see it suiting. I'd only be interested in a decant, maybe, small volume clone or a decant of a clone tbqh.

Interesting, cheers. I'd like find out if the quality has dropped recently.

I hear bad things about their longevity, which is a shame, a range of nice little simple linear scents to layer with other frags is a solid concept.

>> No.14832570

Can somebody redpill me on fragrance primers? Read a bit here about them which looked a bit like shilling, but can't find any for sale in my region which makes me think the opinion was legit.

>> No.14832579

just moisturize

>> No.14832599
File: 46 KB, 450x450, p450193-av-04-Lhero.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beginner and recent lurker here. Gonna cope this tomorrow for $65 usd, wish me luck guys

>> No.14832606
File: 153 KB, 900x690, 35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

which frags would best represent this photo and feeling?

>> No.14832608

Honestly, there’s nothing particularly good in there. You’d be better off just going to sephora, trying a few frags that interest you from the testers, and asking for a couple samples to bring home of others. Don’t ask the salesthots for recommendations, they’ll just say Sauvage or whatever the new hot frag they’re being told to push is.

>> No.14832611

What's the point when you can try all of those at a fucking chemist?

>> No.14832619
File: 196 KB, 640x480, the-afternoon-of-a-faun-etat-libre-dorange-linament-francis-storr-flickr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14832645


I was the one who brought it up. Not a meme. I moisturize regularly anyway as a disclaimer. But I apply the primer and it improves overall performance of the frag by 25-30% in all aspects. It is not a game changer but you will get truer notes and it will last longer and project better. It was 20 bucks for 100ml so I just said fuck it and bought it. It works long story short. I only use it for my expensive niche though. Not worth it for any frags below 100 bucks. I use it for my nasomatto and zoologist and its fucking based.

Has anyone tried Tango by masque milano? About to blind buy because it looks exactly like what im looking for.

>> No.14832650


You can try all of this for free and save 65 dollars. Spoiler: everything in the pic is garbage. Dont waste your money

>> No.14832681
File: 56 KB, 396x273, nyohoho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whenever my ex would wear chance by chanel i would let her sit on my face :)

>> No.14832705

I do.

If it's that cheap I might grab some for some of my underperforming frags, though truer notes isn't really a sell for my tastes.

>> No.14832724

oops, forgot to ask
What brand?

>> No.14832740

>asking for a couple samples
The little 2ml vials? How much do they usually run for?

Idk, I guess there's no point. I tried different fragrances at Sephora yesterday but they were about to close so didn't have a lot of time.

OK, thank you for your honesty, anon. I did try an Armani Code variation (Ultimate I think) and ended up not liking it at all even though I love and own the original Code. I guess I'll keep trying fraganges at different stores to avoid revealing my autism

>> No.14832774

not him but canvas and concrete is probably the most popular one

>> No.14832781

This is also pheromone shill, so I’d take anything he says with a huge grain of salt.

>> No.14832788

Sephora has a 3 free sample per visit policy. They might give you more if you’re polite and seem legitimately interested in buying.

>> No.14832798


It’s “him”, yes canvas and concrete is the brand I use but there are others. Don’t overspend on them. I just had 20 bucks to throw at it and so far it’s improved things. I’m in America and canvas has been hard to find. I have a YouTube review channel and one of my subscribers asked where to find it and after looking around for a while I realized I couldn’t find it anywhere. Maybe it’s discontinued. If anyone would like to watch my video about it/primers I’ll link it in a reply. I’m not going to shill myself so only if someone is interested. No I won’t samefag

>> No.14832802


Yes I’m also phero shill. I’m also nasomatto and zoologist shill. I’m not a total hack I’m a regular poster and have about 10-15 posts per thread and have been here for a long time

>> No.14832815

Didn’t say you were, but if you shill complete and utter bullshit like pheromones, one has to wonder about the validity of the other stuff you recommend.

>> No.14832819

I’m still a passionate fragrance enthusiast. So just because I have a quirky interest which I shut up about and stopped posting about, doesn’t mean I don’t take this hobby seriously. Im only here because I have a genuine interest in fragrance. I’m not some conniving salesman. I’ve replied to dozens about niche fragrances. I pull my weight on this board. You all asked me to shut up so I did. If anyone talks about them it’s not me.

