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Which styles become hard to pull off or completely unattainable after 30, given you look about your age?

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Art hoe
Soft boy

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Saint Laurent Paris

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To be honest:
>No logo tees
>Nothing baggy
>No teen sneakers (Nike etc)
>No bright colors

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> Soft boy
Nooooo I want this so hard

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> Nothing baggy
What about roof koreans core?

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>art hoe
>soft boy
true you can still go full /comfy/ tho

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Nigger, you're 30. Go back to your retirement home

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if you're /fit/ and have the genes, you don't have to be 30 until you're 35

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Yeah except 21 and over is already too old for soft boy

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Koreans don't look 30 until 43 so its not really fair to bring up.

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You'd be surprised how many older guys are on this site. In fact, this is our site in first place.

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>Soft boy
I would be surprised considering most of /fa/ threads are the epitome of teenage angst

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>Nothing baggy
are you retarded?

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Jeremy looks fucking old now

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haha im 29 now but I look far younger I guess I can still dress however I want

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I'm 30 and I've been lurking /fa/ for a week or so and I've come to two conclusions
1) everyone on /fa/ is <=20
2) there's nothing here for me to learn aside from the basic tenets in the sticky
I'm better off just shopping at menswear outlets.

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sure but they have 3 inch penises

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lurk moar faggot

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There are some oldfags still here, but if you're not into dressing for fun, I would just follow basic normie style guides. If you're just trying to look presentable, that's a better bet.

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does the mac demarco style count

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