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/fa/ starter packs

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All the chinese people at my uni wear supreme shit

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insane how much money and how little taste they have, worse than arab oil magnate kids

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I go to a small uni in SoCal and my best friends are rich chinks who are americanized. They have way more fun and are willing to do cool shit than other groups on campus. Especially since most whites are boring art hoes / soft boys who only like thrifting. We drink, get high, and do fun shit like karaoke or trampoline places

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nice to hear bro. have fun

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Same at my LAC. Chinese students are the only non SJWs and are the least neurotic.

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this post is super tryhard
>small uni, socal. So exclusive!

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he has a point though
white americans are boring

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Sure Chang, sure.

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Arabs are based, they're at least funny and chill to be around.
Chinese exchange students just take up space

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I have those exact boots from topman (2017?). They look breddy good when beat up though. I'm aware of the meme status but those and my leather jacket got compliments from women irl so I'm torn.

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>>those boots aren't a meme. All of 4chan brandwagonned the incel that said those are memes

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>my best friends are rich chinks who are americanized
No native Anglophone speaks like this

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is the joke in this image that he lost 70lbs but looks exactly the same

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His gut and face look slimmer his hands look like boxing gloves still

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You in an asian frat bro?

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I think its that he started dressing like a 13 year old

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I am gay and I would never have sex with a man with a undercut.

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kek lost

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shit he wouldn't look bad if it wasn't for the shoes, looks less fat
if you're fat you might as well dress like a rapper since fat rappers are the only fat people that get respect

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cool fantasy

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Hilarious. This looks even worse

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pathological lying is a disease

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Why does anyone over 22 try to dress like this?

Like I can kinda understand streetwear if you're a 100lbs 17yo asian (even then its cringeworthy), but why do this if you're a functioning adult? Do you go to work like this?

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no one cares

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The same can be said about most Europoors.

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The same can be said about most humans.

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As a 5'7 subhuman, this made me lol

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this kinda counts, right?

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I always liked seeing those rich chinks around campus. They intimated me a bit for some reason, and they stuck only with their own, but they often looked really good - especially the women.

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>shoes on carpet

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I feel personally attacked

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Good,that means they are doing something right for the opposite sex

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