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Hey /fa/ I havent been here in 5 years since I’ve been a lazy depressed piece of shit throughout college wearing sweatpants and running shoes everyday. I’m trying to turn things around, just got a $1250 refund from my college so I was thinking of using that to build a new wardrobe. Any suggestions on what to get?
>inb4 use the money to get a gym membership instead
I already have one

P.S are Geobaskets still the biggest meme on this board?

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read the sticky peasant

>spending $1250 on new clothes

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gtfo spoonfeed oldfag

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1 x quality leather shoes
1 x trousers
1 x light blue shirt
1 x white shirt

$0.00 change

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Buy yourself some geobastards, you know you want to...

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full tricky ricky outfit from taobao

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God damn it I want a pair of Geobaskets so much.

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