>> No.14832825
File: 29 KB, 375x500, Lonestar Memories.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this is a lot more wearable than I thought it would be. Has the tauerade of LDDM but that rubber note people talk about is not off-putting and I would even call it pleasant.

>> No.14832837

seems it's OOP, oh well

>> No.14832839

link me up bro. i wanna watch it.

>> No.14832844

I wonder what its made out of. Is it just something like ambroxan or iso e super?

>> No.14832850

nothing like that, it's just forms a barrier between your skin and the fragrance

>> No.14832868

also interested this is the first time ive even heard of "fragrance primers"

>> No.14832879

Good to know. In that case, I'll wear my nice coat, and ask questions about fragrances formulas to seem more knowledgeable. Thank, anon.

>> No.14832957


>> No.14832962

Link it you fucking faggot

>> No.14833218

Grey Flannel

>> No.14833220

I beg to differ. Givenchy is quite nice. Rest is shit

>> No.14833267 [DELETED] 

If quads or better you have to stop posting this

>> No.14833269

We all long for your heroic return, civetchad.

>> No.14833271

lol no, from my experience these big beauty retail sales clerks are really dumb and dont know more than top notes or whatever. I'm pretty sure they are all trained to put make-up on cheap bimbos looking for a quick blush.

>> No.14833345

Where’s my cyber Monday sales reeeeee

>> No.14833465



>> No.14833487
File: 907 KB, 2289x1776, pR18nol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate my growing sample collection anons

>> No.14833493

please redpill me on pheromones. I need an edge. I'm good looking but not Chad tier and I need this as a crutch for my social skills

>> No.14833539

what frag do I wear to evoke Trent Reznor's music?

>> No.14833613
File: 64 KB, 1240x1240, bleu-de-chanel-eau-de-parfum-pour-homme-spray-3-4fl-oz--packshot-default-107360-8821894381598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reluctant SOTD. gotta use up my meh samples

>> No.14833622

They dont work forget I said anything

Ive got a bottle of Masque milano Tango, Zoologist Rhino, and Hummingbird being ordered tomorrow. I get to pick some samples and so far I've chosen: Zoologist Bee, Papillion Anubis, Masque Milano russian tea, 1805 Tonnere, BR540, Norne, Tauer LDDM.

Anyone have anything else they would like to hear about? Honest legit recs only. I'll write them up as I try them. I think I've got a good spread or let me know if you guys think I should swap anything out. I know norne is kind of pointless now that its all sold out but I get a free 1ml so I want to see what all the hype was about. Is BR540 a meme?

>> No.14833624

The redpill is that they’re bullshit, humans don’t even have the organ animals use to perceive pheromones, and there’s no scientific data to suggest that pheromones are able to affect us in any way. A bunch of dudebros on some forum for losers who can’t get laid giving anecdotes about girls soaking through their pants is not evidence, and anyone who spends money on that sort of snake oil is a moron.

Now leave that autism dead and in the ground where it belongs.

>> No.14833634
File: 46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (24).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i really want to sample bee as well.

>> No.14833652

Cont: I also have a bottle of Dasein Winter nights coming from a separate site. Word is this could be a cheaper alternative to arso. Not many reviews of it but they are all good. I know one of you anons mentioned it in a thread or two ago. I should have it tomorrow and I'll let you know how it is

>> No.14833656

Here’s your redpill: your looks aren’t the reason you can’t get laid. The reason you can’t get laid is because you’re the sort of person who thinks pheromones, or fragrance, or whatever will get you laid. You don’t want to fix your issues, you just want an affectation you can easily adopt. You think there’s a quick fix, and there’s not. Quit reading incel propaganda, and take the pussy off the pedestal. Women aren’t unicorns, they’re just people. Be a man, be a decent human being, and treat them like people,and you’ll be very surprised what happens. The fat, bald dude who drives the bus you take to school every morning is married. What’s your excuse?

>> No.14833727

based and Bullshitpilled

>> No.14833781

Yeah but he is married to an equally fat ugly hag that I wouldn't look at if she was the last female on earth. I want the affection of 8s and up and rather die an incel than lower my standard (which is the most likely outcome and I'm ok with that).

