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I found this denim guess jacket while thrifting today but I can't find it online anywhere. I wanted to sell it since its not really my style, can anyone help me id it price it?

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why u buying shit you won’t wear and then asking people on a mongolian basket weaving anime posting site asking what the fuck you bought so you can re sell it.

fucking retard

>> No.14474152

because it's a guess jacket and i got it for $5
if I can resell it and pay for more clothes i ACTUALLY want, why wouldn't i?

fucking retard

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>I can't find this random, mall jacket sold in the last 30 years online
a real mystery

>> No.14474173

low quality shitposting

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do your own research cunt

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I have been for a while, I thought the FASHION board might know a little more than me

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nypa nigger

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I know exactly which Guess jacket this is, but I'm not telling you shit you reselling cocksnot. People like you are why the thrift shops are all jacking the fuck out of their prices. Kill yourself.

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I remember when goodwill and salvation army had shit for only a dollar or max 3 dollars for a jacket. Now its 3.50 for a tshirt.

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