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How do we stop millennials from becoming saltyfag like boomers?

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Admit it, you guys look like shit lol

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Oofyike. Honestly why do they dress like this? Is it like when the millennials did the hipster moustaches because they thought it was funny?

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remember when millenials all dressed in fag colour tight suits and geek tier nerd shit trying to look like will-i-am or whatever

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OP buttblasted

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I remember them wearing t-shirts with Wolves on it like you get at a souvenir shop and having faggy moustaches. I remember the scene kids before them.

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I never saw them wearing the wolves howling at moon shirts but the fag moustache is still pretty common today
I miss scene girls so much

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Post 1 (one) fit that is good from your generation.
1 (ONE)

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drain gang members born 93/94

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One word JustinBobby

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Both zoomies and millies are shit.

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Make 7-8 new threads, I need to make more threads.

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okay Mr Fred durst

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Thats -technically- millenial but people born after like 92 are more zoom than millenial and doesn’t count they’re like hybrids

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Jesus Christ he was good looking. His fits were decades ahead of their time in that show

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Don't really care too much how other people dress, regardless of generation.

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