>> No.14833793

Unironically, have sex.

>> No.14833797

Another anon here but let us know your thoughts, I almost bought winter/winter nights when they were on clearance last year but passed

>> No.14833815

People like you don’t get 8s and up. They have their pick of men. What do you bring to the table, aside from an overinflated sense of entitlement? Fix your attitude or die alone.

>> No.14833835


Bump. Lets stop talking about pheromones guys. I am sorry I riled everyone up about it. I've dropped it. Lets all drop it. I thought I made an engaging post above that Ive replied to and want opinions. Trying to do a little favor as a token of apology

>> No.14833855

Damn, sephora sampler variety has gone downhill. Pretty much all of those are interchangeable except Code, Prada Black, and Spicebomb, and all of those are interchangeable with themselves even.

>> No.14833903

Where can i get bad Wolf? I'm curious to try even if i know it's placebo snake oil

>> No.14833910

>Is BR540 a meme?
Yes, its fucking disgusting. Smells like hard candy mixed with mouthwash.

>> No.14833914

Literally just wear Kouros, it has the same ingredients in the base already

>> No.14833918
File: 145 KB, 900x900, 232011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's a fragrance that's fresh like Eros but superior in your opinion?

>> No.14833923

Long time nichefag here. Accepting BDC in my life was one of the better things I did and I overthink my scents a lot less now.

>> No.14833924


Pisses off retards in here too. Win/win

>> No.14833928

I highly doubt it’s bad, but it won’t be anything to write home about

>> No.14833930


Not sure how helpful the ones available for sell online are. Humans evolved to be able to smell a partner to determine compatibility. There is research that certain notes will influence human behaviour and decision making (Hedione). Don't listen to all the other people who say " pheromones "don't work, blah blah blah. I suspect the best way to get your "pheromones" to work is to be healthy. Females should be able to detect the health using not only their eyes but with their noses as well. Be healthy, hit the gym, eat well, sleep well, lower stress and that will help you smell better.

>> No.14833939

Platinum Egoiste is fucking disgusting. It smells like the dollar store brand knock off of old spice sports body wash my parents bought when I was 12.

>> No.14833942


Primer and the idea of performance is stupid. Fragrances are supposed to evaporate and head to base notes. Top notes aren't supposed to last for a long time. A primer in theory will decrease the rate of evaporation...it's like eating a meal in tiny bites.

>> No.14833958

It’s probably gonna smell like niche Brut

>> No.14833961

Post a frag you like

>> No.14833969


Have you tried Hedi Slimane's fragrances yet? His work at Dior and current stuff at Celine?

>> No.14833971

I’ve sworn off posting because I care more about anons taking my perfume reviews seriously than discussing this topic. You’ll find your way with google for any other questions or concerns.

>> No.14833976

Primer is stupid to you because you take an artistic approach to fragrances which I do for the most part as well. Club bro looking to project his Eros doesn’t share our concern. I just report my findings that’s all.

>> No.14833983

If you don't tell me I will start spamming threads with various phero posts of yours that I have saved as copypasta

>> No.14833989

who would go through that trouble to make Eros perform better its already a monster

>> No.14834026

>he doesnt use primer for his 5+ sprays of montale aoud frags

>> No.14834053
File: 1.89 MB, 1606x2141, For me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's Chance by Chanel.

>> No.14834061

That’s your decision and your posting. I’m strangely flattered there are copypastas made about me though. Never thought it would be me. Idk why you’re too lazy to use google for 5 mins. I said I’m not posting about it anymore.

Lots of people.

Honey aoud is the most powerful frag I have ever tried. It dwarfs anything I’ve tried. It will gas out 2000+ square feet in minutes. I had to sell it because it’s practically a weapon. Nobody knows beast mode until they give it a swing.

>> No.14834076
File: 57 KB, 500x500, BEF9A296-86B4-4FD6-977C-99258B49506D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, I warned you to let it go. Now you’re getting a civet.

>> No.14834112
File: 107 KB, 1920x1080, Arbys-Logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's Chance by Chanel.

>> No.14834129

Funny you mention honey aoud thats the one i was talking about i really do love the smell of it and i sure hope so does everyone else in a 50ft radius of me.

>> No.14834138

>it's like eating a meal in tiny bites.
And that's a good thing.

