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im 6 ft 5 and in my 20s if that matters

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Your nose ruins your entire face. Get a nose job

>> No.14474495

- shave
- style your hair a little - even if you want a messy look it should be calculated just a bit

>> No.14474497

good facial symmetry I'd like to see with a different haircut maybe?

>> No.14474499

what about it? i got it broken a few times
i thought the crack in between my eyebrows is what ruined my face no idea what it is or how to fix it tho

>> No.14474504

thanks :3

>> No.14474505

Wtf tips do you need? Tip of this dick? Go out there and get some pussy already faggot

>> No.14474521

It's fucking bulbous and round like a clowns nose

>> No.14474527

yeah ive heard that before girls use to say i had a cute nose when i was a kid/teen guess puberty made my nose grow bigger and now its honk honk clownworld

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Have sex

>> No.14474531

Stop being a woman on the internet. Find some masculine friends.

>> No.14474532

you've been shitposting on /fit/ too, fuck off to /soc/ dickhead

>> No.14474538

hahahah your the cunt that raged at me in that manlet thread arnt you xD YOUR SO BITTER

>> No.14474554

You look good looking in this pic, quit being insecure. I imagine you are a bit of a lanklet, but at your height I imagine that doesn't too much. Grungy/heroin addict look could go well for you.

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my uncle started heroin at my age maybe ill take it up anything for sex what ever it takes

>> No.14474563

you're* ..sorry grammar gay

>> No.14474565

Not sure if you are serious but it's a bad idea, it makes people into even bigger faggots than this website does. Just LOOK like a (ch)addict

>> No.14474568

:] i only smoke weed sometimes

>> No.14474963

For a good looking guy you seem severely mentally ill. Maybe lay off the brain damaging substances?

>> No.14474986

wear looser fitting clothing, some baggy ass shirts with various whiskey branding would fit your look perfectly, dont be afraid to wear house clothes outside if you like to keep your hair messy

also definitely not good for you but if you try to get some eyebags going itll also fit

>> No.14475070

It's ok. Happens to the best of us

>> No.14475080

At 6'5 and non-ugly this dumb cunt could be rolling in pussy (or dick, whichever he is after) any time he leaves the house but he's posting on /soc/ and /fa/ for self-esteem.

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u look like a depressed version of tony stark.

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so fucking cute oh my god

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