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Is it possible for men to wear rings and not look like a faggot?

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Yes, quite easily.
Just don't go overboard and keep them simple, I wouldn't ever wear more than three myself and even that's pushing it.
I wear one simple engraved band ring (on my middle finger) and a watch on opposite hands every day.
Been looking at copping a simple signet ring for my pinky (pic related).

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yeah a wedding ring

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you're already a faggot OP, idk why you're concerned

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takes one to know one

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Yes, but I wouldn't wear more than one. Two at the very most. There's some decent-looking rings in OP's pic but all of those together is overkill.
The more jewelry you wear, the less perceived value it has. My advice is to find one ring that you love and wear that one.

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Of course, just don't walk around with a dick in your mouth.

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A signet on the pinckie if you look like a man, otherwise you'll look like a fruity booty.

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depends on whether or not you have a refined taste

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Rings will never be disgraced by faggots, but I would definetly suck a man off for some chrome hearts.

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Only if you want to look like a super villain.

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this >>14474896
take the chrome pill friend

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this looks fucking awful

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golden ring on your pinky to match your yellowed cocaine nail

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If youre good looking, anything goes. If it goes with your overall style, sure. If you're some normie af looking guy then keep it to a minimum, like 1/2 rings max. Otherwise it'll look try hard af.

Real talk though, just do whatever the fuck you want. Unless you live in some boomer/redneck and youre scared someone might call you gay. It's 2019, looking like a faggot is perfectly acceptable in most places.

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>short fat fingers
>thinking he can wear rings

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>>short and fat fingers

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Here's the number one rule you can use to determine whether or not you can pull something off:
if you have to ask - no, you can't

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that really is an ugly ring

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you're mom said yes when i asked to pull off her panties

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it's 2 rings

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that really is two ugly rings

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