>> No.14834176

Can y'all please...tell me where I can get a bottle of by the fireplace for a decent price...Sephora trippin

>> No.14834179
File: 68 KB, 375x500, 375x500.52180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there something like ysl l'homme with good performance?

>> No.14834194

French Lover
New York Intense
Oud Wood

As far as designer Chanel’s go, BDC is miles better than platinum egoiste

>> No.14834214

Kek, baby's first niche shilled in /frag/ threads. Platinum Egoiste is the last great designer frag released by Chanel.

>> No.14834220

Sorry it hurt your feelings anon

>> No.14834227

Allure Homme is decent though

>> No.14834238
File: 45 KB, 640x640, 39032146_1872539656146179_6230599508871348224_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can your reviews be taken seriously if you haven't even smelled Hedi Slimane's fragrances?

- Cologne Blanche
- Bois d'Argent
- Eau Noire
- Dior Homme EdT (silver stem)
- Dior Homme Cologne (silver stem)
- Fahrenheit 32
- Parade
- Saint-Germain-des-Prés
- Cologne Française
- Dans Paris
- La Peau Neu
- Eau de Californie
- Reptile
- Black Tie
- Nightclubbing

>> No.14834242


That's like playing music at a slower speed to have the song last longer. Stupid

>> No.14834245


Have you conducted a study on pheromones on the same girl before? Compare reactions when you use it and when you don't use it while with her?

>> No.14834257

>Chanel - Platinum Egoiste - **
>Named like a credit card for tightfisted sugar daddies, this was never likely to be a good fragrance. In fact, it’s quite extraordinarily bad for Chanel and aside from a fleetingly interesting floral-leather note up top, reeks of the sad male clone it was intended for. If you check into a decent hotel, chances are a freebie on the bathroom shelf smells at least as good as this. - LT

>> No.14834263
File: 179 KB, 618x463, 7E6565C7-96E4-43E7-AEE8-7027E07F77EA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14834266


Also, what do they smell like to your nose? What has given you confidence that those pheromones work for you?

>> No.14834270
File: 167 KB, 1920x1278, 7DC29410-3D52-4CB3-96B4-1BBD628C0B9A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14834273

Quit throwing a tantrum like a little kid, incel. It’s a bad look.

>> No.14834281


I mean I believe that shit is real. Dior Sauvage, Bleu de Chanel. They got something in it that makes girls want to get wet.

>> No.14834293

What is the best slumberhouse unironcally? Is it really norne? Baque seems like a better chergui.

>> No.14834308

where do you buy the Guerlain exclusives other than in Paris? You can't even get them online...

>> No.14834312

Hard to say, really. They’re all pretty good. Depends on what you like and when/where you’re going to be wearing it. Not the most helpful answer, I know, but it’s true. I have Grev, Kiste, Sadanne, and a bottle of Norne on the way, and I honestly couldn’t tell you which is my favorite. Norne does seem to be the most popular, if that means anything.

>> No.14834317

Why bother getting obsessed with a frag guaranteed to have availability issues

>> No.14834339

Tap up my boi Eugenius

>> No.14834342

Hi guys,

Yesterday testing has exposed to new findings of bad wolf. It is getting more and more interesting to test this. I am having fun with this to say the least.

Yesterday, I went to my uncle place to meet again. This time I used 4 drops of Bad Wolf. I got maximum hit and self effect on 4 drops.

Initially , only my young cousin sister was there. She is 17. I sat next to her to see working of Bad Wolf. She is a bit arrogant to me. It is not her fault though. So moment I sat next to her , she is biting her lips. Pretty amazing. Girls biting their lips is very common to me with Bad Wolf. It is sign a sexual attraction. I got a solid attention for sometime. I really like it.

My uncle is back home. Interestingly, he gives me a good amount of respect. He usually start conversing about different stuff. Today , he didn't. May be waiting for my approval.

Later , I drop my aunt to a store. During the drive, the conversation was really deep from her. She must have not talk to me like this ever. She opened up about the perception of family and how to raise a child. It was interesting to see.

The biggest hit comes when I visited a stall at an exhibition. It was of a lady friend. The moment they saw me they were in awe. I was honestly taken by surprise. My friend pulls me over and talk for 10 mins instead of focusing on exhibition. Pretty amazing. The interesting part was her friend.

