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Brands that have been ruined by black people

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bmw and mercedes

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Louie vuitton
Raf simon
Rick owens to an extent
Cdg play

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Ralph Lauren

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white people had contribution to its demise too

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I don't think that counts as white

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you mean ruined by Chinese people

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While we're on the topic, what are some brand that are still decent for white people?

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fuck forgot image

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Vineyard Vines
Brooks Brothers

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of these, the most is Fendi.

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yeah if you're a wannabe rich white person, or from the south

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>tfw 2014 5 series
good to know class went out the door with the redesign. I fucking love my car.

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Its only a matter of time bros

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All legitimately shit brands without Black people's help.

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Levi's Dark Blue Wash Jeans, Nike runners, Hane's White or Black T-shirts

Basic casual white male attire you cannot fail with this combo.

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Ralph Lauren was alright before

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>All legitimately shit brands without Black people's help.
>rick owens
>raf simon
these are perfectly fine designers

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I always wondered how Louis Vuitton dealt with their popularity among rappers and being a "making it in the hood icon", but then it I realized that LVMH also own Hennessy so that market is probably their goal.

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hedi era DH

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He means his fans

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Since when?

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hm. I think they don't care. they will always have chinese/japanese tourists/customers in Paris

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Balenciaga was ruined by that "sprtswear" US designer...

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>rick owens

Can't blame black people for that. They had an embarassing teenager cult before. Kinda like "Supreme".

Now, "L.V." was burried by Vigil (is that it?).

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Their goal is whatever market makes money, long term

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prep brands

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fuck you /pol/

if anything black people brands are the best because they have way better style than the average americuck hamburgler walmart shopper

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nigga you talking bout demna gvasalia? bc then you forgot to add sr

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>oneitis's cuck boyfriend buys her a LV bag
>shows it to me and asks me what I think
>tell her only people with poor taste buy LV
>tell her LV stopped being relevant 5 years ago
>tell her paying thousands of dollars to end up being a walking billboard is dumb and not effay at all
>2 days later she goes back to using her old bag
>haven't seen her use her LV ever since
>it's been 5 months


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I didn't know Demna is black

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arnault only cares about money

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No. Wang.

I didn't even want to write his name.

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And Wang is not black either. It went to complete irrelevancy with him as a director.

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Virgin is black...

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you're a fucking retard

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Well, yeah. That's the "now", for you.

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based anon
now cuck the cuck and get your oneitis

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my mistake

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ITT: insecure white males who could not afford these brands anyway.

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ah yes, Gazzy Garcia. The famed anglo rapper.

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>the Gooch
Ask me how I know you're a dago with a whole bottle of oil in your hair.

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I own rick owens and raf simons, black hypebeasts like ian connor or whatever rapper have ruined a lot of brands reputation

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Pieces obviously not the brands

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>rapper have ruined a lot of brands reputation
Agreed. With their generic "flexing".

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They usually want logos to show, so the hood and the whole world knows they paid, because that's the whole criteria.


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Fendi was always terrible and Cdg play was "ruined" by basic white guys. Although play was always tacky.

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Nah Mercedes is good.

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he still fucks her and you dont so
fix ur issues man

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>money matters
capitalist rat spotted

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Acronym (soon since theres a rapper who wears it)
CDG def

not really, only thing white people ruined was supreme and carhart and other workwear memes.

I bet you suck black cock all day and are only making this comment so you can screenshot it and send it to your fellow mouth breathing friends on plebbit.

stay mad and keep coping

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Made by a hack who's friends with kanye
You have to justify this because I'm not seeing anyone wearing this

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his name is scarlord and he dresses like a weeb who watched tokyo ghoul one time. His fans come to /fa/ inquiring about "a cyberpunk look" or "a tech shit look" they mean techwear aka acronyms style. and virgil is a hack agreed.

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