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I'd like help with a wedding outfit please. Pic related, a white button down and blue/white striped shorts. What kind of socks/shoes to pair with this outfit?

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bump please help. I was thinking white socks with navy blue vans

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>shorts at a wedding

just wear some slacks, a decent dress shirt, and some decent dress shoes

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maybe no-show socks and and vans instead?

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Assuming it's a summer outdoors thing, boat shoes and invisible socks and a big tacky gold/leather watch. It's boring but so are weddings and this dress code.

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can't you wear long pants and some nice leather shoes? if you plan on wearing vans might as well just wear a floral shirt and swimming trunks. my recomemdation is to wear whatever you have lying at home that looks presentable, no one gives a shit and no one will be properly dressed either

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I guess it's an outdoorsy thing. I don't know, its my partner's friends wedding and they told me to wear this stuff. I'm not very fashionable but I think it'll look good. Now that you mention it I don't want to be the only one in shorts!!

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just wear whatever they told you, ypu don't wanna stand out at weddings whether you're overdressed or underdressed

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My partner, not the married couple, told me to. She has a nice matching dress.

If it matters, I won't know anybody there and my gf will know many of them

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definitely roll the sleeves up, wear a watch and unbutton the top button. if you have boat shoes wear those instead with no show socks.

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get a belt as well, preferably a brown leather or a knit one.

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Got the brown leather belt. Brown boat shoes okay? I don't have no show socks but I can get some.

I have a silver Michael kors watch that doesn't work lol but I'll add it to the look

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sounds good to me. i can't speak for the watch though, use your own discretion on that one.

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pic related, best way for cuffing sleeves
also make sure the no show socks are actually NOT showing, because they look disgusting

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