She acted as if she knows me. I met her 2nd or 3rd time in my life. I haven't ever talked with her briefly. She was so much interested in talking to me. It was so freaking great. She was hot. Also , no creepy reaction from anyone.

One more hit happen which I am not very sure. I went to a car parts shop for buying something for my car. The guy was very friendly and didn't even charge me for some minor stuff. I don't know whether it was because of BAd Wolf. Let's see if it happens again or not.

This stuff is getting more and more interesting day by day.


>> No.14834347

Bergforf Goodman

Other high end department stores

>> No.14834356


>> No.14834358

I don't know about your eating habits but if I'm going out or if I put effort into what I cook I tend to eat slowly to savour the food, and that's perfectly reasonable.

But back to fragrances, I highly doubt you've never been in a position where you've wanted to wear a certain fragrance but haven't because it's longevity is so fleeting, unless you take great care to not buy underperforming fragrances in the first place, or you never leave the house for any length of time. Slowing progression does not halt it.

>> No.14834361

Don't be salty mate. First three of these are miles ahead niche fav choices of any other frag community. The fact that there are discussed here often doesn't change this fact. They're not baby's first niche frags by any measure.

>> No.14834363
File: 26 KB, 598x331, 1575068905299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually kill yourself you mongloid and stop shilling your snake oil, make your own pheremone general so you can fuck off

>writing about your weird incestual fetish to shill for your snake oil as though that would help your case

>> No.14834366


>> No.14834373

Damn, I sprayed 6-8 sprays of Goodsir's Or du Serail before going for a Christmas dinner yesterday. When I woke up hangover at the midday the next day, I still could get noticeable whiffs of it. We're speaking here of 17h of longevity then. Probably even more but I took a shower. Naomi Goodsir is really too underrated.

>> No.14834374

It’s not him, m8. It’s some autistic incel throwing a tantrum because pheromone shill refused to answer his question because he’s realized we don’t want to hear about pheromones here.

>> No.14834381

>It’s not him, m8. It’s some autistic incel throwing a tantrum because pheromone shill refused to answer his question because he’s realized we don’t want to hear about pheromones here.

Nice try

>> No.14834383

Read the thread.

>> No.14834398

Anon just got upset that I didn’t like PE. It was an absolute scrubber for me.

I’m probably the only one who ever brings up French Lover here and have been wearing NYI long before anyone ever started posting about it here. The others get shilled because they’re good. I’ve been seeking out fragrances for several years and have access to almost every niche house here in NYC.

>> No.14834400

Want to get into something mildly animalic. What are some good babby's firsts?

>> No.14834401

Not him, but didn't Heidi only design the bottles for Dior? Those fragrances all have separate perfumers listed

>> No.14834411


I’m annoyed at myself for that last sentence, but I just mean if it’s ever been talked about, I’ve probably smelled it while spending way too much time looking for the perfect smelly water.

>> No.14834416

Please reading comprehension with my 6 other posts this thread. It’s not me posting anymore, it’s just a troll because he knows it’s guaranteed replies. I don’t post about it anymore shut the fuck up with blaming me. I have a lot more range than pheromones. I was the first one to post about many anticipated releases here. I’m not saying that braggingly, I’m just saying don’t treat me like a board villain I for the most part contribute to this board positively. I’m fine with being known as photo shill for ID purposes and a laugh, but not if it means my contributions are discounted. I’m sorry that sounded so autistic but I’d like to put this to rest.

>> No.14834423

So my Bois 1920 Oro Nero came in and holy fuck am I blown away. It's a citrus and clove strong opening. That goes away pretty fast and the sandlewood comes out and there's a slight hint of sweetness in there from the vanilla. Oh man this probably the most masculine scent I own. I only own five but whatever. Today was a good day!

>> No.14834428

>Please reading comprehension with my 6 other posts this thread. It’s not me posting anymore, it’s just a troll because he knows it’s guaranteed replies. I don’t post about it anymore shut the fuck up with blaming me. I have a lot more range than pheromones. I was the first one to post about many anticipated releases here. I’m not saying that braggingly, I’m just saying don’t treat me like a board villain I for the most part contribute to this board positively. I’m fine with being known as photo shill for ID purposes and a laugh, but not if it means my contributions are discounted. I’m sorry that sounded so autistic but I’d like to put this to rest.

