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This is the last time i listen jerremy, this litterally smells a 7 year old girl’s flower spray from Walmart wtf guys why did you meme this into my lofe? You siad it was chad tier, god what a cruel joke lol

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>getting anything besides Eros
You deserve it

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why would you blind buy a cologne when you can try them for free at a million different stores?

your fault for having no personal taste faggot

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who the fuck is jeremy.
>buys frags without experiencing them first
brah, go get yourself some gucci guilty and be done with it. fuck these frag faggs

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>Gucci Guilty
Shit taste. That's one of the most fuccboi fragrances in existence.

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but he didnt even specify which one. absolute even smells like lead/leather, nothing fuccboish about that

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for me i just dont like it and it gives me a headache. i blind bought it like you and gonna just resell to a friend.

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>Putting a ton of thought into, AND spending a lot of money on, cologne
Lmao. Just get some Old Spice or some Brut. Aqua Velva if you want something more understated. You kids and your fancy colognes...

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>not wearing Y by Yves Saint Laurent
Also, Sauvage isn’t even the best Dior fragrance, it’s Homme. Not that they’re related at all

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>Putting a ton of thought into, AND spending a lot of money on, clothes
Lmao. Just get some Rustler jeans or some Old Navy cargo shorts. Van Huesen khakis if you want something more understated. You kids and your fancy clothes...

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Lmao Gucci Guilty is my 46 year old dads signature fragrance

>> No.14474815

Y smells like cheap shampoo, for the price of a designer cologne. Hard pass even though YSL is my favorite fragrance brand

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It's the only frag my mom ever complimented
And it got me a bunch of compliments from other people so there's that

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>not wearing stuff that smells awful and off putting on purpose to avoid unintentionally smelling awful and off putting

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Enjoy smelling like high school fuck boys.What kind of self respecting MAN wears this knowing full well they will associate with plenty tasteless douchebags....."BUT IT JUST WORKS,BRO,THE COMPLIMENTS"

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Will do sir, i'll think about you while fucking your crush, anon. :^)

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Try Creed Green Irish Tweed
Dior Eau Noir
Issey super Majeure
Penhaligons Blasted Heath
Kouros of course
Guerlain Vetiver
Dior homme cologne
Tauer L'air du desert morocain
PdM Percival
Cartier Pasha
Bvlgari Extreme. Not Man Extreme, the old one
Cartier L'envol EDT, not EDP
Mancera Wave Musk

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Sorry,fuckwit but I don't have a crush and even if I did she would choose YSL Y EDP over sauvage

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Agreed, use your nose instead of buying what some youtuber shills you.

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Stop roleplaying as a boomer on an Azerbaijani microwave oven maintenance forum fag

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I don't think Sauvage is all that great, but that sweet, hanging cloud that it surrounds you with works on certain skin types. I think they're going after the nightclub crowd anyway, where you just want to be as pungent as possible to get noticed.

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Fahrenheit is better than Dior Homo.

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stfu. I hate your stupid frag threads. I wish you woould all die.

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back to you frag containment thread you loser. get a life.

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Better than autistic threadsplitting watchfags

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>he said in another thread about fragrances

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never been in a night club, but i cant imagine how anyone is supposed to "get noticed" amongst the kilotons of Paco Rabanne and sweat

>> No.14475420

BTW morons, you don't just have one single correct frag. You should have hundreds of them, all read to be squirted into a shmorgasboard of scents

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This but unironically

>> No.14475677

Epic meme bro

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Shut the fuck up zoomer

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