Hedi creatively directs the perfumers. The perfumers don't have full reign of doing whatever they want. That's like saying a designer didn't make clothes, the textile worker made the clothes and sewed them together. The art is in the creative direction. This is why the same perfumer can create varying and different fragrances for different creative directors.

>> No.14834431

You’re ok, m8. The people here who aren’t utter mongs know it’s not you, it’s some other autist throwing a tantrum. We appreciate your other contributions.

>> No.14834434


You are forever tainted as a pheromone shilling faggot. Your opinions will never be valued. You're so pathetic.

>> No.14834442

I like you pheromone poster :)

You gotta remember it’s 4chan and there plenty of socially inept autists who lack any emotional depth other than anger.

>> No.14834445

based roastieposter

>> No.14834451


I really liked reading your pheromone posts. Don't let those autistic haters bring you down. They're just angry you're succeeding in life while they're an incel.

>> No.14834456

Gotta remember how pathetic the person is to spend their time arguing with strangers about smelly water on the internet. You’re good people pheromonebro

>> No.14834462
File: 21 KB, 375x500, BC500658-D0DC-4F8C-BAE8-366C4AE99397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do /fa/ggots think about ck be?

>> No.14834471

All CKs smell really cheap to me

>> No.14834483

This. Shock was being shilled here for a time, copped a bottle because it was so cheap. Smells like straight up orange Gatorade or something to me. I use it as a room spray.

>> No.14834496

Should i get versace pour homme, dylan blue or eros/flame I like all of these and live in Ireland for context, any recs?

>> No.14834504


The same can be said how Hedi didn't make the bottle. The glass makers made the bottle. He just told them how he wanted the bottle to be like.

>> No.14834507


>> No.14834514

Yep. I don’t think they’re absolute garbage, but they’re not all that good either. Save some money or buy a decant to get something better if budget is what’s pointing you towards CK.

>> No.14834528

Yeah, Shock isn’t terrible, but it’s not something I want to wear. Maybe if I was much younger, but as-is, it does work pretty well as a room spray.

>> No.14834530

Again the preamble that I don't yet have much of a nose, but I got Floris Santal without really looking into it much beforehand. It's a really fresh, bright, spicy frag which settles into more woodsy notes as it dries down, which is great because it's coming into summer and I've got myself a more suitable fragrance than the one I was expecting to arrive.

I guess it's because of the lavender but it has got a definite barbershop vibe, it gives the impression of being something like my father or grandfather might have worn - but it's not by any means a dated smell, nor too mature.

My current main job is a tour guide through a cave, so I'm pretty conservative with what I wear there, mostly Guerlain Vetiver which is interesting enough for my taste but smells quite fresh and soapy. I think the lavender here might be a little too irritating in a high humidity environment (I hate when Pajeets stink out work with whatever the hell they've bathed in). But if I leverage a different job off my side gig I'd be happy wearing this in the office or lab without fearing that it's too mature for me - which though I like taking my last almost blind buy, Habit Rouge, with me to bed, it does seem rather formal. Though conservative, Floris Santal is a great all rounder and not something I'll have to think too much about putting on.

>> No.14834536

Snicebomb Extreme

>> No.14834545

If you're a guy they're more nicer to you for some fucking reason

>> No.14834547

>t. tranny

>> No.14834549

Isn't Shock supposed to smell like tobacco?

>> No.14834557


>> No.14834576

In theory, but in practise, to me at least, it smells like candy-sweet orange energy drink.

>> No.14834595

then, worth getting as an alternate to London when I use London way too much?

>> No.14834596

Buy a nose before you buy frags pls

>> No.14834600

Sport (original, not EE) is divine desu

>> No.14834610
File: 53 KB, 469x427, 14576597869857657984356798.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ahh yes, this is the shit flinging frag thread I know of.

>> No.14834640

Not sure. I haven’t smelled London. Shock is dirt cheap, though, so worst case scenario if you really don’t like it, you’re only out like 25.00.

>> No.14834648

they're similar but london smells better to me. shock is stupidly cheap and can be found at every rack store for about 20 bucks per 100ml. people complain about its longevity but i easily get 6 plus hours.

>> No.14834653

Im sick of your cheap tacky bottles anon

>> No.14834677

Based pherofag, just ignore these faggots, your posts are good.

>> No.14834775


>> No.14834779

Wondering if anybody here has tried Caron Yuzu? Apart from the guy shilling Yatagan there doesn't seem to be much discussion here about their other frags despite the low prices and the house's following.

>> No.14834789

Guys I thinking of getting Sniceboomb Extreme but the grenade bottle looks so tacky though is it really good as tobacco vanille?

>> No.14834890

TV is a bit better but Snicebomb is solid. Can’t travel with it, though...

>> No.14834912

Correct. I did an anti terror course recently as I'm in aviation and this was something we had to learn about lmao.

>> No.14834971

I love Boss Bottled Intense. Smells like a perfect, warm put together autumn office scent.

>> No.14834984

Its good but not great. Tobacco vanilla is done everywhere by everyone. Its not the worst of them by far, but there are plenty better than it. Its what I would say a better designer fragrance though. Normies will think its exciting and different. I went frag shopping with my buddy who wanted to come along and witness my autism, he liked SBE but was absolutely in head over heels in love with tobacco vanille. He carried the scent card around the mall with us the rest of the night and told me he understood why I like frags. TV is not my cup of tea and I will never own it but its a damn good frag.

>> No.14834994

Is Snicebomb really banned in airport?

>> No.14834998
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Kouros is very good. By the third wearing the “old man” association disappears entirely and you can smell the frag for what it is, which is great. Everyone should buy it.

>> No.14835005

Well it looks like a grenade and has bomb in the name. But Is 100mls of highly flammable perfume even allowed on planes anyway? I’m a yokel who never flies

>> No.14835014

At worst they may ask you to go to the room and explain yourself.
>But Is 100mls of highly flammable perfume even allowed on planes anyway?
You can put almost anything on the luggage that goes to the cargo hold. On the bags that go to the common areas, you are limited to tiny bottles of 25ml or so.
Millions of people travel with their fragrances everyday, so...

>> No.14835051

I buy at least one or two bottles whenever I’m in Amsterdam and I can fly with them just fine. Anything over 100ml just needs to be in your checked baggage.

>> No.14835057

I’m not convinced, I’ll need more than that. Perhaps a well-written piece of prose might change my mind.

>> No.14835065

Don’t have the energy but it smells like a marble statue of Dionysus would.

>> No.14835074
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New thread:

>> No.14835131


Does it work as well as bad wolf pheromones?

>> No.14835152

Stop posting threads early, it's a slow board. Are you fags really that desperate to get your chosen frag on the top of the next thread?

>> No.14835157

It's obviously not banned but it can cause complications and delays. If they pull your bag because they spot something that looks like a fucking grenade that's not a simple task and it won't be looked upon lightly, at least in high-risk first world nations.

>On the bags that go to the common areas, you are limited to tiny bottles of 25ml or so

Not true. IATA regulation states 100ml containers are allowed in hold luggage no more. I.e you can't have a 200ml container with 50ml liquid.

>> No.14835192
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Take it easy, pal.

>> No.14835198

>309 posts
fuck off

>> No.14835204

You have the better part of a day to post the next thread but you still want to get in before the bump limit.

>> No.14835209

Waiting for the bump limit to start a new thread is retarded, a good 70% of /frag/ posts expect answers and the fact that the thread is nearly dead discourages people from posting.
It's also less likely for a post from the previous thread to be quoted on the current one

>> No.14835217
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310 was the tradition. The thread moves faster these days and we've had some unfortunate Erosposter hijacked OPs, thus I have been posting the new thread between 300 and 307. Don't think so much about things like this; we have it covered.

>> No.14835236

Alright, I concede. As long as it's not a battle of the egos thing like the watchniggers who I earnestly believe should be handed over to ISIS. I'd watch that on liveleak with some popcorn, and I hate popcorn.

>> No.14835455

you sound like a faggot that should be beheaded

>> No.14835768

You sound like an upset piss-reeking threadsplitter

>> No.14836818

at least I don't shill pheromones

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